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Hot and Sticky (Freebies).

As sexy as the title of this post sounds the reality is not as sexy, I’m sat here with my specs slowly sliding down my sweaty nose.  I think I’m MELTING and it’s not a pretty sight!

Will keep this short(ish) and sweet, this dress is the NEW Group Gift from Powdermoon and I LOVE it.  Powdermoon gifts come in lots and lots of fits.  Join the free group, pay 1Ld, sorry I can’t remember if it’s returned to you.

But if this retro dress isn’t to your taste STILL GO as there are 2 other Group Gifts.  The green halter top is something I will have shown you before as it’s not only my fav colour but a fantastic top however the playsuit is new to even me.  I’ve not tried it yet but from the picture, it looks as though it has a jersey texture to the fabric.  The single textured one is free, or a dollarbie, but for 20Lds you can buy a hud.