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Snuggy Wuggies.(Freebie).

As soon as I spotted these I ripped off the Freebies I was wearing, after I went and grabbed this of course,  and change into these cute sleep shorts.

I did have to lighten the picture a bit as the colour of these sleep shorts is darker and didn’t photograph well and I wanted to show off all the creases and that rolled hem and guess what?  Not my fit, in fact, you only get 2 sizes BUT apart from a little bum breakthrough at the waistline not a bad fit at all.  I did pop on the other and larger size which fit but my arse is big enough without wearing big arsed pants.

I swear I was at Beauty Factory only yesterday and I either missed these or they have literally just been put out.  These are FREE FOR ALL which you need to know as the Beauty Factory does cost I believe 99Lds to join.  I actually grabbed the paid for group gift demo as it’s particularly nice so I could try it on and again limited in fits BUT it actually fitted me!  So check that out, try the demo for yourself don’t take my word for it as my “sliders” will be different from yours.

Beauty Factory.