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Crazy Lady. (Freebie).

I’ve been “peopling” today and I don’t like people so tomorrow I’m not going to answer the front door, emails or texts and slob, SLOB like the QUEEN OF SLOB that I am and of course SL.

This time I’m matching the sim to my outfit lol.  At some stage, I’m going to learn how to use these uploaded windlight settings because some sims not only have stunning settings but they make your AV look so good as well.

I TPed into the Vanity Event, grabbed this and then TPed out as it is packed and just like I can’t face “peopling” I can’t face lagging as well lol.  This is a Scandalise gift at this event so you join the Vanity event group for free.  I’m just about to check out the Seraphim blog to see if they have any pictures of whats for sale at this event and then I will return when it’s calmed down.

Lots of fits inc the new one, Legacy.

Vanity Event.

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I don’t mind.(Freebies & Free Group Membership).

Scandalize is almost the only shop I don’t mind having to use my SLink HG shape for.

This is more of a vanity shot than showing off this panties/top set but we all know the Scandalize quality.

There are 4 brand new Group Gifts, the bikini/undies set, a lovely dress with a hud, a strappy pair of shoes and this amazing freebie which not only makes for a great look it’s SEPARATES!  The jacket comes in 2 colours, white and this denim and I think the top also comes in a plain or a crocheted texture but you do get lots of fits just not my fav but when outfits are this good I don’t mind wearing my second fav shape.

The headline says it, although the Scandalize group is only 100Lds to join which is a pittance when you see what you get for it, old GG’s and lucky chairs, for the moment it’s FREE to join so don’t delay.

As mentioned there are lucky chairs and these are shop quality wins and because this place is constantly heaving the turn over of initials is pretty quick so don’t TP out too quickly and see what you can win.


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Silly Me, Part 2.(Freebie).

Just before I escaped for my weekender I did a post about a stunning freebie from Scandalize and I will put the link to that post but I don’t know how the F**k I missed this simply sexy outfit.

This is definitely a keeper for me.  As always with Scandalize lots of fits but not my prefered fit, obviously SLink HG fit is included.  When I log in I’m going to try on the other fits to see if I can get one for my SLink P.  Now for the icing on the cake, SEPARATES! Both pieces will just look great mixed and matched with other things you/I already have.

To get this and the other freebie at the Vanity event you obviously have to join that group and it is free BUT even though the Scandalize group costs to join, 100Lds last time I checked, it’s WORTH IT.  So I will also put the link to the Scandalize main shop and you can check out all of the shop quality GG’s you get for a more than reasonable joining fee.

PS.  Forgot to mention also that you only get the nude shade but in plain or ombre and if you look at the hem of my shorts you can see that these are the ombre ones.

UPDATE.  Although the “Second Life Status” page isn’t showing it I think there may be some inworld issues happening as a couple of sims, inc the Vanity Event one, are down and since I had just visited them I know it’s them and not me.

Post with details of the other Freebie

Scandalize@Vanity Event

Scandalize Main Shop

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Keep politics out of it!(Freebie).

I have to go away before I go Bat Shit CRAZY. With all that is going on with the EU and our government (small capital was done deliberately), anyone not living in the UK must think we couldn’t organise a “Piss up in a brewery” and guess what, you’re RIGHT.

So I’ve logged off the news, work, housework, shopping both online and high street, chucked some tops into a bag, clean knickers, toothbrush and a fully charged kindle and I’m off….tomorrow that is, and please keep your fingers crossed it’s not howling rain and freezing.

So this is my last FREEBIE of the day because I’m going to do a couple of my fav things in SL which is map hop and old LM checking and unless I find something absolutely fab dab I will leave you with this and yes you may recognise it or at least the style because since Scandalize has opened it’s advanced the quality of clothing in SL by leaps and bounds.  Anyhow even though the Scandalize is a paid for group this is a FREEBIE for us set out at the Vanity Event and you will join that group and it’s just there at the LM.

PS.  I’m pretty sure there is new gifts in the Scandalize shop and again at 100Lds to join that group there is not just a whole wall of Gifts but also some of the best wins in the Lucky Chairs.

UPDATE, holy crappola, so I TPed over to Scandalize just to make sure I get the LM right and there are 44 of the best dressed Lucky Chair loiterers I’ve ever seen.  Since I checked and saw there was at least 2 others with the first initial of Z I decided to TP out as it’s not as though I need to win anything and it wouldn’t be fair to snag a prize no matter how nice.

Vanity Event