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Light up your life. (Freebies).

Woah what a lot of notes and notices but I pushed them to one side and popped over to Jian where I had spotted a really lovely couple of decor items.

First this bar set which comes with not only the chairs  but both the bar and chairs come with colour changing huds.


Some great poses in those chairs as well but then I wouldn’t expect any less from Jian.


I then changed the colour of the bar and turned it around so you can see that is even has shelves for you to stack up with glasses and bottles etc.  Guess what? not only is it free but a single prim!  Same for the chairs of course.


I have a secret platform hidden from view with tree’s and shrubs so these amazing velum lights will look amazing, when I get around to setting them out properly and not just this random mess.  A lovely glow and you can even see the candle and wick.  You get 3 choices in the pack, 3 in a curved shape, 3 in a straight line and a single lantern on its own and this randomness you see is actually all of them just rezzed.  When I get back inworld I think I will lay them out in a single line to edge the decking nicely….which is exactly what I did and that’s when I noticed that they also come with a colour changing Hud so check this out.


I’ve just used the 3 in a straight line for this layout but no matter which you use each set is only a single prim and each lamp can be set to it’s own colour.