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A big fat nope, for me.(Freebies, lots ‘n’ lots of Freebies).

Sanarae has opened its doors and every stall has a gift out for us.  I actually tried to count how many I grabbed but I ran out of fingers and toes so I gave up.

I also gave up trying to find an item of clothing, apart from this one, to show you and the only reason I am showing you this one is that it’s the only one with a design that would fit my AV.

There are clothes and boots etc but they are mainly for other fit and the rest of the gifts are the small things such as earrings, headdresses, wearables and even an excellent drivable scooter and yes I crashed as soon as I hopped on it.

The one thing I can guarantee is that all of this stuff is going to be good quality and I can’t think of a nicer way to spend a lazy Sunday than running around this nice sized event, grabbing those goodies, checking out the new stuff for sale and then relaxing as you unbox all of them and sort out what are keepers for you.

PS.  I’ve just read that it’s a total of 50 gifts.


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

A quickie before I go.(Freebie).

Last night before I logged off I got into the Okinawa Summer Festival which at that time was nice and quiet, it has perked up a bit today as people spend a lazy Sunday afternoon SLing and who can blame us.

When you land you get sent the offer of a hud, accept it and wear it as this is how you get this super simple little gift sent to you.  This is a B-Made design and reg readers will know that this up and coming shop is turning into a bit of an addiction for me.  Only 6 or maybe 7 prims and it’s for decor only.

The first link takes you to the event and the second to the Seraphim blog where you can see pictures of things for sale.  The Seraphim blog doesn’t post much about freebies at events like this so there may be more.

Okinawa Summer Festival LM

Okinawa Summer Festival