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On a plate.(Freebies).

To save SL and RL time I logged into one of the top freebies groups, SL F & O, and checked their notices and that’s how I ended up with a couple of exc freebies.

I won’t bother explaining what you can obviously see for yourself but I will tell you that you get a little extra in that you get a copy of the top half of this bodysuit to be worn as a blouse.

While I was there I checked out the Lucky Boards and Group Gifts. There seems to be more Lucky Boards since I was last here and on the wall with the Group Gifts was this outfit.

Sexy with some great detailing and a very generous gift of the FULL-colour packs! So, of course, I made the mistake of choosing my fav colour which wasn’t the best choice to show off the details as well as they should be shown but if you look closely you can see the seams and flaps etc very nice indeed.  There are fewer fits with this gift but since the Mangula Group is free to join it costs you nothing to try.

If you don’t know the Mangula shop, which I doubt that you’ve never been there before as the Group Gifts are pretty good, you just veer to the left and the Lucky Boards and the Group Gifts are next to each other BUT to find the “SL F & O” gift, that is literally on the wall to your left as you go in.  There are other freebies there for other free groups but I have shown you them before.



Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Not so “Hangry” now. (Freebie’s & Mention of lots of Freebies).

There is a lot of freebies to go through so sorry you’re going to have to read the spam.

BM is Baby Monkey and although I’ve never been a frequent visitor to this shop it’s been around almost as long as Faith and I so just hearing the name made me smile.  I smiled more when I put this FREE top on! Just lovely, great colour, a fine knit texture and folds then I spotted the matching pair of ankle boots/shoes, same colour, same leaf but a different Freebie Group.

I can’t remember the exact free groups, 2 of the biggest names though, but the group invites are right next to the gifts so easy to join.

Then I spotted on the wall an oversized Christmas tree with gifts that are still active.  Each gift is only 1Ld or free for Group Members.  The group does cost 20Lds to join and since there are 12 gifts I just paided 12x1Ld for the lot of them.  As it happens I missed the fact that on a wall close by you can actually see what the gifts are so you can pick and chose.  The pants I’m wearing are one of the Advent Gifts and they’re appliers.  The thing I did notice about these gifts is that they all have the same or very similar colour huds so you can mix and match whole outfits.

Now for a recommendation & mention of freebies.

I am incredibly fussy/faffy when it comes to make-up in SL, and RL, I rarely buy it but not too long ago I picked up a couple of special offers from an event and I LOVE them so much I’m in the …shop planning on treating myself.  Turns out the prices are more than reasonable but I may go wild and splash a bit more cash and get a palette of the new shades because you get 3 lip sizes for each shade!  So I can keep my lips natural, pouted or poutiest(sic). If you look at my face I’m actually wearing the lipstick and eyeshadow from this pack, natural-looking lips obviously.  Which brings me to the freeness as each lipstick/eyeshadow pack in the shop comes with a wearable demo.  So I’ve grabbed a whole load of them but I’m definitely going to return to treat myself with one of the full packs.

UPDATE: When I was LM grabbing I spotted that there are a lot of Group Gifts for the Baby Monkey shop so you may want to join that before you pay for the Advent gifts.  Also, Alaskametro has Group Gifts out and for only 50Lds you can score not just some nice stuff I noticed that one of the palettes I picked up which got me over to the shop is also inc in the gifts.

Baby Monkey


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

You probably already know buttt…(Freebies).

I know I’m probably telling you something you already know but I’d hate for you to miss out so even if there is just one person who reads this and goes “ooo” it’s worth it.

I lagged my way over the Scandalize to grab today’s advent gift which is tucked under the Christmas tree and it turns out that ALL of the past Advent gifts are still open.  So I clicked and scored myself all of the gifts.  Obviously, this outfit is one of them and because it comes in my SLink P fit I decided to go with it.  Each gift comes with a hud and some are the complete fat pack of colours others it’s just bits of the outfits you can change.

Of course, there is a whole wall of Group Gifts and Lucky Boards and everything is FREE.  At one stage the Scandalize group cost but even then at 99Lds it was a piddling amount for what you got but it has been free for a long time now so just in case you didn’t know head on in there.

PS.  As you can imagine it’s a bit packed at Scandalize so you may find it takes a while for the gifts to be sent to you but of course it also means that the turn over on the Lucky Boards is extremely quick.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

No Body Shaming! (Freebie(s)).

I got booted out of Queenz but only because of a sim restart so I didn’t take it personally. I’d only just had the time to join the Free Group and check out the wall of freebies when it was a case of TP out or get logged out so I did the right thing and hauled ass out of there.

The one thing I did notice and remembered from past visits is that the Queenz shop caters for the curvaceous shapes.  I swear there is NO body shaming here! I for one think that people should wear whatever shape or clothes they want both in SL and RL but since I have too much tits ‘n’ ass in RL I like to keep my AV shape as slim as possible.

Plenty of fits in the pack, inc my SLink HG, and a colour hud of excellent shades.  There is a lot more gifts on the wall and they are excellent but again not for my skinny ass.

I have to say that the Queenz range for mid to larger shapes is classy!


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Quick before I change! (Freebies).

This is a reblog but I’m pretty sure that out of the BIG box of freebies I’ve not shown you this bikini before.

The shops DM and No Cabide are opposite each other so it makes it so much easier to pop into one and then the other one as both shops have free Group Gifts for us as well as some special offers but for this post I’m just sticking to this one thing and it comes from the DM shop.

You will spot on the floor next to the wall of Group Gifts a gift box which is free to buy for 0Lds and again I know this is a reblog as when I scuttled home and worked my way through all the gifts I not only recognised them but I still have a few of the pieces as “keepers” as they’re that GOOD!  Plenty of fits as you can see from this skin-tight bather MY preferred fit and a lot of the outfits come with Huds.

There is nothing nicer than standing and working your way through a whole load of really nice gifts and picking and choosing your “keepers”.

DM & No Cabide (Turn left)

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

A change of mind.(Freebie & Cheapie)

If you’re an early bird then you may have spotted that this post about Pink Mango has changed?

The reason is I was showing you a nice but very safe dress but I decided to return to Pink Mango and look more closely at the other items and spotted that this bather/club outfit(?) does come in my fit and at 5Ld worth a try and it has not disappointed me.

I’m so used to this style of clothing not being in my fit so to find that it is in fact “shop quality” was really nice.  This does come in only 3 fits, SLink, SLink HG and Maitreya.

There is a wall of Gifts from different free or cheap groups.

Pink Mango

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“Inside your inventory” you will find FREEBIES.

As soon as I logged in the notice came through of 2 gifts for people in the “Inside your inventory” group which I so happen to be a member of.

Seriously I’ve just spotted I used this very same pose in my last post and yet I have THOUSANDS of the damned things! I just end up with the handful of poses which I think show off the outfit best but really I need to up my game which is why I’m using this next pose.

You can see why this isn’t an often used pose, lol.

Anyhow in the first picture I’m just showing you the jacket, you do get a pair of shorts but they’re black lacy things and I just thought that a simple pair of jeans or denim shorts would suit the jacket better and of course, the shorts could be used to team up with other items.

In the second picture, this really pretty dress has enough sheerness to be cheeky without being trashy.  I can’t remember which but one of these items is non-copy and trans so even if you don’t like it you can pass it on.  Plenty of sizes as well and all you have to do is join the “Inside your inventory” group and grab.  Check out my profile and you can find the link to the group.

PS.  The LM is for the sim I’m using as a backdrop.  This is the home of a shop called “Moon Elixir” and I know it but can’t remember if it has freebies or not I do remember two things though it does have some lovely clothes but for me even better is this sim’s windlight setting.  So damned flattering and some nice landscaping which means it’s “idiot proof” if you want to take some pretty pictures of yourself.

Moon Elixir