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It’s always time for Tinsel T*t. (Freebie(s)).

This is why I’m trying to sort out my mess of an invent as I almost missed these tinsel pasties.

I may have shown you them before but if I had remembered I had them I would have dusted them off and reblogged them in any case.  You get lots of fits and a big hud which allows you to change the colour of the pasty and tinsel.

This dress is definitely new and you get 4 interesting textures.  The scarf/stole can be worn separately and you get lots of fits.

These come from Muggleborn and if you’ve not visited the shop for a while then your old LM will take you to a “Weed” grower lol, so use mine.

The LM takes you to a train station and not much else so to get to Muggleborn and the other shops that line the very Harry Potter themed little street just walk ahead and into the wall which will crumble away to allow you access.


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Tinsel T*ts and Cyber Panties. (Freebies).

I know this is totally the wrong time (although there are now only 118 days to Christmas) but I simply could not pass the opportunity to title the post as “Tinsel Tits”.

Obviously, the Tinsel is an oldie but the panties are new and you find them and more in the Muggleborn shop.

Both items come with a colour hud and plenty of fits but those panties come with a bit more extra packaging, wink wink.  Not sure which one it is, I think it’s the panties, don’t delete the delivery hud as that also acts as the texture/effect hud.

PS.  Tinsel is on the left just inside the shop with all the other old Hunt prizes but the panties are just a bit further in on the right hand side wall.

Now for a total change of style and yet it is still related.

This is the entrance to the Muggleborn shop/shopping mall and yes even I a noob when it comes to all things Harry Potterish recognise the name.

Behind this wall is such a well planned and laid out Victoriana street with small satellite shops and in some of these shops are items which are deffo not PG.  I’m not sure but I suspect this street which I do know has been around a long time has had a revamp.  I certainly don’t recognise this wall and if you’re wondering where the door is, it’s the wall..simply walk into it an see it break down brick by brick.

I always find that when a shopping mall has been decorated to such a high standard as this people do linger more which I did.


There are more freebies than I’m showing you, walk to the end of the street and to your right is a mini MOoH shop and thats where you will find a freebie catsuit.  As for the MuggleBorn shop when you go inside on the wall to your left is the old hunt prizes and most like Tinsel Tits are Christmassy, although there is a nice Valentine top & a fantastic and unusual wearable balloon.  Walk slightly further into the shop and on the wall to your right is the new Cyber panties and also other gifts although some if not all of them are for Noobs, ie AV’s less than 30 days old.

When I was LM grabbing I spotted some stairs to the left of the main shop and I’m now wondering if the whole sim is Harry Potter themed so I can’t wait to log back in and check that out but I need the loo and food so I will have to delay that.


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Omega your T*Ts. (Freebies).

I’ve not come across any decent Pasties esp free ones so to find such a full pack of them was a treat.

Yes, my boobies are little pancakes that’s because my RL me dreams of little boobies as RL big boobies are not as much fun as you think, so in SL I like to keep em on the itty bitty little titty size.

The pasties come from a shop called Bossie and you only get the Omega applier but also the system shirt layer and lots and lots of colours.  The panties are also a freebie from Bossie and it’s a set of these panties and a heart top.  Again only an Omega applier and some system layers.

Then pop over to the other shops, Luxrebel, as there are some freebie makeups but only for Catwa.

Bossie & Luxrebel & Renie (Except I can’t see a shop called “Renie”).