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Cheap, Free & Happy. (99Ld & Freebie(Updated)).

I knew I had some Tiffany Gift Cards which I’m pretty sure are subscribers gifts that are ranomly sent out as I’m not in the group and yet when I searched the shop I couldn’t see a subscribers board. Have a look for yourself and also remember to check your invent for any gift cards you may have and forgotten about.

Since the gift cards I have are non-trans I treated myself to what I first thought was just the jeans and only on unpacking did I realise it also included a strappy top and the puffer jacket and all for 99Lds.

The icing on the cake is each item is a seperate and you get a BIG fat assed hud of colours for everything!

This is to be found in the main entrance with some other discounted items. Since I still have 2 gift cards left I will be checking those out but I did do a quick price check as I was looking for the Sub board and there are some really nice clothes at some really nice prices in the shop.

There are also group gifts, one group is free and the other is emmm sorry I can’t remember. Both groups do come with gifts and the paid for group gives you a decent discount on your purchases.

Special mention to the boots which I was going to do a post on their own it was just handy that they make a reasonable match for this outfit. They’re from the La Perla shop. The group is free and there is a very sexy Easter Bunny look. I think most if not all of these gifts have been blogged before.

UPDATE: Just in case you miss it one of our readers, Genna has kindly let us know that the Subscribers box is right there where you TP into Tiffany Design, just look to your left. Click and get the free outfit, previously blogged, but as I’ve said you do get random gift cards which is always most appreciated.

Tiffany Design.

La Perla. (Upstairs).

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I’ve started to thaw. (Freebie(s)).

I know it’s still the middle of winter but I’ve fallen out of love with the cold both in RL and SL, at least in SL I can start to change my sim and so I’m going to slowly get it back to what it was before I snowed it in.

As for the Freebies, obviously it’s the outfit. Whats not so obvious is the fact it’s 3 items, a bustier type top, jacket and skirt. The skirt and Jacket come with big hud of very bold patterns while the bustier top also has a few plain shades.

I picked up gift 1, 2 & 4 so I’ve obviously missed no 3. I’m not sure which is which but one of the other gifts is another full outfit and a fantastic pair of “court shoes”. These shoes come in a nude shade but also with 2 huds which give you colour options from champange to chocolate in my opinion. So they will make a great pair of “go to” shoes for any outfit. I’ve just noticed that the shoes are called “Send me nudes” which is pretty funny.

All of these gifts come from the Legendaire shop and from a glance I could see that inside of the shop are what I suspect are gifts from last Christmas, I could be wrong, these new ones are to be found next to the 2021 sign. You will also notice the sales boards outside which have some very tempting bargains. I was tempted to buy the 25Ld snow boots just to show you but changed my mind at the last moment.

PS. Picked up no 3 and it’s a jumpsuit set.


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I don’t do sexy.(Freebie(s)).

If this outfit hadn’t come in my preferred fit I’m not sure if I’d have shown it to you so I’m really pleased that it does.

What you can’t see very clearly is that at the hips there are 2 big fat satin bows. I also picked up the stockings(appliers) at the same time. There are a couple of other gifts to be found in the Black Swan shop. You go into the first room, where the staircase is, and they’re in there…easy to see when you go.

PS. I’ve not visited the Yalin Fashion shop which is going to be my next stop.

Black Swan & Yalin Fashion.

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Sweet, Simple & FREE.

The “ChicModa” group usually costs I think 150Lds to join but for a limited time it’s FREE so I’d rush over and grab the goodies.

The goodies include this simple cropped sweater.

You will find these on the wall behind the reception desk wall, other gifts as well as lucky boards.


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Feeling Fuzzy.(New Amiable Gift).

I knew it, Amiable is also having a 50% sale going on

It also has this new Group Gift out for us. It does have that fuzzy slightly blurred look which is suggestive a angora wool. This isn’t my fav gift from Amiable so it’s lucky that they do keep them all out so there is a whole wall of gifts to be found.

PS. The shop has had a little bit of an update and the shelves of Group Gifts have moved but are still in roughly the same area.


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Worth the crush! (Freebie(ssss).

Gooooood morning and for those of us who have found one long boring day has stretched into another long and boring day it’s Saturday.

I got called away from some interesting Lucky Boards to go grab these beauties.

Mangula has a whole wall of Subscribers Gifts, which we all have, what we don’t have is these shoes as they’re a brand new subscribers gift and as you can imagine the place was heaving! So I stood outside and cammed and snagged.

They come in a lot of fits plus one which I suspect is a totally new shape in SL. They also come with an excellent big hud of great colours and even some very unique textures.

PS. These are on the bottom row of gifts to the left hand side.


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Cake makes everything good.(Freebies).

Can I just say I have had a really good day! Not that anything special happened, I didn’t win the lottery, I didn’t get any good news, I didn’t bump into Ryan Reyonald who fell in love with me or treated myself a new pet I just had a really nice day and yes that included cake!

I guess in the end we have all come to love and appreciate the simple things so much more than we used to.

Last night I picked this up from the Legindaire shop.

The Legendaire VIP group is still free to join, I’m pretty sure it sometimes costs and sometimes it’s free to while it’s free it’s time to join.

Most people will know that to your left is where there is a wall of older Group Gifts as well as a wall of discounts and promos. You will also know that on the easels stood outside of the shop are even more promos and discounts but did you know that it’s inside the shop where you will find the newer Group Gifts such as this hooded jacket, you get a white version as well, as well as other Gifts and Gift boxes scattered on the floor.