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See what I mean?(Freebie).

These are the shoes I mentioned in my last post.

I know a lot of you may remember them even though it was a long time ago since they were last blogged but these are just lovely and just too good not to show you again or of course this might be the first time you’ve seen them.

Can’t remember the exact sizes but I think it’s all the main ones and you do get a real nice little hud which is full of these pastel colours.  Also there is another free to all pair of shoes, I don’t think you need to join the group as I’ve just used the ones I already have.

They come from a shop called Amacci and you will find these in the shoe dept next to the reception desk.

Amacci (In the shoe dept next to the reception desk)

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Maybe, Maybe Not? (Freebie).

I’ve had a lovely time in SL hopping here, there and then everywhere else and then I decided I’d finally get round to hopping over to a fail-safe shop called Mosquitos Way and I’m 99.9% sure I’ve not shown you these shoes before.

It’s hard to tell because they’re a “classic SL design” but the colour just pops, taken in my nams setting, and that tiny little diamond shape is just pure quality.  These come in SLink, Maitreya and Belleza fits.  There are 2 other GG’s but for other groups and they’re earrings which are pretty nice but you know me I’m not a jewelry wearer even if they’re free.

I did a cam upstairs and there is a Gacha and for a very reasonable 50Lds you can win a very nice quality little shoe for the 3 main fits or you can just loiter and see if you can win one of the shoes off the 4 Lucky Boards in her shop.

This shop is the one in the big shopping mall and I can’t seem to locate the other one and because there seems to be less in this shop and I know she has more products so I checked her MP and yes if you like her style then also check out that as well.  I don’t know if you remember but a long time ago I treated myself to the ballet slipper set so if you like to pirouette through SL then again check out her MP shop as they’re not in her in-world one.

Mosquito’s Way (The Avenue Mall)

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Pure Poison(Freebie).

A Sunday morning goodie.


Pure Poison is the shop they come from and you may remember if you’ve been there before Poison has an interesting way of making their GG’s a bit more fun in that you have to buy them from the Gacha.  They still cost you zero Lindens but you don’t have a choice over the colour you get and in my case I got “Leo”.  And even better is you still stand a chance of winning the “Rare” and I did once and the rare turned out to be a full pack of all the colours.

As always 100% top quality and you have if I remember correctly 4 or 3 mesh feet options so of course I’m wearing my SLink High but you should be able to find a pair to fit your feet.

PS Remember to walk deeper into the shop because there is a middle courtyard and all of the old Gacha’s with Group Gifts are STILL there for you to top up your invent.

Pure Poison

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UPDATED Beach babe(Freebie).

I would recommend you stay in the Free No Cabide Group because I did a post about their group gift just a few days which sadly has now gone but check out the new one!


Mesh shorts, top and….


…OK you will have to look closer but check out the shoes which come with this gift! So pleased with them the only sad thing is they’re only for SLink feet but since I have SLink feet BOO YA BIATCHES LOL.

PS Fitmesh, standard mesh sizes and mesh bod sizes.

UPDATE This Group Gift has now gone but there is a super lovely Summer dress with a BIG Hud.

No Cabide

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Thats better. (inc Freebies).

Yes, I think I’ve managed to catch the swirly “bumpit” look of the New Mina hair and in this case in full glorious gingerness(sic).


If you didn’t read my last post I want to know why not?????  Kidding lol but a quick sum up is that at the latest round of FaMESHed Mina has this glorious hair on offer and since I didn’t think I managed to capture the swirly top in my last pictures I couldn’t resist trying it again.

The hair isn’t the freebie but check this out…


A really stunning bubble dress which has a delicate fine shimmer, very pretty and of course that bubble skirt effect is pretty unusual and so well done.  This comes with all mesh sizes and some mesh bod ones as well.

XXXMinabetter2Add to that you get the great shoes as well, SLink high and other well known mesh feet.

Oooo I’ve made a couple of boo boos, firstly mismatched nail polish on my tootsies! lol as if anyone would have noticed or even care but the bigger mistake is I forgot to put on ALL of the jewelry which is just a lovely sweet addition to an already great dress/shoe gift.  Lovely pearly necklace, bracelets and earrings and are definite keepers for me.

You will have to join the Group to grab even though this is a Thank You for reaching 1000 Subs, and there are other gifts as well.  I’m only sorry I ran out of time to show you the sexy(dirty) bunny outfit!  But that one and the other 2 gifts there will be a nice surprise for you.

Invida Line (InViDiA LiNe)

Mina@FaMESHed (previous post about the hair).

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Get fruity(Freebies).

I always try to take shots of shoes which aren’t a basic foot shot but I’m just never happy with the results and I always end up dragging out a pose cube and just KISSING it (Keeping it simple stupid).XXShoescinnie

I’ve had this particular pair on for the past 2 days.  These come from G Field and are their Summer Gift to us.  As it happens you get this pair for SLink Med feet but also a similar fruity pair for SL Flat feet.

Then I started to do the Summer Strawberry Hunt and it’s so easy! it must be because the bright little strawberries stand out so much so that in such a relatively short time I’ve managed to snag an awful lot of them.  They do cost 2Lds for each strawberry but that’s a tiny price.  This is a “Kawaii” style hunt so basically what I’ve managed to unpack is cutsie and sweet which isn’t to everyone’s taste but what this hunt also does is take you to some shops you’ve not seen before or it’s been a long time since you’ve visited.

Thats how I found these Free GG shoes when I visited the Supernatural shop which is also involved in the Summer Strawberry Hunt, there are other Free to join GG’s there but it was definately the shoes which grabbed me.


So although these 2 items aren’t actually in the Strawberry hunt if you check out the link not only do you have the LMs and Hints but click on the picture slider and a lot if not all of the gifts you can find for only 2Lds are there for you to check out.

G Field


Summer Strawberry Hunt Hints and LMs

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Colour me Gold (Freebie).

TBH I have no idea of when the latest round of the “Colour Me Project” will be finished so if you want these strappy towering heels it might be a good idea to rush rather than saunter over.


You’ll find them just where you rezz and you will have to join the Group but the invite is right next to the shoes.


From the same event but not free, you will find these lights on the IOS Decor stall.   90Lds and you get a pack of different sizes, sorry not had the time to unpack and check the rest but this first size turned out to be perfect in this narrow long space.  The top picture was taken in my Nams setting and this bottom one in a standard SL midnight setting so you can see the glow.  Going to be dropping these all over my home because each one is only a single prim and copyable and I do believe editable.

PS As I was LM grabbing I picked up another Gift from one of the stalls, it looks like gold make up, so if you have more time than me you might just find a few more freebies scattered around.

Colour Me Project