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Time to change.(Freebie(s)).

I went to the Designer Showcase Event as I’d been given the heads up of freebies and I wasn’t disapointed.

This dress is the “1 Hundred” shop gift and with a hint of sheerness it’s lucky you also get the matching panties to wear, or not lol. The ice cream is also a gift from the “BBB” stall. I will be checking that shop out when I log in as the name isn’t familiar and it’s such a good gift the main shop should be worth checking.

I don’t think I managed to pick all the gifts up, rezzing issues even though the event is nice and quiet, and I don’t think every stall has a gift but out of the handful I did find I got a full outfit, nail applier and shoes.

PS. The change in the title is simply because I’m done with snow both in RL and SL and since I can’t edit RL I will be changing my sim back to green/floweryness.

Designer Showcase.

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Itty Bitty Pretties.(Freebies).

“Flora” is an event which is also having a birthday giveaway.

Almost all of the stands have a little gift out for us but I will say that the reason I’m using the LM picture is that most of the gifts are the small things, a lipstick, nails, earrings and on and on.  Nothing wrong in that it’s just that I’m not an accessory sort of person.  I am looking forward to unpacking them all later and I’m also looking forward to checking out the LM’s I also picked up from the stalls as I’m always on the lookout for new shops, new designs or a new look for me.

This event started on the 22nds so I’m not sure when it’s finishing so I’d go now.



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Need I remind you? (Freebies@Shiny Shabby).

I don’t know when the Shiny Shabby event shuts it’s doors but I’m going to assume the clock is clicking down so GO NOW!

Last time I visited this event the lag was Hellish but I’d managed to grab this dress and so you have seen it before but now this event has calmed down I’ve had a lovely time wandering around and grabbing a lot of quality freebies.

The dress, bag and nails make for a great look BUT do I look different?  I’m wearing one of the Free 7 Deadly S(k)ins skin.  They come in an Omega hud which I think most of us have and you get the whole lot, head, body hands and feet.

The dress is a Valentina E one and the bag is from Hervae but as for the nails I forgot and of course the skin is a 7 Deadly S(K)ins.

Shiny Shabby.

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I’ve just scratched it! (Freebie).

The leggings are the only freebie I’m referring to in this post.  Sadly the rest of the outfit is made up of old freebies, sorry I did check and they’re not available anymore. The hair, of course, is a Mina’s and it’s the newest one with that super beanie and as it happens one of the beanie texture is a fine match for these leggings.

I went to the “Holiday Shopping” event and it’s BIG in fact I think this whole event covers 3 sims.

Each shop at this event has not just a gift for us but lots of juicy bargains, I almost caved in and bought some Lindens to spend! These are the “alaskametro” gift but it was the really pretty sparkling lipstick I was being tempted by so I picked up the demo just to check it out…yeah right..but you actually get a wearable demo so that was a lovely little extra.  The leggings come with 6 different colours and you get the SLink and Omega Appliers plus a nice touch is system layer leggings.  I know that most of us victims of fashions couldn’t imagine living their SL lives without mesh but funnily enough over the past few days I’ve seen a lot of non-mesh AVs and not even noobs but as I always say “it’s your SL so you do you boo”.

As I said this is a massive 3 sim event and I’ve only scratched the surface but in the few shops I’ve visited I’ve added more to my “keepers” pile and some not but only because they’re not my fit.  The LM will take you close to the shops I’ve already done and I will leave the rest up to you.

PS. The funny thing about this photo is the sweater I’m wearing doesn’t have a snowflake pattern on it that’s just a perfectly timed picture and a falling snowflake.

Gilded: Holiday Shopping Event

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Not so “ugly” Christmas Sweaters.(Freebies).

Drat just as I was sauntering around the “Black Friday Bazar” event the call out went out in one of the Freebies groups and of course everyone TPed over so I decided to scurry off back home and just show you the 2 sweaters I got.

A really nice easy to wear sweater which comes in lots of fits.

This one has that fuzzy angora feel to it.

Sorry lacking on details because I TPed out BUT this event is what I consider a perfect event to be.  It’s big enough to be able to kill some time wandering around but small enough so you don’t seem to get lost and wonder if you’ve missed something.  A decent mix of clothing, shoes, decor etc, some really nice gifts, in fact, I think all of the stalls have a gift on them, and also in my case, LM’s for me to go check out the shops when I have time.  What I did miss is that there is a TP to a Demo area so when I’ve got time I’m going back to see what the demos are.

PS.  I didn’t buy it because I simply wouldn’t use it but on the Storax Tree stand there is an old-fashioned baby pram on Skis.  I did waste a heck of a long time wondering if I should buy it as a decor item on our sim because it was only 60Lds but then it got busy so I TPed out but check that stall out and you will see for yourself how tempting it was.

Black Friday Bazar

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Nailed it! (Free, Dollarbie & Cheapies)

As you know I rarely do things like nails, mainly because I struggle to get a decent picture, but I was rummaging on the MP and found such a good set of metallic nails for a Linden I’ve just had to bite the bullet and try to take a picture of them and I don’t think it’s too bad.

You get for your Linden a palette of 6 shades all with a metallic sheen and for Belleza, Maitreya, Omega and SLink.  I also bought the bangles for 1Ld and there are a couple of other Dollarbies and then I popped inworld to check the shop out.

The Cazimi VIP group cost 250Lds to join but I’ve scanned the gifts and if you need to update your make up or have a makeup addiction then it’s a more than reasonable investment but there is also a small selection of Free For All gifts inc some sparkles for your face, nails etc.  I did a quick check upstairs because that’s the sale section and I’m tempted to go back and buy the blusher palette for only 25Lds but I want to check out ALL of the demos I’ve picked up as well before I make my mind up.

BTW The struggle is real…

Yup this is why I don’t like doing nails lol.

Cazimi (Marketplace)

Cazimi (Inworld)

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I’ve got it nailed(Freebies).

There is one thing I hate more than taking shoe shots it’s taking nail shots but I think I’ve cracked it!


I wish it was that easy LOL.  OK as I was meandering SL I walked into the Bella Elephante shop and then walked out with a load of really REALLY good nails and I would hate for you to miss em.  The gift boards are stood on easels and you don’t even need to join the group but I’m pretty sure that when I unsubbed and resubbed the subboard(sic) I got, even more, nails sent.

OK, this is a quickie.

PS if the LM doesn’t take you direct this is the Bella shop without the Elephants outside…I’m checking that shop now.

Bella Elephante