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Red Hot Mama!(Freebie).

The call goes out we all go running but check out the freebie from a shop called Spicy Secrets.

Dayum this freebie is a keeper.  The leather texture is quality, lots of fits and FREEEEEE.

Can’t say much about this shop as it’s new to me and as soon as the notice in the Freebie groups went out the place became lag Hell but when I go back to LM grab I’m going to have a proper look around as it should have quietened down by then.

UPDATE.  I when I can really do try to check out the shop, when they give out Gifts it’s the decent thing to do and of course, I’ve spotted not only is there more freebies, I do recognise a few of them not sure if I or Faith blogged them…I suspect Faith, BUT also what looks like this outfit but without the light snowflake pattern and in different colours and maybe not leather…so hard to tell because there isn’t a demo.  At only 49Ld I was tempted to buy it in any case but my inner Scrooge took over and I didn’t.  You might want to check that version though, it’s with the promo items.

Spicy Secrets