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Bon voyage Au revoir etc

FREE dress !!

I’m tidying up and packing in a frenzy as tomorrow I head off for a week in the (hopefully) sun. So I have cobbled a few bits n bobs for you before I go. Above is the subscribo gift from G Field, a V day gift how lovely ! Super little dress with “Love” across the front, beautifully made. To get it join the subscribo and then click again and go into “history” – you should find it there.

Dollarbie nnighty - Pure Poison foot flowers 50L a pop

I did find time to take a gander at the Fantasy gacha Carnival and had a couple of tries on the Pure Poison machine. I won black and red yay! These are for slink high feet btw – really lovely little whats-its to glam up your tootsies. I’m also wearing a dollarbie nighty that I found at the recently reopened CandyMetal.

Dollarbie nighty

Its drop dead gorgeous huh? Satin fabric and self patterned with flowers & vines.

Fantasy gacha carnival


G Field

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Group Love

Bubblez Group gift dress - $5L necklace

I had this gorgeous little dress come through from the Bubblez group as a gift yesterday. It’s ever so girly and swirly and slightly pinky-peach in colour. You also get a delicate hair-band to wear with it which is sooper lovely. I’m wearing the fitted mesh version and it goes nicely over my Slink Physique body – which is quite unusual to be honest. If you want to nab this you’ll need to join the Bubblez group and look in the notices. Thanks milo ❤

This outfit is available in Bubblez Style group notification for a limited time.
Type this in world to join group: secondlife:///app/group/9b180824-09c5-2a24-05d8-825f97619712/about

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Something to trifle with (group gift)

siss boom Gift Trifle FREE

If you recall the lovely little mesh tee I blogged about from siss boom, you might recognise the pattern that’s stitched right across the front of this group gift dress. I hopped over to the store and collected the latest group gift (group is free to join). It’s this sweet little silvery frock, it really does feel so twinkly ! The pattern is also across your rear, its subtle and delicate and I really like it. Beautifully done shoulder straps that fit very nicely, and two alphas to choose from for that perfect look. If you look closely you might also notice that I’ve gone back to wearing my Curio  skin “Simone”. I’ve been patiently waiting for monthssss for Curio to get some Slink Physique appliers out – no joy so far, but I missed its more grown up appearance so – horror of horrors I’m going without my mesh body *GASP* ! Yes I love my Curio skins THAT much – go try a few demos, bet you do too.

siss boom


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Easter Surprises (Freebies incl.)

FREE Bunnie outfit

I just had to share this super little gift from Boudoir with you before I head to bed. It just came out today and as I have long admired the amazing outfits in that store , I hurried across to claim my group gift ! The group is free to join btw yay! You get this adorable bunnie girl outfit, mesh body suit in yellow stripes – what could be more Eastery ! Love the floral bouquets at the bust and around the ears, on the rear is a darling little bunnie tail too. Yes, the collar is also part of the outfit. Thanks Boudoir!

Easter decorations - moving gangsta chick and Easter cat 10L each !

While I was there I couldn’t resist picking up these two little fellows. Both only 10L each, the gangsta chick – who actually jigs about and the decorated Easter Cat (I bought the doggy the other day !) Low prim and utterly charming .

Easter Goodies - FREE dress

For a more formal look, I spotted this gown on the market place , its free and so feminine. Looks equally good with or without the flexified bit on the bottom. Sharodies Design has quite a few fetching outfits so take a look at the store while you’re getting your mitts on this.


Sharodies Design


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Five minute Challenge

Somnia Free mesh capris - FREE mesh top & vest !

I often share with you new releases and special event items from Somnia, always banging on about visiting the store, stalking the luckyboards etc right? Well as a luckyboard reject, someone who can stand at one for hourssss and not win a solitary thing, I decided to do a challenge at Somnia and see what I could win. I am a blogger for Somnia, so yes I’m a very lucky girl and get to see all the newness right away (thanks Sanura <3), however, everything Iam wearing in this blog post was won by the fruits of my own labour whilst standing at Somnias luckyboards for FIVE minutes – not a second more ! The items in the boards change on a very regular basis, and it always has some bang uptodate pieces for you to win. First win was the bunker pegs mesh capris in lavender, swiftly followed by the rose tank and mesh vest set, result !

Somnia FREE sweater

I actually came away with more than I could ever to hope to show you, so made up a couple of outfits to take photos of. The Ohlala sweater is a real fav of mine that I’ve blogged before and I won it in two colours ! Such a handy little top, I teamed it with another pair of bunker peg capris that I also won in the time slot – in lime green.

Somnia Free dress - Morphne Ghail skin @ The Skin Fair NEW!- Sax Shepherd flirt cross strap mules (slink med)

My absolute fav win is this sweet mesh dress, whats more I slapped when it was showing in pink yippeee ! The boards seem to contain an endless variety of the shown item in many different colours, in fact I won this dress “Hot Toddy” in three tones within the five-minute challenge time. Quick shout out for my shoooz, from Sax Shepherd “flirt cross strap” corduroy colours, you can change the colour of the straps, the base, studs etc…brilliant ! These are for Slink med feet btw. My skin in the above photo is from Morphine, its called Ghail and is sooper pretty. You can get it in a whole array of skin tones, but I seem to always plump for the peach shade. You can only get this at The Skin Fair at the moment, where you will also find a whole heap of new lipsticks to fool around with that look stunning with the skin. If you’re wanting appliers, Morphine has them all, and worth noting that the slink appliers do contain all the skin tones, not just one. Thats fantastic and I don’t know why more skin makers don’t do that? It encourages me to buy other skin tones, especially seasonal changes such as lighter for winter, tanned for summer etc if I know I’m not going to have to buy more appliers to go with them .

Morphine Ghail Skin NEW!

Closer look at the skin which has superb detailing and a really darling face. There is a matching shape to go with it, however I’m rather attached to my own currently so haven’t shown it here. Just incase you’re wondering – my hair – is from Argrace it’s called Riley and I seem to be glued to it lately ! If you haven’t looked at Argrace for a while, go and see – oooodles of new releases !

The Skin Fair (Sim 2 Morphine is in the very southeast corner spot)


Sax Shepherd


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Fresh as a daisy

NS Store -Monster-jeans,top,glasses,bag & shoes

I managed to nab this outfit while it was on a special 60L offer, however its still only 99L full price. You get the mesh jeans, top, shoes (non slink) a bag andddd glasses & headphones ! Its real look-in-a-box for sure and at that low price you can easily split the pieces up for use with your own gear. (This outfit is upstairs on the left)

Free mesh Tee's with HUD

I also took advantage of the dollarbie on the counter, fahhhbulous pack of tee’s all with such cute designs on. Wear the HUD et voila! I had a mooch around and most complete outfits were very inexpensively priced, there is something for everyone – go take a peek.




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The Thrift Shop (and freebies!)

The Thrift Shop NEW!

A new round of the Thrift Shop has begun and I’m on the spot to share some great deals with you ! My adorbs plaid trimmed skirt and tied top are by Fujiwara’s World, you can grab these up for only 25L a piece ! Heapsss of colours to choose from and with a great fit they will become a wardrobe staple as we head (hopefully) into spring.

FREE hair - FREE skirt - Citrus @ The Thrift Shop NEW!

Citrus have ooodles of stuffage at The Thrift Shop also, Loved this little cardigan and shirt combo. Lovely thick cuffs on the cardi and a stripey tee underneath. Loads of colour packs to choose from so get grabbing ! My hair was a bit of luck, I was out and about looking for something else entirely, when I happened across a new hair shop called AY.Line – strolled in, joined up (free group join) and nabbed myself this darling do. The hairband is colour change and you get a pack of every colour in the store ! Skirt is a freebie from Fujiwara’s World, free to join group and the skirt is this months group gift.

GACHA HAIR 40L ! FREE poses !

The prices are brill, around 150L per pack of two tones – then I spied a gacha o.O ! Tried my luck and won this style , plus a duplicate that I passed on to Zan and they are transferable yippeee! Only 40L a go and a bundle of diff styles to win.

The Thrift Shop