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Do you wanna Adult or PG? (Freebie(s)).

I’m still looking for a couple of items to complete out new sim but until I find them I have no idea of what they are and where they are but as I wandered around the Merak shop I spotted a NEW freebie.

Sorry I totally forgot to zoom out and take a full-length picture of this bed as I was so impressed with the folds, wrinkles and shading of this quality gift.

You get a choice of beds, Adult or PG obviously from the title.  I’ve obviously rezzed the PG one lol. The part of the bed you can’t see is a simple design over that over cover extends over the bed and lays on the floor.

Click on the cover and you get a small selection of colours of the cover and click on the pillow to change the wording. Only 15prims.

I have to show you my milkshakes which is the only pose with a wearable you get in the bed, or at least in the PC bed. Such a nice touch a pink milkshake with a simple and useable pose!

As mentioned this is a NEW GG except I’m not in the group, I just clicked the easel with the picture of this on it and it was sent to me.  The Merak Group is free to join and there are other gifts, previously blogged.

PS. The last item I blogged from this shop was a lovely sofa so if you need one you now know where to get one.


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From little acorns.(Freebies).

I remember Merak when it was a tiny little shop but now it’s spread over a really lovely landscaped sim.

Before I joined the grabbing hoard I had a little wander around and if you have an SL home then you need to check this place out.  I found myself having to talk myself out of buying a few pieces as I already have so much but it is a tempting shop for sure.

Once I’d made myself walk away I joined the rest where they had gathered to grab this…

and then these (balloons only).

That sofa is only 10 prims, packed with great poses and a texture so realistic it’s making me itch.

As for the floaty balloons, I LOVE BALLOONS! You want to see an idiot smile then just give me a balloon.

There are more gifts out but I just picked up the 2 I wanted and you will spot in the balloon gift you get an extra gift which is the “delivery box” which I actually still have a copy of as it’s a really lovely crate with stringed lights over it and I believe only 2 prims so it’s tucked away in a folder.


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I ain’t sorry!(Freebies).

Because I know not everyone has an SL home I like to make sure that when  I’ve done something for the home I like to follow up with something to wear but I couldn’t help but show you more FREEBIES, for the home that is.

I’ll try to keep the blab down.  Went just for the stool you can see to the right of the picture.  You actually get this one as well as one without the draped fabric I didn’t know if the Nutmeg group was a free one but as soon as I saw all the other GG’s I kept my fingers crossed and YASSSSS FREE!

Both the sofa and the stools have really nice poses in them, the books, bag, paper bag and parcel on the sofa are all copy and mod and the icing on the cake 3 excellent wrinkled rugs and they’re ALL KEEPERS!

The place was heaving so I’m heading back when it’s calmed down but I did do a quick scan of whats available in this shop and woah! some really nice stuff but this stuff comes with a price tag NOT I must say an unreasonable price tag but since I’ve been eBaying like a pro I might just hold off until payday before I return.

PS Even the boxes they come in will make pretty decor items.

Nutmeg & RK Poses