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Vanity Vanity all is Vanity.(Freebie).

I was shocked that I actually managed to get to the Vanity Event as it’s so busy but once I’d had a quick cam around and of course grabbed the gift set out for the Vanity group I decided to TP home and go back another day.

You get 2 versions of this dress, this long one and a short one and I’m not sure so I could be wrong but you either get one shade and an ombre shade inc but the thing I am sure about isssss…no SLink Physique fit, I’ve angled it so you can’t see the gaps. Ignore the headdress but check out the necklace as that is included and it’s really nice, it’s pink chains and happily, for me, it actually fits.  BTW I will check out where I got that fabulous headdress from as it’s not from my usual accessory shop and it’s gorgeous but I have a feeling it’s a Gacha win but you know if I find any freebies in that shop you will be the first to know.

I did treat myself to a backdrop out of a Gacha but I ended up walking away with more LM’s than actual purchases as there are a few shops I don’t recognise the names and one of them is so new there is no shop as yet but I have high hopes.

Ooo UPDATE, sorry I now know where the headdress comes from and it is a Gacha win BUT I’ve just had to mention that the necklace, which even for a non-jewelry wearer like me, is a keeper.  You actually get a hud to change the colour and something called a “string” which is basically a Foo Foo cover and if I had known that I could have change the pose.

Vanity Event (PS It’s busy and you just want the freebie, it’s on the wall just inside the entrance).