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Look at my Pussy…cat…total clickbait!! (Freebie & Reminder)

I hope wherever you are you have at least the chance to be able to sit with the sun on your face, peace in your life and hope in your heart.

Anyhow, I finally logged inworld only to find out that today is the LAST day of the Easter Hunt going on at Scandalize.  When I TP’d over there were 61 other AV’s there so they have set the sim limit pretty high and most people were loitering around the Lucky Boards so once I’d passed them and was further into the shop it was a lot easier to move and the rabbits are pretty easy to find.  I picked 2 of them up, only 15Lds each but didn’t bother to pick up anymore.

Obviously, I’m not showing you clothing in my pictures I just thought I’d do an update in case you were delaying going over to the Scandalize shop.

A delightful free for all gift from the Maru Kado shop.  You do get a selection of colourful/patterned cushions but this plain one is the one which is staying rezzed in my home also if you click on the cat you get a selection of eye and fur colours.

Only 3 prims as well.

This gift isn’t with the free group gifts, but it’s easy to find.  Keep on walking around the shop as it just has some really interesting and unique items for sale, lots of Gacha’s AND MORE Free for all gifts.  You will find a selection of backdrops/rooms which have been freebies for a long time the stairs are particularly good.  So if you need more backdrops for your pictures this is the place to get some.

Maru Kado

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

I think I’ve found my new home.(Freebie).

I sat my skinny AV ass down determined to work through a whole load of gifts from an event long, long over now and came across a stunning backdrop from a shop called Varonis. No this isn’t my new home the details are in the last part of this post.

This is the new Group Gift from Varonis and yes it’s FREE.

I know that for many people a backdrop isn’t really a useful thing and that’s why even though you may never use one I say you really have to admire the quality.  This room is pretty big it’s more warehouse-size which means that if you do take pictures you will have no issues getting great angles.

As you can see there is a doorway which leads onto a small corridor with totally different colours and again another photo opportunity.

All of these pictures have just been taken in my sim setting so you can really see the quality in the lighting and use of textures to create such great and workable backdrops.

There is a small selection of clothing but really this shop is backdrops AND builds which is how I’ve found my new summer home.  For the first time in years, I think I will be living in the sky because if you check out the Lueur skybox demo you too will find your jaw-dropping at the stunning texturing/lights, price and prims! This skybox reminds me of one I already own and yet if I placed them side by side the older one will look so much chunkier and dated which in all fairness it is since I’ve had it for XXX amount of years.  So at some stage, I think I will rezz myself a little hut or I did pick up an 88Ld caravan from Collab88 and live in the sky for spring and summer.