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Trust me it’s monday, I know because Alexa told me it was monday. (Freebie).

Onsu has sent out as a subscribers gift a skybox.

It has one large area which at first made me think it was more like a large shop than a home but on further wandering through it nope this is definitely very homelike.

There is even two sets of staircases and various rooms that can be turned into bedroom, bathroom, slave room etc.

I know that you also get a version with or without an outside surround plus I think some texturing options in a hud.

In all honesty, since this was just under 100prims, I slapped it down on Faiths platform, took a few piccies and then picked it up again before she came inworld and wondered WTF had all the prims gone lol.

I did a quick TP over to the Onsu shop and yup just click the sub board and this home is yours for totally free.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Don’t scroll past! (Lots of FREEBIES inc clothes for him and her).

One way I find old/new stuff to blog is just by checking old Landmarks which is how I ended up at “Ajuda Brasil” which is I believe a meet and greet place for our Brazilian SLers or just people who love all things Brazil, a sandbox AND a big shop of FREEBIES.

This is the old freebie that got me there so some of you may remember it.  I know I still have it as I just love it.

The way it’s been textured/coloured gives it just an amazing atmosphere.  The fireplace is the main attraction and what else is there is limited so you have a really big skybox to create a lovely atmospheric crimbo home.  It comes in about 51 prims and sadly is non-mod but it’s not stuffed with preset furniture and what is set out in front of the fireplace is absolutely fine so just picture this scene with lots of Crimbo deccies, plump cushions and colourful rugs it just makes for a lovely Winter/Christmas hidie hole.

Never fear as there are 3 floors of FREE stuff, clothes, shoes, hair, shapes, aeroplanes etc.  I’m saving unpacking the plane till I log back in.  I did pick up a dress from the Nala Design gifts but I decided against showing it to you as the picture was rubbish.  Obviously, a lot of the gifts are old but I spotted some newer items and there is plenty of mesh stuff to make mesh heads happy.

TBH it’s so relaxing just wandering and grabbing as much as you can, then TPing home, or use the sandbox, and slowly unpack and work your way through the finds.  You may end up binning them all but you may also find some treasures to keep.

BTW.  Also thanks to the Fabfree group, again, for a timely reminder of this place.

Ajuda Brasil(Turn left at the LM, it’s the large building with 3 levels of freebies, but this skybox and 2 other outfits are on the ground floor.)

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Time for a break.(Freebie).

Doh, not only did I forget to prim check I didn’t even pick up a copy of this simple but quality gift from Apple Fall!  You know Apple Fall is known not only for its stunning designs but also more than reasonable prims so I think a build like this will be very low primmed.

This is the New York Apartment which is easy to understand when you look out of the window.  To get this you have to use the TP just outside of the mainshop doorway and TP to the demo and you will see the large price tag on the wall but it’s been set to ZERO Lindens.

There is also a Golden Apple Hunt going on at Apple Fall, you have to get the Hud, just at the LM, and wear it as you search for the apples.  When you have the full set you can score a super prize….I’m guessing that last bit as I still only have 5 of them so far but it’s time to return to RL.

PS. I promise next post will be wearables.

Apple Fall.

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Pants and Cuddles.(Freebies).

The title of this post is total “Clickbait” lol. I had to fight to get these 2 freebies because for obvious reasons as soon the details were sent out in the Freebie Groups everyone hauled AV Ass and created lag Hell but I battled through it all.

First is the “Cuddle, with that large open window and the curtain blowing in the wind it just screamed secret skybox but obviously, you can place it anywhere ie on a beach, in a forest if you wanted.

It took a few clicks but I did find the cuddle menu in the bed.

A definite retro look to the decor but if you don’t like it then although this is non-copy it is mod, I’ve already swiped the retro lamp into my invent. Remodel with caution as for example when I removed one of the sets of drawers the texture on the wall behind still had the shadowing of the drawers. Not a biggie as TBH I like the retro look in any case and any shadows of the original furniture can be covered with new if you wanted to.

Now for the “pants” or in this case panties.  I did a similar pair not long ago but in case you missed them don’t miss these as I can’t remember how many textures they come in but more than enough to cover your blushes in every shade you will need.  Mesh Bod Fits.

PS Ishara is actually a clothes shop but it often throws out an interesting build for us group members but if you’re not into a new build still go over as there is FREE outfits worth checking out.

ISHARA (Skybox)

Elegance Boutique(Panties).

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ASAP for this FREEBIE!

The reason for the ASAP (as soon as possible) warning is that this is the December gift from Dimandis and so it might get pulled soon.


Yup, I accidentally rezzed it on me but fortunately for me I only lost my shoes LOL once I’d detached it I rerezzed it on the land although this is a skybox.

I was trying to weed down my homes inc some of the many skyboxes I have and of course, as always I got tempted to pop over to Diamandis to see if there was anything new and I had a nice time using the TP in the shop to check out all of the builds and I was just about to grab the specially priced skybox, 50Lds, when I spotted that in the Group notices there is actually a FREEBIE for us and it’s turned out to be this skybox.


It’s basically a square and although it has a passageway there are no rooms off it.


As you can see etc texturing and if you scroll back to the first picture you will see that there are some really well thought out details such as a gap for you to slide a fridge into.


There is a skylight, actually, there is also one above the kitchen area.  This isn’t the only large window in my haste to get this posted I forgot to take another one of the even bigger windows which makes up 2 walls.

Very much in the modern style of studio apartment but spacious enough for a settee, table, chairs, bed etc.  All of this is set inside it’s own privacy box and because I’ve rezzed my on the land it’s our landscaping you can see.

Please though check out the rest of the builds, all very much in this same unfussy etc quality and there was 2 of them which tempted even a home hoarder like me.  I was also well impressed with the prim counts, there is one home of which I have a similar version of but that one remains firmly in my invent because of the prims whilst these are more than reasonable taking into the details.


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UPDATED! Two Cats One Cup (Freebie).

Thank Goodness one of us haz smarts because, just in case you miss this in the comments, check out what Faith has found “if you type /1 skymenu you get more options! It rezzes a 1 prim star field that you can see out of the window , you can also close that window up from the menu – great find!”  Clever girl.

Yes that IS the name of this shop but don’t start to have  a panic attack because you don’t have to be an adult to visit the sim it’s on, although don’t go through the curtains if you blush easily.  It’s funny because I’m still in my cat suit and this is a shop for tails, ears, props and emm the stuff behind the curtains.  So this Freebie is a little bit of an odd item to have in this shop but I’m so glad I spotted it.  You will have to pay a Linden for it but the Linden seems to get sent back to you, it showed back up this morning.


Taken in my Nams setting so you can see the stunning colours.


I’m pulling a pose in the window and in front of me is a little lower section with these steps leading up to a larger area.


Low, low prim and screams minimalist or just waiting to be turned into your sci-fi dream.


However these pictures LIE!  I’ve used my AV to try to give you some sense of the sizing but I still seem to make this look like a pretty big build but when I zoom back….xxxskyboxuse5

…Yup this is a better indication of its real size and as you can see unlike most skyboxes the walls turn invisible and you can see in from the outside.

Doesn’t mean you couldn’t still use this as a stunning build for whatever you wish and even though a box rezzed around it would hardly stop anyone who wanted to cam inside it would give you a little bit sense of privacy BUT I know for a fact that Faith will be hauling her AV ass to pick this up because it makes such a perfect backdrop for pictures.  I might use this one a bit more instead of my handy pose cube when I want to show off shoes or something close up.

Just to save you hunting for it and missing it it’s on the wall in the entrance and it has a floating cube in front of it, there is a discount sale going on, and it’s just there…clear as mud.

Two Cats One Cup

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Romantic Nights (Freebies)


Romantic Nights Hunt skybox,dress & skin_001

The Romantic Nights hunt has begun and there are some fabulous gifts to find! I just cherry picked a few stores but there are heaps more gifts to search out. Youre looking for a small blue heart btw. The dress I’m wearing above is from new-to-me store nMn, gorgy violet two-tone gown, strapless and a really good fit. The skin is another hunt gift, by Deluxe Body Factory, the tone is vanilla, creamy pale and very pretty. You get three versions of cleavage with it also.

Hunt skybox,dress & skin_003

The skybox I’m stood in is another prize and I was determined to find it ! I saw it on the hunt blog and just fell in love with it. It’s by Potpourri Designs, is quite a large size and has a door to lead outside. Every wall is covered with this so so pretty animated texture of a purple hued wood scene. Glistening lights make it verrrry dreamy. (low prim too yay!) Im helpfully standing right in front of another gift I hunted down, a pillow set under a heart-shaped arbour, by Incendia. Lovely poses for couples and would make a lovely spot to relax inside or out.

Romantic Nights Hunt blog


Potpourri Designs

nMn Designs

Deluxe Body Factory