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I’m having a moment here!!!! (7Ld for 7 Deadly S(K)in’s).

OK, I’m going, to be honest, in that, I wasn’t a big fan of the “7 Deadly S(K)ins skin’s” range and many other skin makers in SL BUT that’s only because I’m such a stick in the mud when it comes to my skin/body and hairs.  I used to wear LAQ skins then Essense and finally I’ve been using my beloved Pumec skin(s) for as long as Pumec has been open in SL.  So it’s not so much a bad reflection on other skin makers it’s just me being boring as hell!

Now, check out this skin and I am CONVERTED!  Look at the skin on my hands so pretty and yes it’s a 7 Deadly S(K)in Group Gift and you wanna know how much the cost? Almost free because to celebrate 7 Deadly S(K)ins 7th Birthday they have set their Group joining fee to just 7Lds!  More about that at the end.

You even get the Fatpack of shades from one the palest of pales to a lovely dark shade.  Lucky me because the Lucky Chairs rezzed just enough for me to spot my initial on one of them so I’ve scored a second skin pack which is just as lovely as this and with it being in a darker shade pack just what I need.

These do come only in Omega Appliers and System Layers but I think most of us have the Omega Appliers as standard and of course the system layers is for you BOM users.  Best of all one click covers you from head to toe and you get the brow/browless options.

This is the note that is sent out in the group and I can’t wait for a nice quiet period to head on back over and check out the rest and if the Lucky Board skin I won is any reflection of the other Lucky Board prizes I may just loiter for a while to see what else I can win.

Time to celebrate! 7 Deadly s[K]ins is 7 years old and we went over the 70000 group members!
7 Days EXCLUSIVE gifts
7 Days 7 linden GROUP join
7 CAMPING chairs
7 Midnight Mania boards
7 Tag & WIN rounds on FACEBOOK
BTW There is also a Male Group Gift which I can’t wait to try out on the free male mesh body that was gifted to us not too long ago.
These two skins were just in front of you when you go into the shop, as I mentioned the shop was so busy it took a while for anything to rezz for me but you should find them pretty easy.

7 Deadly S(K)ins

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Nothing to see. (Dollarbie SKINS!(not shown!!).UPDATED.

Nothing in this picture is free but I’ve been desperate to use my “Madonna” pose for ages and this is as good an excuse as any.

There is a skin hunt going on at the Insol shop. A total of 8 tubes of foundation have been hidden in and outside of the shop and each tube is priced at only 1Ld.

I only found 1 tube and since that’s for a Catwa head so  I can’t show you that so I will show you my Madonna pose instead.

UPDATE:  Big Thanks to Shi for this note she sent me.  As you can see NO Lelutka but the 3 Genus heads will be very handy.  She also mentioned a 1Ld Catwa dimple gift.

Watch out for the full-priced, identically named doubles!

Insol: Amber applier, tone ‘Snow’ (Genus)
Insol: Mila applier, tone ‘Milk’ (Genus)
Insol: Angie applier, tone ‘Honey’ (CATWA)
Insol: Daniela applier, tone ‘Cinnamon’ (Genus)
Insol: face Candy (CATWA), ST Copper
Insol: face Sarah (CATWA), FATPACK
Insol: Sasha applier, tone ‘Tanned’ (CATWA)
Insol: Valery skin, ‘Peach’ tone (CATWA)

Insol Skin

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

More for fun.(Free skins). UPDATE.

I came across a scaled skin in my invent and so I popped over to Lumae just to see if it’s still out as a freebie and it is.

The reason you may like this skin is that it is a light purple colour and has a smattering of scales, so basically you can be either a Mermaid or in this case a snake lady and of course if you do want to either stand out in SL or dress up for Halloween this is a perfect skin for you.

The skin is just 1 of a few freebies in the Lumae shop so check out the Group Gifts and don’t ignore the pink gift boxes on the floor and you get a decent amount of appliers and a nice pack of lipsticks.

I just wanted an excuse to wear this snake body for ages. I don’t know when or why I got this shake bod or even if I bought it but I will pop to the shop it came from to check out the details.  So I went over to DM Devious Minds and this is a shop which has been active in SL for many years.  TBH it’s too sprawling for me to be able to hunt down where this snake tail is BUT I suspect that this is a Gacha win.  It’s a very interesting shop so check it out and you might just find this or something else which tickles your kink.

As for the location, sorry but I couldn’t be bothered to hunt down a more suitable backdrop and since I’m on the hunt for more landscaping I figured I’d multitask and just slither my way through the shop and take a picture at the same time.

Thanks to a heads up from Kimberly I now know that the snake tail I’m wearing was a Gacha win and there is also an updated Gacha at the Fantasy Collective event so I’ve treated myself.

It’s 75Lds a pop.  I did take more of a chance as I knew it to be a Maitreya Lara fit only but apart from the fact you can almost see my whole coochie, which may actually be just what the designer wanted, it’s actually an excellent fit for my SLink bod as well.

So if you really do want to stand out then slither over to the Fantasy Collective event and pick this up BUT can I be honest…I still prefer the original one so I might pack this slither up for someone else to use and stick to my other one.


DM (Devious Minds)

Fantasy Collective (Snake Tail)

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Get Baggy.(Mention of Freebies inc SKIN).

This bag is and is NOT the freebie. This is, in fact, one of the delivery bags and you know me I just got to rezz things just to see if they will make decor items and yes this one does  All of that detail and texturing and yet only 3 prims!

The reason I’m not showing you any of the real freebies from the shop is that I can’t and I can’t be bothered lol.

Actually, it’s not that simple.  There is a pretty generous hair pack of different hairs and each hair comes with all the colour huds you will need but after trying 3 of them on I didn’t think I’d get a good fit for a close up picture, another gift is a small wearable black clutch bag which I didn’t bother trying I didn’t even try to see if it would also make a good decor item but I might when I log back in.

And then we come to the FREE SKINS and if they’re as good as they look in the pictures then you Catwa and Akeruka Mesh Heads are going to be happy, sadly with my Lelutka nogging I can’t even try them on to show you so you’re just going to have to try them for yourselves.

UPDATE.  Just for giggles as I was LM grabbing I grabbed the 2 skin packs and like the hair pretty generous with all the skin shades and Maitreya/SLink Appliers and I think I spotted Belleza skin applier for the bodies.  So I have my fingers crossed the for you these skins turn out to be really nice.

Bold & Beauty

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Big Fat Fail!(Free BUT Hurry).

This morning has been one BIG FAT FAIL even my picture is a FAILURE!!!

I decided I would try to find a super free or bargain priced skin and you know my thoughts on skin ‘n’ hair (worth paying for) and so far I’ve failed badly so badly I’ve ended up logging out leaving my AV stood on my platform looking a right mess in the skin I actually paid a group to join to grab!

So whats the point of the piccie, well I went over to the “7 Deadly S(K)ins” shop because they have 31 apples just waiting to be plucked but could I pluck em? Heck no!  Only 1 apple is available each day to group members but I don’t know if it’s just not started yet because I couldn’t seem to be able to get to work then since there is 31 apples waiting I thought I would return and try another day but I spotted in the notice that the 7 Deadly S(K)ins group is only free to join for a very limited time and so I decided to rush this out as I have a feeling that it’s only free for 24 hours.

PS Each apple I believe contains a male/female skin but please check but I do know that the daily apple is only free for 24 hours after that if you want that apple/skin then it costs 99Ls.

7 Deadly S(K)ins

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Saited(Oodles of Freebies).

If you’ve havent’ heard of the Wayward Hunt by now, where have you been!  Honestly this is one of the best hunts I’ve been on for a very long time and I spent an absolutely lovely Sunday TPing around and snagging so much and yet I’ve still only gotten about a third of whats on offer!


I won’t show you the “settle”(an old-fashioned wood seat) that I’ve placed the food out on because I’ve spotted that Faith has used this in one of her pictures which will probably be her next post.  She wanted this old-fashioned settle so much she made me TP over and show where it was hidden.  The food is a different prize and that folder blanket is actually part of the settle.


There is such a good mix of items in this hunt so much so that everything you see, apart from the house, is FREE.  From shoes to that cute little unicorn handbag.


Not only small items of Decor such as this Kettle Lamp but much larger pieces of furniture.  In my last piccie you will be able to see a piano that has on first glance a very Shaker style but when you look closely you will see such lovely details such as pretty flower texturing on the keys.


Pure quality.  I’ve turned the lights on, on this draped blanket/backdrop and it lights up the whole room in a lovely soft colour.


I’ve already shown you the Free Mina hair and so to be fair I went and hunted down one of the other hairs on offer.  As it happens EVERYTHING you see is FREE.  Hair, skin (nice that the one I’ve picked up comes with plenty of Appliers), make up, undies,  nails and even the eyes.  Although I have a confession, the Mayfly eyes I am wearing aren’t the ones included in the Wayward Hunt, I couldn’t find them so I simply popped on a pair of the Free Group Gift ones I already had.

SPECIAL MENTION.  I was planning to pop back to Keshie’s shop Mayfly to see if the update dept is still open and it is.  I did a post about Mayfly eyes not long ago to let you know about the update and easier to use Hud and how you go about getting it.  I’ll pop the Link at the bottom.  The Dept is still open so if you haven’t done it yet it’s time to pop over and of course you may find the actual hunt item as well as the Group Gifts.


Last piccie and although it looks like I’ve changed the settings I haven’t.  This and the picture above were taken with that curtain/backdrop on the lit setting so you can see how lovely it is.  You can also make out a bit more of the Piano in the background.  More freeness in the hair and the outfit.  I’ve popped on a different shade of the hair so you can see that there is a more natural colouring if pastels are not your preference.  If I had more time I would have gone back and hunted out another skin for this cute and girlish outfit because I think the skin I’m wearing is pretty adult and there is a more simple Kawaii skin on offer.

I’m not going to put a link to each and every item I’m showing you because such a lot of effort and time has been spent on this hunt and the prized and many and varied but the quality is second to none but they have also made a website which has clear and lovely pictures of the prizes, the LMs and handy hints so I’m going to link you to that.

PS If you join the Wayward Group you can snag a lovely bike to use as an item of Decor or as a prop in piccies.  I’ve run out of time and space to show you it but it’s well worth it.

Wayward Blog Pictures, LM’s & Hints

Mayfly Eyes Update Post

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Starting where I left off.

I returned to “The Wash” and snagged so many shoes I’m feeling quite guilty but I had also noticed an area packed with not only Freebies on a wall but another fully loaded Christmas tree, the duller brown parcels under the tree contain the goodies and I grabbed and snagged and then went and unpacked.

OK as someone who has an invent stuffed with too much a lot of what I got I binned but that DOESN’T mean you wouldn’t like it esp the cutte skins, but I’m always trying to find that little something that even I go “ooo” at and I found it.


Actually I have to confess I’m only wearing the knitted top.  In my next photo check out the skirt, this top which is mesh comes with a skirt consisting of system pants and a mesh panel, there is also a shirt layer which extends the lovely burnt orange up under the top but it was the top I really want to keep.  Great texturing lovely colours and I’ve simply teamed it with my own clothes.  You of course can choose to wear the full outfit or use them as separates.


I’m still waiting for my RL coat to turn up and yet in SL I seemed to have come across so many.  I was stood in front of a Lucky Board going through my notices and I spotted someone wearing this coat, a quick IM to her and I was off.  Found at Hilly Halen but for this freebie you have to join the SL free’s & offers group which fortunately for me I’m already a member of.  Stunning just stunning, the dark layer underneath at the neckline is part of the coat so now faffing with layers and it goes great with pants but I’m wearing the skirt from the first outfit and you can see it’s a lovely burnt orange colour.


Once you’ve grabbed the SL frees & offers item is then join the Hilly Haalan group.  I snagged these shoes but there are even more goodies there for you to grab.  If you’ve got them all still go over as she has out a Scarlet dropped shoulder boobie baring dress which is divine!  I’m not showing you it because sadly my SL boobies are a little too flat to fill this dress out but when I get back inworld if I find I have some freed up time I might just mod a shape to fill those cups as it’s a sexy long dress.

Both LMs will probably not take you directly to the Freebies but The Wash one is easy as you just walk around till you find the large Christmas tree and for Hilly Haalan just turn right and go into that side of the shop.

The Wash

Hilly Haalan