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Fun and Photo Ops. (Freebie(sss).

I’ve never heard of the alpha.tribe shop and sim but I suspect it’s been active for a long time.

When you TP over you get a folder sent to you which has details about the sim and shop. If you don’t want to have a wander around the sim first then use either the TP at the LM or use the LM in the note and go straight to the shop. There you will find a christmas tree with gifts still out for us and in the shop is a whole wall of group gifts.

The designs are so unique, different and maybe not for everyone but it was so nice just to try new stuff and look closely you can see I even used the applier given to change the skin to match the outfit.

There was so much to choose from and I was going to show you a couple of the more daily wearable ones and then I thought “sod it”. This isn’t even the most outlandish looks and I totally recommend you try the hats on.

I must admit on a very cold and boring monday morning it was a nice break from the humdrum to walk around the whole sim then unpack and work my way through the stuff I picked up.

PS. Lots of male/unisexed items as well.

alpha.tribe (Sim & Shop).

alpha.tribe (Marketplace shop).

Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

“Undress me” and take a dip. (Freebie & Pretty Sim).

This simple bikini comes with an overshirt which is ok just a bit of a “painted” look to it and since it’s an undressable(sic) outfit I took it off so you can see the bikini better.

Just a nice skimpy little bikini and just like my removing the top, you click on it, give permission to whoever and they can click and undress you. In my case, I gave myself permission lol. So it’s easy to take the bottoms off as well and use that strappy top with jeans, shorts or under a jacket etc.

I’ve spent many days TPing here and there all over SL checking out the places where I’d previously scored some quality gifts and that’s how I ended up at the “The Isle of Elar” sim.

This whole sim is open to everyone and has been landscaped with some of the top landscaping decor items in SL and a great eye for detail. Lots of small builds, beaches, streams, ruins, ponds, bridges etc the list goes on. Added to all of that I’m sure I spotted some ridable horses, Teagle I think which is the brand of horse I own and you also have rezzing rights. I can imagine the only thing you’d want to rezz is either a simple pose ball or item you want to take a picture of.

This is a no-fly sim so it does mean you have to walk everywhere but I did spend a very nice time just wandering and admiring and although I already own a Skye beach set I’m tempted to buy this more rocky Skye set.

PS. I almost forgot, the Giselle gift is for one of the freebie groups, there are more gifts for different groups and to find them head to the back of the shop and they’re upstairs on the baloncy…easy to see once you know where.


The Isle of Elar.