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Not a hope in Hell! (Freebies).

Really good top quality gifts from a shop called Storybook.

2 fabulous colours and I know you’re looking at the groin area but so was I because so much attention has been paid to the making of these pants, normally I would not bother even trying to take a picture of something with so many holes as it would just not look good but even with my legs alpha’d out they still look great and here is the “but”.

Not even a close fit for me which is a total bummer because these would deffo have been keepers but now their binners lol.

You only get the 1 size and it’s not labelled so I’m going to guess it’s a Maitreya but even if that’s not your mesh bod still try as you might be surprised.

Now I’m going to log off, have a pee, cup of coffee and sit and watch some Miss Marple for a while, see you all later.

PS.  There is a little itch in the back of my head that says maybe these have been blogged before but if that is the case it was either a long time ago or for something very similar in design.

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