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Does “OOC” stand for “Out of Character” for Role Players?  I know I’m clueless over these things so I’ve probably styled this gown with the wrong hairstyle and background but Sod It! I had fun.

I also had fun with the editing but if you’ve been to the “The White Armoury” shop and gotten any of their past Group Gifts you will know that they create costumes with lush textures and colours.

They also create costumes that come in bits as well as the full outfit so although you can’t see it there is a panel-style cape at the back wish is richly decorated and you may just want to wear it with something else.

It also gives me an excuse to wear one of the Mina hairs which I just never seem to get as much chance to wear as I would like.

To find this gift, you should TP quite close to it and if you look to your left just up those stairs you will see it as it’s not actually in the mainshop.

The White Armoury