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Be Beautiful (Hunt)

Panda Punx - megastuff hunt prize

I turned up a real scene stealer in the MegaStuff Hunt, Panda Punx a new-to-me skin store has this on offer as their prize. It a whole avatar called “Keeley”. Not only do you get this absolutely stunning skin, but the shape and  gazillion appliers for things such as Lola’s, SLink etc. PLUS, the mesh lingerie, quite the find huh?!

Free Dress ! Panda Punx skin & shape NEW!

Also from the same store, this is “Harlow”, its at the Room 69 Event, lush red lips, curvy shape. My dress is from No Cabide and is a current group gift, group is free to join. It is a limited time offer with only a few days to run – so get your skates on !

Panda Punx

[Room 69]

No Cabide

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Buff Boy(free skin&shape&hoodie)

Mr.Bloch is a group to join because James Grayson (thiagoo.bloch) seems to be pretty generous in remembering to put out a free GG every month and this month it’s Matty and as you can see although he is pretty buff, buff enough for Faith, but not ape like. Nice that the gift includes the shape and skin.

Mr Blochuse

In case you don’t want to walk around naked pop over to Mr.Bloch and grab this free to join Group Gift.


Going to take a guess and say this is a pretty new shop and the reason I say that is because so far all there is for sale is a small selection of hoodies, shorts and if you want a “grill” then a set of teeth with quite a variety of grills (the gold tooth covering). AH I knew there was something different about this mesh item, if you look closely at the picture you can see it has a thinner more “liquid” look to it and that s because it’s made with the new Liquid Mesh.



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Mens’ Freebies, shape, skin, clothes.

MrBlocMy preference for skin and shape is pale and weedy (check out my other photos) but when Mr Bloch sent out a notice about his November Group Gift of a shape and full skin pack I had to get it.  The body has well designed muscle shading with broad shoulders and slim hips but not so extreme you look deformed and with the full choice of skin colours a very generous GG.  Although I will still use my preferred skinny ass shape I’m going to be keeping this one for future use in some pictures.

JacketNice to get a bit of colour other than brown, greys etc.  The shirt is an add on.  This comes from Platypus and is their and is their Frozen Hunt item (it’s a snow flake that you’re looking for).  If you want the second outfit then look at the MM boards and you will find the snowflake there. Not wearing my Mr Block shape/skin in these photos.

shirtWhilst I was there I slapped the MM board and since it has only a 5 slap limit I was pretty sure I’d get it and sure enough next day I logged in it was sent to me. Again a great use of colour and this pack includes the shirt, trousers and belt.

Mr Bloch


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Shhh Im huntin Butterflies

ArisAris NEW!  Vintspiration  (using new materials!) Shine Bimba shape and skin FREE! Butterfly hunt

ArisAris has a new release to tempt you with, its made utilising the new materials ! You may have heard of the new materials, they allow items to be shown in a much more realistic light. I keep getting conflicting info about which viewers can currently see it, apparently the latest LL viewer can definitely view it on ultra settings, but I thought Firestorm could also. Anyyyway don’t fret, it doesn’t mean you cant see it normally whatever viewer you use. I took the photo above using ultra settings on firestorm and it looks awesome either way! Anyyyyhoo the outfit is called  Vintspiration, it’s a fitted jacket in the most stunning fabric (I’m wearing the white version, there is black also) you also get this beautiful bow tied skirt with floral print around the hem.

Shine Butterfly Hunt - Bimba skin & shape FREE!

My skin and shape are also new, and ohmaistarssss I had to hunt for TWO days to find it!! Its one of the gifts in the butterfly hunt at QQ & **Shine**…This is the Bimba skin and shape from **Shine**. You get so much in the box ! I tend to get stuck into a rut with skins and this is such a lovely surprise. It says “pale” but Id go with light tan really, which is brill for moi. Lush lips and sooo many options for freckles and teeth PLUS , not sure how to say this delicately, different shaped pubes for your err…lady garden? NO, I’m not going to show those ! I only found two of the eight hidden butterflies “boohoo” but this prize was well worth the hours of hunting, YES seriously..hoursssss !

ArisAris store

ArisAris market place store

ArisAris blog

**Shine** butterfly hunt