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Pulling poses. (Freebie(s)& Dollarbie Sweater)

The “Freebie” is just the bag!

A lot of you will already have the super adorable little hot water bottle and maybe some of the wearable Kawaii drinks from the Micamee shop but I bet the bag is as new to you as it was to me. You get 3 colours in total, orange, yellow and green. The group is free to join and you also have some free poses.

It’s not a big shop so you can’t miss the Kawaii clothing in the shop and although I’m 99% positive I won’t buy it I still picked up an adorable sweater demo just to see how cute it looks on me.

What I will buy is what you see behind me. Finally, I’ve found new bento poses that not only do I really like but with a price tag that I think is more than reasonable, 109Lds so I’m just about to log in to LM grab and also finally buy a haul of useable new poses.

UPDATE:  In the end, I only bought 2 of the pose sets not because I didn’t love them all and will probably return at a later date. I just thought the 2 packs had enough for me to start with.

The sweater has been blogged before but since it’s as good now as when I first blogged it and it’s on the MP for only 1Ld I’ve put the link to that as well.


MH Unique Design. (Marketplace).

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Voguing like a pro. (Freebie POSES & small Freebie).

I’ve put the “poses” in capital letters as everything bar the gas mask was either paid for or old gift.

I’ve returned to the rental sim I’ve just done a post about, going to get my money’s worth out of using it as a backdrop and this is the barn which is decked out for party time.

The freebies come from a shop called Fashiowl Poses. I think it was one of our readers who first prompted me to visit this great pose/prop shop a while ago so I was so pleased to see NEW pose packs which are FREE for all to buy for just 0Lds.

In this case, only 1 of the 4 pose packs comes with an accessory and it is the Rottweiler in the top picture.

These are really just great poses.  I think anyone who takes pictures in SL for fun or blogs or whatever getting poses which are AV and Camera friendly can be a bit of a struggle.  It’s why I own 1000’s of the things and yet still use the same ones!. One day I will have to just bin a lot of what I have and start again and although Fashiowl will be first on my list.

Outside of this shop, it’s a rather bright and futuristic style shopping square and there are other shops for you to check out but for me what a brilliant backdrop.  So head on over, check out the poses and shops here and LM this place for future/futuristic pictures.

I’ve also picked up the 60Ld offer which if I remember is a pose set that comes with a little scene and a puppy and puppy’s make everything good.

PS.  The Gas Masks is actually out of the DRD Old gift pack I mentioned yesterday.  When I was looking at the massive list of gifts I did recognise a lot but there were a few surprises even for me and that inc this mask.

Fashiowl.(Click on the posters on the wall to the left of the desk).

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Drinkies! (Freebies).

The event I mention in my last post is called the “Beauty Sales” event and once in the group, you stand a chance of winning a massive gift card but only if you stay in the group and you’re very VERY lucky.

You can still walk away with this free outfit as it’s an LSR design but is the gift for this event.  It does come with shoes which totally match the outfit but I didn’t want to zooooooom out that much lol.

I didn’t see any other freebies at this event but I did see a lot of discounted items from big named shops so I treated myself to a couple of the backdrops from the Unicorn stall which for 150Ld each I thought were worth it, (I got the boxing ring backdrop as well).

The bottles I’m wearing are also freebies which I picked up from the Crystal shop, they have a stall at this event which is how I ended up checking out their main shop.  Lots of poses with wearable drinks, very handy but I should drop Faith a warning for her to avoid this shop as I also checked out their sale items and this particular pose shop seems to specialise in wearables such as shopping bags, food, fun things etc and she loves her wearables.

PS.  I suspect the LM takes you to the middle of this shopping sim which is nice and open so you the Beyond shop and the other shop I mentioned and to find the “Beauty Sales” event just turn around a bit.

Beauty Sales.


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Pose with me. (Freebies).

Ignore everything I’m wearing because today’s post is just poses lots and lots and lots of free poses.

I know that the pose market is limited ie for bloggers but really there is no excuse for taking nasty snaps when there are so many excellent poses out there and at this event, there are so many freebies it looks like I’m going to have a very pleasant time unpacking them and also visiting the shops that they came from to see what else is on offer.

BTW This pose is the gift from the Fashiowl stand.

The Pose Fair

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Good Morning Sunshine.(Freebie(s)).

Too good to bin, at least until I show you, then I can bin it.

So very pretty so very summery and so very not me.  The dress is from Micamee and there is a little selection of Group Gifts, I think there is one more outfit but the others are wearables or poses.  The wearables are cute ie a glass of lemonade or a milkshake.  Many of you will recognise the adorable cuddle hot water bottle which was blogged extensively as it’s so cute.

This particular dress comes in 3 shades and 1 fit which is why it’s heading into the bin.  However, I’ve got Micamee LM’d for a return visit at a later date.  Once I’ve cleaned out a lot of my old or unused poses Micamee is the shop I will be buying new ones from.  So if you’re a poseur check those out.


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A treat for me. Free, sorta.

Hands up who hasn’t heard of the “Winter Hop and Shop Event”.  It’s massive with 6 shopping malls packed with the biggest names in SL and each stall seems to have a fine gift out for us and this bikini is NOT one of them.

I was not planning on showing you any of the freebies from this event because you don’t really need to be told to go visit and score a load of goodies I just couldn’t help myself showing you what I bought with the generous 300Lds Gift Card that you will find on the Vision stall at the Shop& Hop event.

Vision Mainshop

Winter Shop & Hop

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All for little old MEEEE! (Freebie Poses).

Thank you, Sparks you have saved me a big headache.

I’d spotted this freebie car/pose set up somewhere but because I didn’t make a note of it I couldn’t remember where and now thanks to the heads up from Sparks it turns out it comes from Fashiowl….and I would not have found it on my own lol.

The thing with Fashiowl is that it’s a brill shop with props and poses but from what I know no poses on their own and since I have a whole sim to play on and a fat invent I don’t need props as much.  But if I did I’d buy them from here because as you can see you do get great props but even better the poses are more mesh body-friendly than some.

I’d changed back into my snowboarding pants because I was going to show you the snowboard and poses but changed my mind and so here is the ski.

I think there is about….6 maybe full pose packs with props and you don’t even need to be in the group as they’re free for all.

BTW Did you notice the hat?  I did what I suggested you do and made a copy of the hat and hud, tucked them into their own folder and changed the colour to suit my outfit better.