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SHOCKING! (inc Hunt Prize).

I’ve done it again and bought a new house for our sim! I think I probably change my SL home more than I change my RL hairstyle.

The “shocking” thing isn’t me buying a new house, Faith is so used to that, but that I’ve actually bought myself a new hair.  I adore Mina hair and count myself lucky that I’m one of her bloggers as I think her hairs are perfect but that doesn’t stop me constantly trying on other hair demos and mainly bining them but as soon as I put these braids/dreads on I fell in love.   I picked them up from the 0n9 event and they’re on the Emotions stall.


At this event 1 item on each stall is at a discounted price, I can’t remember which colour pack for the Emotion hair it is but although I was tempted by the red pack I went for the brown shades in the end.  I’ve worn 2 of the colour options I got in my pack but you get a total of 8 options which is pretty good and although I’m not wearing it there is a hair base layer if you want to wear it.

Because this is a paid for item I’ve reset the sim to the Nams setting so you can see how good the hair is, and of course my PumeC skin LOL.

I also wanted to show you the outfit, it comes from Wicked and is their offering from them for the Womenstuff Hunt and you get the top and skirt as separates and as you can see yet again 2 great basics to be worn together or as separates.  Each item in this hunt cost 1Ld and I’ve hardly even looked at it but I sure will and I’ll put the Link at the end for you to check out the LM’s and Hints.


As I was at the Wicked Shop picking up my goodies I notice another hunt which is going on so that’s my plan for today and hopefully later I will be able so show you something rather odd.

PS there are a couple of Freebies at the On9 event.  The NYU silky romper suit is still out and it’s so pretty and well worth getting if you haven’t done so already and I’m almost sure the SL Free’s & Offers gift is a new freebie but I could be wrong however a simple grey poncho which is so fitting with the changing seasons.

On9 (Hair)


WomensStuff Hunt Hints & LMs


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Lickity Split ! (inc Free gift)

Jane FREE top with HUD - Argrace hair&hat - Chez Moi ice cream

I thought Id give you a small preview of some more of the new Jane pieces and show you an adorable ice cream set from Chez Moi. Its ben SO sunny here today I could’ve done with the ice cream cart for sure. Here I am enjoying the rays with my enorrrrmous bowl of ice cream. Chair and table are part of the new “Breeze” bistro set from Chez Moi. The seat pad has colour change and the table rezzes bowls of the frosty stuff and banana splits yum! My top is from Jane and if you peek to left of the photo you can just about see the HUD that comes with it. This was sent out as a gift to the Jane group subscribers, I’m pretty sure if you go join up now and look in the history you should be able to get your paws on it. I’m also wearing my delicious new hat/hair combo from Argrace. Various lengths of hair available with the hat plus you can also buy additional HUD’s to alter the textures.

Chez Moi ice cream set NEW! - Jane scribbles dress - Fate Step Janie Shoes NEW!

There is also a cart in the Breeze set (you can also buy the parts separately) this dispenses a gazillion types of ice cream and goodies upon touch. My dress is another new release from Jane “scribbles”, it comes with an add on bust ruffle, I’m wearing it without. Various colours or of course – treat yourself to a greedy pack. My shoes are called “Janie” and are by FateStep – you get an awesome HUD with these that enables you to colour every.single.part of the shoe individually. These are for SLink Mid feet.

Jane scribbles dress NEW! Chez Moi ice cream set NEW!

Closer look at the décor on the Chez Moi collection and of course me slathering over another ice cream! Dont forget Jane clothing now caters for an array of mesh bodies, including Slink Physique which please me hugely of course.

Jane store

Chez moi store

Chez Moi market place

Argrace market place

Argrace store

Fate Step market place

Fate Step store



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Be sociable (freebies).

This is a sneaky freebie because in fact it’s the  demo for the Bella knotted tank to but So.Vintage hasn’t emblazoned it with the word demo(yet) and so basically this is a really neat knotted t shirt which is just plain great quality. I mean just look at the swirling around the knot.  Of course if you want any other colour than this off white then you will have to pay for it but this is a definite keeper for my invent. BUT the demo is the label hanging from the nude version of this shirt not the white one on the rack so be aware of that.

Make sure  to join her free group because she gives out weekly Group Gifts.  I managed to grab last weeks GG which was an excellent mesh dress but it’s now changed to this sweet lacy skirt and there is still a pair of boots waiting in the group notices, not tried them on yet.  So if you want the top and skirt and weekly great gifts then no hanging around TP now!


And now for something completely different.


Normally this sort of shortie Chinese tunic dress is the last thing I would buy not matter how good the texturing but check out this……


…Ta Daa, I Did not expect something so naughty from this shop but of course like me you could team it up with a pair of panties, not included, or of course be totally outrageous and shocking especially since you don’t expect this dress to be so open. At 125 Lds a bargain and although there is a choice of colours I loved the blue even though blue is one of my least fav colours but it’s so crisp and pretty and then naughty.  Lots of demos set out so pop over, join the group and grab all the gifts and demos.

A couple of lovely shops set on a skydome, stuffed with shorts, tops, skirts etc and I tried on so many demos and all are such good fits and pretty

Social Vintage

Social Vintage Marketplace

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One for the Guys

FATEwear  Gift !

Dont ever say that I don’t think of the guys ! FATEwear sent out a brill subscriber gift today yippeee, its called Leon and its rather “gadety”. You get the hooded top and it’s just uber cool…sort of thing the guys would sling on to mooch or hang out in.

FATEwear - FREE gift!

It also comes with a HUD, now this is the magical part ! Wear the HUD and select jacket/coat then you can choose an array of colour tones for the main part of your top, then go to the t-shirt tab and there are two further pieces you can change the colour on…the changes are endless, really, I played with it. You can still grab yourself this splendid bit of kit by going to the FATEwear mainstore and joining the subscribo , thats sooper cool, thanks Damien ❤

FATEwear mainstore

FATE wear blog

FATEwear market place