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“Inside your inventory” you will find FREEBIES.

As soon as I logged in the notice came through of 2 gifts for people in the “Inside your inventory” group which I so happen to be a member of.

Seriously I’ve just spotted I used this very same pose in my last post and yet I have THOUSANDS of the damned things! I just end up with the handful of poses which I think show off the outfit best but really I need to up my game which is why I’m using this next pose.

You can see why this isn’t an often used pose, lol.

Anyhow in the first picture I’m just showing you the jacket, you do get a pair of shorts but they’re black lacy things and I just thought that a simple pair of jeans or denim shorts would suit the jacket better and of course, the shorts could be used to team up with other items.

In the second picture, this really pretty dress has enough sheerness to be cheeky without being trashy.  I can’t remember which but one of these items is non-copy and trans so even if you don’t like it you can pass it on.  Plenty of sizes as well and all you have to do is join the “Inside your inventory” group and grab.  Check out my profile and you can find the link to the group.

PS.  The LM is for the sim I’m using as a backdrop.  This is the home of a shop called “Moon Elixir” and I know it but can’t remember if it has freebies or not I do remember two things though it does have some lovely clothes but for me even better is this sim’s windlight setting.  So damned flattering and some nice landscaping which means it’s “idiot proof” if you want to take some pretty pictures of yourself.

Moon Elixir 

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I never noticed! (Freebies).

This dress is a reblog BUT I don’t know if the hud it comes with has been added since I did that post and I just missed it or it’s been added since.

The colour I used in that first post was the black shade which totally highlighted the scales of the dress and with the flared skirt a very dramatic look but I think you can see the pink makes it a pretty dress.  I can’t remember how many shades are in this hud as I’m logged out and in fact, I’m speed typing this post as I need to RL for a bit but I just want to get another good post out……deep breath in.

The reason I’m using this dress is that the other Group Gifts only come in the 1 size and I won’t be betting any money on which size that is.  So even though this is not my fit you can see it is of a style that I could wear to show you and also I was lucky in that as I got there one of my initials was up on a lucky chair and the romper I won is not only really good with a hud but I could also alpha enough of my bits out to make that wearable.

You will find this, the other gifts and the lucky chairs upstairs and if you have some free time there is some nice thing in those chairs.  BUT you may be a bit confused as there is a set of shelves under the Group Gift sign and all thats on it is a pair of earrings, yes the are also a gift, but you will find this outfit and the other gifts on the wall near to the lucky chairs.  Honestly, you will see what I mean when you get there.


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Hot Chocolate.(Freebies).

I’m one sexy mofo, in SL that is.  In RL I’m huddled on my chair trying to consume enough coffee to wake me up without giving me palpitations.

In SL I picked this up from Smesh and it’s stunning.

If “sexy mofo” isn’t your thing then if you scroll/think back a little bit I did a post about a corduroy jacket which has a great 70ties vibe and goes great with jeans also a denim skirt and bra top which are also very handy additions.  I think there was a couple of other freebies but RL cannot be ignored and I can’t log in to double check.


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A good start. (Freebie & 5ld offer).

For sale, 2 cats, slightly used, expensive to feed, furniture scratchers, night warblers/morning warblers and guaranteed to cover you and everything you own in hair and totally 100% ungrateful little sh*ts.  Make me an offer I will accept ANYTHING even a bloody cookie!

Enough moaning and here is today’s freebies n cheapies.  I don’t think I’ve shown you these exact items but of course, a lot of designs are now SL “Classics” which means a lot of shops have the same designs but change the textures.

This is the MLM Group Gift and that costs 5Lds to join and for that, you get the top, jeans and shoes. TBH worth it for the jeans alone.  chances are you already have a similar design but if not then you do need these.  The top has a nice texture hud and although you can’t see the shoes the shoes have the same texture hud as the top.  ALL of the mesh fits you could need as well.

The shorts are almost as identical to the jeans just a tad darker and the top also has a texture hud.  They and the top are freebies for the …….. can’t remember which group but as you will see when you go to the Alias shop there is a selection of gifts for different groups.  While I was LM grabbing I quickly joined the Alias free group and grabbed that gift as its the same jeans but black plus a spotty top which I did try on and it’s bright and bold.


I do have to say that obviously a lot of shops buy “full perm” items which they retexture and repackage so the clothing I’m showing you is what I call a “classic” SL design in other words you have probably seen the same things in many shops and inevitable some items will have been blogged before and I’ve forgotten that either I have blogged them or Faith did.  In the end I think as long as the items being blogged are damned good then it doesn’t really matter in the end as to a lot of our readers they maybe new.

PS.  There are other gifts in the shop.


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Trying to save the Earth.(Hunt Gifts).

I’ll put the link to the “Save Earth Hunt” which is what I’m planning on doing the rest of the day and the first place I visited was “The Sissy Bar” as I’ve found decent stuff from there before which may or may not have been this dress.

Doesn’t matter if I have blogged it before, I do try not to reblog but when something is worth it then I don’t mind, as you can see it’s just a really nice dress and tarted up with leggings/tights/even a jacket or scarf etc.

Then I TPed over to a part of our sim which needs to be landscaped and as I waited for inspiration to strike, as you can tell by my blank look it’s not striking,  I unpacked one of the other hunt prizes which are obviously the top and shorts I’m wearing.

The top is fine, it’s ok, it has a nice rope tie at the back and a nice hang to it BUT it’s the shorts under it which you can’t really see but simple sweet shorts and I will be checking my invent and if I already have them or have something similar then I will bin them but if I don’t they will be keepers.

The hunt items at The Sissy Bar cost either 1 or 2 Lds and for that price, they do not disappoint at all AND lots and lots and lots of fits so you don’t need to worry about that.

The Sissy Bar

Save Earth Hunt (sic) 

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I wanna tempt you.(Freebie).

The dress is a freebie from Alma Miranda and it’s pretty nice but I want to tempt you to spend.

I always wanted to be a ballet dancer but big bones, big boobs and the grace of a dead swan meant that it was destined to remain a dream but if I’d only known about belly dancing, because if you’ve got it you may as well jiggle it.  Anyhow, I was over at the Alma Miranda shop and spotted that they have some bloody good Belly Dancer outfits and just like my Ballerina outfit I was/am tempted to add it to my invent and make my AV jiggle like “no one is watching”.  So I’m using this freebie to get you over to check out the non-freebies but if you just want freeness then there is plenty of them and some lucky chairs.

The reason for the 2 LMs is that I couldn’t find the Belly Dancing outfits in the shop which had this dress as one of the GG’s and in the shop with the Belly Dancing outfit I couldn’t see this freebie.

PS.  There are some really nice full outfits for sale ie shoes, dress, hat for not unreasonable prices and if you are tempted to spend you will see that there are 2 prices obviously the lower price is for group members and since the group is free to join it’s worth it.

Alma Miranda (GG’s and Belly Dancer Outfit)

Alma Miranda (For the dress I’m wearing)

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Wrapping it up. (Freebies).

Last post for the day.

This lovely jumper came from No Cabide.  You get a total of 20 very interesting textures with it.  This is the same as my last post in that there are lots of GG’s, in a room to the right as you walk in, but you will have to join different groups to grab the different gifts.

OH and there are lucky chairs and there was a very interesting special priced top I was interested in but I talked myself out of it in time.

PS I’ll tell you about the hair tomorrow as it’s a new Mina and I’ve already bored the tits off you talking about Mina products.

No Cabide