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Slap that sub(Freebie).

Slap the sub board at AnaMarkova and if these SLink High shoes aren’t sent to you automatically then slap it again and check the no 1 in History and these will be yours.


These are a gift for 500 Subscriptions but I have to say I’m surprised that they have so few subs at the moment as this is a pretty nice shop indeed.  There is a GG also but this is a paid for Group.  Cost a 100Lds to join and in the notice that was sent out I can see it’s a lovely white Grecian style wrap over dress with silver belts around the torso.  It’s in the bag on the table on the reception table. There is a picture of it in one of the notices sent out so when you’re grabbing the Sub gift grab the notices as well to see a piccie of it.

PS if you don’t like this shade then there is a whole wall of different colours and at 99Lds not badly priced.



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Vintage week.(Freebies)

Naturally as soon as I spotted Faith’s latest shoe find I TPed over to snag it BUT it turns out that there are 2 sub gifties.  When you slap the Sub board you get the pair I am wearing automatically sent to you but check out the piccie of the shoes next to the sub board and those are the one’s Faith scored so slap that piccie and you get that pair sent to you as well.  The simple answer is Faith must already have been a subscriber to KoiKoi shoes and I was a new one so if you’re already a KoiKoi subber and you want both pairs simply unsub and then resub, sneaky but who cares.  The ones I am wearing are for mid SLink and Faith’s are high.


This is this weeks Group Gift from Social Vintage, a free to join group and not only does So.Vintage send out demos for you to try but a weekly freebie.  I’m going to make this a very quick post because the GG is only available for a week.  As always I popped over to not only grab the LM but to check out any new stuff and there is new stuff, some sweet simple dresses plenty of tops and shorts and if anyone can remember that way too sexy Chinese dress I’ve blogged previously.


Sneaks in a close up of the shoes.


Social Vintage

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Mondays Kiss (Freebies).

Had a lovely weekend away, diet and blogging resumes today,  I was going to give myself some time to clean up my poor stuffed invent but I came across an old skin from PumeC which made me decide to pop over and check out her shop and not only does she have a new FREE skin in her shop but check out her Marketplace shop for even more.


Have to admit that this skin is much more of an evening look with the dramatic make up and darker colouring I decided just to be quick (and lazy) I would use the same hair and bikini.  This skin is called Mila and is the one you get from Sly Puma (Otyebis’s)  inworld shop and WOW I always appreciated when someone not only gives you a great skin but ALL the appliers to go with it!


Arina  is a paler colour and this offer is not only for 3 skins (same skin colour different eyebrowns),1 shapes -one is modifiable (copy, mod) ,1 Eyes (copy), 1 Eyebrows shape (copy),Teeth Alpha (copy), Slink Hands/Feet appliers, Phat Azz Applier, Cute Azz Applier, Loud Mouth Applier so basically this is a complete AV and pretty darn generous one as well.  Must mention that I’m not wearing the shape this is one of my beloved Annas shapes.

PumeC Marketplace (paler skin)

PumeC Inworld (darker skin)

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Cafe Culture (oodles of freebies).

I got so fed up of bumping into other AV’s at this wonderful cafe in the sky so  I plonked my behind on a sofa and cammed and scanned and grabbed as many of the hidden cupcakes as I could find.  I also grabbed the few freebies at the base of the Sub board as well as the suitcase table.


I didn’t managed to get all of the cupcakes even with the really handy hint list (click the big cupcake) but damn I’m so happy with what I did get.  Trust me I really did need black mesh jeans so when I unpacked these quality ones I was more than happy.  The mesh top is bright and fun.


But the winning prize was this skin.  Always seems to happen that as soon as I say I nearly always wear an Essence skin I find an excellent FREE one. Not only do you get a whole load of brow options but also cleavage layers AND Loud Mouth Appliers AND Cute & Phat Azz Appliers AND Lola Tango Appliers AND  SLink hand & feet appliers so that’s one heck of a lot of ANDs.   Won’t even mention the Tattoo layers but if you’re a freckle lover then you will be so happy.

Special mention to the coat as well.  Again a now classic SL shape but the texturing is luxurious and definitely a keeper.

It’s no wonder that this place is full, although of course it does have it’s quiet time because not only are the gifts in this hunt worth paying a visit the whole cafe is.  Packed with some of the best furniture and decor items from the tops shops in SL.  Lovely sitting area’s, grassed outside, oodles of cuteness and once everyone has grabbed the goodies and the place calms down a perfect place to hang out and get some lovely pictures taken.

Cafe Home the Actual Free community