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“Don’t shut the f*ck up”. Freebie.

Kaithleen’s has a new survey out and if like me you bother to fill it in then this beauty is sent to you.

I would have sworn the Kathleen group wasn’t a free one but it’s set to zero and I hadn’t even noticed even though I am already in the Kaithleen group.

My only excuse is I get so many notes/notices etc a lot does get past me.  Anyhow JOIN now, go into the notices and you will see it there.  It’s a pretty standard survey questionaire and will only take you a couple of mins to tick a few boxes and if there is something special you would like to see then suggestions are positively accepted.

Blimey I hope everyone is having the opportunity of basking in this glorious sun and heat we’re having, yes I have a sunburn and since I’ve been gardening all day cuticles that would reduce a manicurist to tears.  I’ve slapped cream on both my face and nails but I think tomorrow I will hide indoors till I stop scaring people with my red face and have a bit of SL fun.  Till then don’t forget to slap something on or end up looking like an angry beetroot.

PS.  Since my SL time has been limited make sure to pop over to Kaithleen’s to see what freebies there maybe there.  I might just do that myself tomorrow.


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Keep politics out of it!(Freebie).

I have to go away before I go Bat Shit CRAZY. With all that is going on with the EU and our government (small capital was done deliberately), anyone not living in the UK must think we couldn’t organise a “Piss up in a brewery” and guess what, you’re RIGHT.

So I’ve logged off the news, work, housework, shopping both online and high street, chucked some tops into a bag, clean knickers, toothbrush and a fully charged kindle and I’m off….tomorrow that is, and please keep your fingers crossed it’s not howling rain and freezing.

So this is my last FREEBIE of the day because I’m going to do a couple of my fav things in SL which is map hop and old LM checking and unless I find something absolutely fab dab I will leave you with this and yes you may recognise it or at least the style because since Scandalize has opened it’s advanced the quality of clothing in SL by leaps and bounds.  Anyhow even though the Scandalize is a paid for group this is a FREEBIE for us set out at the Vanity Event and you will join that group and it’s just there at the LM.

PS.  I’m pretty sure there is new gifts in the Scandalize shop and again at 100Lds to join that group there is not just a whole wall of Gifts but also some of the best wins in the Lucky Chairs.

UPDATE, holy crappola, so I TPed over to Scandalize just to make sure I get the LM right and there are 44 of the best dressed Lucky Chair loiterers I’ve ever seen.  Since I checked and saw there was at least 2 others with the first initial of Z I decided to TP out as it’s not as though I need to win anything and it wouldn’t be fair to snag a prize no matter how nice.

Vanity Event