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This is my new fav “go-to” shop. (Freebie & 25Ld Tue).

I was trashing my way through my invent when I came across a dress I was 99% sure I’d not blogged so a quick TP back to the shop I got it from showed that it’s now not available as an Emerald Couture Group Gift but just as good this dress is now a “The Weekly Limited” gift and that’s a free group.

The design of the dress is a simple SL classic but that pattern and colour really just stand out, it’s pretty obvious that green is one of my fav colours lol.

Chances are if you go to the Emerald Couture shop you will remember it as I have so far blogged a couple of the Group Gifts already.  I’m pretty sure that the “EC” group is free to join.  To find those gifts and this “The Weekly Limited” gift then they’re on the last isle/back wall to your left.  You will also find some Lucky Chairs at the back of the shop.

As for that bouquet of Lily of the Valley, it’s the 25Ld Tue offer from Gumi’s Flower Shop.

PS. Lots of fits for this dress.

Emerald Couture

Gumi’s Flower Shop