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No skill needed.(Freebies).

I finally took off my massive feet, I did enjoy stomping around but it was hard to keep on taking them off to put on shoes.

So I changed into a pair of Uggs which I do believe were an old hunt gift from Hilly Halaan so I TPed over just to check out to see out of if they had hopefully been moved to the small building/room that contains all the old Hilly Halaan group gifts and they’re not there but this outfit and a pair of heels are new GG’s.

Obviously, this is now a “classic” SL design but it is in Hilly Haalan quality and that means a nice hud of colours and textures so I ain’t complaining.  I didn’t grab the heels though.

So if you’ve not done so yet, where you TP in turn around and you will see that little build/room and check out some damned good quality gifts.

This Santa hat/hair is the only one so far that I have been happy to blog but then again this is an Argrace gift.  I cannot remember the last time I bought a hair from Argrace so I can’t tell you much about the size of the hud, prices etc but the hair with this Santa hat does come with a big hud of colour options and of course is free.

Last bit is my background.  I occasionally use backdrops and one of the shops I love is called “Backdrop City” and just for us, they have this absolutely stunning sim set up.

Check this out.

The whole sim is idiot proof, if you want to take a stunning Christmas picture then this is the place for you not just because it’s so pretty but they have used some of the best props and landscaping in SL, they have the windlight set perfectly but mainly because you have REZZING RIGHTS!  Obviously keep your rezzed stuff to PG rated, low prim and of course clean your sh*t up after you but of course there is more than anyone could need without having to rezz anything out of their invent.

Right next to the snowman is a TP to the ground where there is a Christmas Market going on.  I did confess a couple of posts ago that I caved in and treated myself to some Lindens and I’m now at that Christmas market buying backdrop after backdrop as lots of them are really bargain priced.  I’ve had to log out but I can’t wait to log back in.

Hilly Haalan


Backdrop City & Christmas Market