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Woah! (Freebies& a Dollarbie).

It’s been a long time since I’ve had this SL issue, the one where you go to sit somewhere and find yourself in the netherworld of the corner of the sim!  So I’ve struggled a little bit with taking some new pictures so I dug some out of my “trash” and here they are.


The top comes from the Show Me On The Doll shop and cost a Linden. It is a mesh blouse called “Miss Cordelia’s stripey Blouse” if you want a bloody version for 50Lds you can buy that one. Lots of blooded boots and shoes etc here if that’s your thing.  Special mention is that the prices on the pictures doesn’t seem to match the actual price you pay.  For example I’m looking as a pair of boots and the picture says 99Lds but when you click on it it’s actually only 50Lds.

I found my Boyfriend at the Cirque De Seraphim.  An event held in aid of ASPCA (American Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals?).  We have the same sort of organisation in the UK and how sad that we desperately need these people. I like many SLers have my beloved Pets and just thinking about others being neglected or abused makes me sick.  Lots of the items here are market that a certain amount of the proceeds from that sale will go towards the ASPCA so not only can you pick some great stuff you can also contribute to such a worthy cause.


OK I have a feeling that this look is in fact a rehash so I scrolled back through my Flickr pictures and our blog, I even check out Faiths in case it’s something she’s blogged before but I gave in.  So if it looks familiar to you then sorry but tbh too good not to reblog.  I’m not showing you the shoes but Faboo has GG’s out for men and women.  I grabbed the Wedge shoes (SLink High) the funky mesh shorts and the non mesh bikini.  The bikini comes in many styles such as bikini, hipster, bandeau top etc AND matching bows and strings PLUS Appliers for Phat Azz, SLink Pysique, Tangos and Wowmeh so it turns out this simple bikini is packed with so many options.


From one extreme to another.  Some of us are still in SL Summer mode but personally I’m praying for snow.  More freeness, I’ve only just blogged Sugar Button Boutique but as soon as the note came out for this new Group Gift of a pink coat I TPed over accepted the group offer you get as you land and grabbed it.  You will also see a balloon on the counter, click it for a free bit of daftness (sillyness) a fun balloon hat.

Show Me On The Doll (Blouse)

Cirque De Seraphim Event

Faboo (Summer Outfit)

Sugar Button Boutique (Coat)

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Holiday from Hell(Freebies).

sunFor this skin this would be the Holiday from Hell because the skin is called Vampire and with her  blooded lips and blood shot eyes and have no noticed she casts no shadow!!! A hot summer beach holiday is about the last place you would find this lady.


OK the top shot was my fun shot.   This sweet and smoky eyed skin called Vlada is also like the top skin FREE and with ALL Appliers!  I mean all of them from Baby Bump, hands, feet, mouth etc and the brand new SLink heads and Wowmeh shapes.  Not going to even start on the eyebrow and cleavage options.  A real nice touch is with this second skin all of the appliers are in the easy to use same hud which made colouring my attachments so much less time consuming.

This photo was taken with my usual nams optimals skin and prim setting, no picture editing so this is exactly how I look in SL but of course if you wear a different shape and use a different light setting it does change the over all effect.

There is a total of 3 gift skins in the reception area of PumeC and the third skin is one I’ve done before and it too comes with everything so what  brilliant gifts from Sly Puma. OH and check out the Marketplace shop because not only are there oodles of demos but the Free skin/AV packs are there as well.


PumeC Marketplace

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Mondays Kiss (Freebies).

Had a lovely weekend away, diet and blogging resumes today,  I was going to give myself some time to clean up my poor stuffed invent but I came across an old skin from PumeC which made me decide to pop over and check out her shop and not only does she have a new FREE skin in her shop but check out her Marketplace shop for even more.


Have to admit that this skin is much more of an evening look with the dramatic make up and darker colouring I decided just to be quick (and lazy) I would use the same hair and bikini.  This skin is called Mila and is the one you get from Sly Puma (Otyebis’s)  inworld shop and WOW I always appreciated when someone not only gives you a great skin but ALL the appliers to go with it!


Arina  is a paler colour and this offer is not only for 3 skins (same skin colour different eyebrowns),1 shapes -one is modifiable (copy, mod) ,1 Eyes (copy), 1 Eyebrows shape (copy),Teeth Alpha (copy), Slink Hands/Feet appliers, Phat Azz Applier, Cute Azz Applier, Loud Mouth Applier so basically this is a complete AV and pretty darn generous one as well.  Must mention that I’m not wearing the shape this is one of my beloved Annas shapes.

PumeC Marketplace (paler skin)

PumeC Inworld (darker skin)

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Cafe Culture (oodles of freebies).

I got so fed up of bumping into other AV’s at this wonderful cafe in the sky so  I plonked my behind on a sofa and cammed and scanned and grabbed as many of the hidden cupcakes as I could find.  I also grabbed the few freebies at the base of the Sub board as well as the suitcase table.


I didn’t managed to get all of the cupcakes even with the really handy hint list (click the big cupcake) but damn I’m so happy with what I did get.  Trust me I really did need black mesh jeans so when I unpacked these quality ones I was more than happy.  The mesh top is bright and fun.


But the winning prize was this skin.  Always seems to happen that as soon as I say I nearly always wear an Essence skin I find an excellent FREE one. Not only do you get a whole load of brow options but also cleavage layers AND Loud Mouth Appliers AND Cute & Phat Azz Appliers AND Lola Tango Appliers AND  SLink hand & feet appliers so that’s one heck of a lot of ANDs.   Won’t even mention the Tattoo layers but if you’re a freckle lover then you will be so happy.

Special mention to the coat as well.  Again a now classic SL shape but the texturing is luxurious and definitely a keeper.

It’s no wonder that this place is full, although of course it does have it’s quiet time because not only are the gifts in this hunt worth paying a visit the whole cafe is.  Packed with some of the best furniture and decor items from the tops shops in SL.  Lovely sitting area’s, grassed outside, oodles of cuteness and once everyone has grabbed the goodies and the place calms down a perfect place to hang out and get some lovely pictures taken.

Cafe Home the Actual Free community