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Pretty in purple.(Freebie).

Goooooood Morning Tue…and yes I have had my 2 cups of coffee and I might go completely cray cray and have a third cup but thinking about it maybe some food would be better.

This is why I don’t like sitting poses but I’m still using this picture.  A full outfit from Prism and it’s a “new Year Hunt” hunt prize and by “it” I mean boots, shorts and jumper and not only a full outfit but ALL of the fits any AV would need!  Great quality as well.

What you’re looking for is a red question mark, just follow the arrows on the floor.

PS.  Check out the Prism group gifts as well.

New Year Hunt Blog for Hints & Pictures

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Scored! (Freebies).

Disclaimer the top isn’t one of the freebies because although it was a super gift I think because it’s an old one I’m pretty sure it’s not out anymore the shop anymore but I will double check that as it’s such a great top if it is still out it’s worth putting the link in.

This is a post for this skirt and the shorts.

The picture has muted the texturing somewhat but this is a black denim skirt with really good detailing on it.  I was thinking of doing a “bum” shot because if I turned around you would see a very generous amount of bum flashing so panties are a must…unless you’re a trashy tart…just saying lol.  Actually, it’s cheeky and very wearable.

The same can be said about these shorts.

KEEPERS!  Need I say more?

OK I will, both come in oodles of sizes and you find them in the Un!qshop.  The ..isn’t free to join but these 2 items and a couple of other gifts are for free groups.  The …is new to me and from the small amount of stock in the shop it looks like it’s relatively new to SL, I never fact check these things as “I ain’t got no time for that” but if this is the sort of items it gives out as gifts then it’s one to keep an eye on or at least the LM in your invent.


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Dog Days of Summer Hunt – Gifts!

Gawd its been hellish in my real life work – no time to play at ALL! Still I was a good girl and wrote up my reports for the day and managed to leap in world and grab a  few of the brilliant hunt prizes from the Dog Days of Summer yay! I snaffled up the dinner for two set from Lunar Seasonal Designs, so sweet and a bazillion textures for the table and chairs PLUS dining for solo’s or couples with a HUGE menu of meals to rez. My outfit is from The Sissy Bar and you get the top, shorts anddddd the tiptoe sneakers – in a massive selection of mesh and standard sizes – I mean seriously – my inventory is groaninnnng lol.

Blog for prizes

Blog for hints

Psssst btw I am wearing a Magika hair and unless you live under a rock – there is a 50% discount sale on right now !

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CuddlesAnother quickie but again too good to ignore in case it disappears.  The lovely waterfall style cardie is called “Cuddles” and comes from Lacy’s and it’s only available at the slebritycity  LM.  An excellent bargain because you get a lot of quality for only 50Lds.  The boots are an old Maitreya offer and the hair is an old FLF buy but the great leggings are a Group Gifts (free to join) from Cotona.  As it happens and this is one of the reasons I prefer to do the write ups in the actual shop I had forgotten that I actually got more than the leggings because if you check out the other walls AgehA Clowes has actually been really lovely and there are more freebies inc 2 really cute colourful shorts, a dress and 2 pairs of shoes.

If the LM doesn’t take you right outside of Lacy’s shop and you rezz in a garage don’t panic because you simply walk out and turn right for Lacy’s but check out all the shops in this shopping mall because they all have special offers for 50Lds on the notice boards just outside of their shops.

Lacy’s (@slebritycity)


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Gawd..its SO hot today I’m hiding inside blogging away from the sun…inspired by the mini heatwave I thought Id show you a new release from Gwen Carillon Designs. This teeny weeny kini is called “Sunday”, its in lovely muted tones, with a prim clasp for the bra top and a mesh sarong wrap for when you’re wandering about…also a very pretty necklace is it. Steve is wearing the new gift that’s out from SF Design…fantastico pants that give you the option to wear them full length orrrrr as three-quarter length shorts ! With pants as cool as these who needs a shirt..more flesh on show I say *winks*…

SF Design

Gwen Carillon Designs