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Playing with fire…ok Windlight. (Freebie).

I wonder what Faith thinks because often when she logs in she will see that yet again I’ve changed my mind and the windlight setting of our sim and so here is today’s windlight setting lol.

It might be a little bit on the dark side for pictures but it doesn’t matter because by tomorrow I will have changed my mind again.

I just wanted to show off a couple of freebies.  The shoes are one of the gifts from Reign, mocassin with a hud, check out recent posts for the details of those and of course, I’ve literally just done a post about this fab free sweater but the pants are new.

The sweater is on the “Sweet Intoxication” stand at the “The Black Friday Bazar Event”, check the last post for the LM, so of course, I’ve now popped over to the Sweet Intoxication main shop to check it out.  This sweater, remember this colour is free at the event, not the shop, is on special offer.  When you walk in look to the right and on the wall there is a few more of this ombre shade on offer for only 50Lds but there are a lot more other shades on the back wall of the shop and at the full price of 63Lds hardly bank breaking.

I’m almost finished rambling all I have left to tell you about is the jeans.  They’re the Group Gift in the Sweet Intoxication shop and they tick all the boxes.  Lots of fits, quality texturing, very wearable and although you can’t see it because I’m sat on my tush there is some nice detailing on the back, a zip and some light embroidery on the pockets.

Sweet Intoxication

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Just a moocher.(Free for all)

I’m just old LM and sim hopping and it’s been interesting but not very fruitful.  Then I TPed over to “Fishy Strawberry” which is a shop I hadn’t been in for YEARS and sorry the only gifts I could see are the ones that were set out all that time ago but having said that not too bad at all and since I was sim hopping in the same clothes I wore yesterday I snagged the Ombre jeans and popped them on to see if they have stood the test of time and not too bad at all.

You get all the standard mesh sizes and also the same but in a curvey fit.

Also, check out the shoes, I mentioned these couple of posts ago how I should have used the hud to change the colour of these “yoga” shoes so you could see them better so I did.  So if like them, and the top, then these are some other excellent gifts are to be found at Blueberry and thats just a token 20Lds to join.  I don’t know if the Fishy Strawberry shop has a group or any group gifts but you find these free for all jeans plus a strappy top just inside the entrance.

Fingers crossed as I have about an hours worth of SL mooching before RL cannot be ignored.

Fishy Strawberry

Blueberry (for the yoga shoes n other stuff)

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Friday Freebie

Free mesh outfit includes pants &sweater

Found this awesome little outfit on the market place yesterday from Corvus. Popped over to check out the inworld store and found a whole heap of group treats on the desk ! I’m wearing this over my Slink Physique mesh body, it doesn’t say you can on the box but – heyho it fits. It’s an all in one kinda thing so no fussing about, plonk it on – ready to rollllll. Guys you’re catered for also, the store is mahoosive and full of some dead neat stuff, mostly under $100L.

Corvus store

Corvus marketplace

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Lazy Sunday

cleo design - Lazy Sunday whole set 75L ! (two chairs included)

Ohmaiii this post is bought to you by the speeeed of sound! Only an hour or so ago Cleom shared this with me and its so very special and so very gorgeous I don’t want you to miss it at this ridiculously LOW price! As it’s the Lazy Sunday item this week, you can get your hot little paws on the whole set (it comes with two of the lodge chairs btw) for just 75L *faints*…yes thats right…75L ! I just totally fell in love with the chairs, so comfy and SO full of poses its unreal. Something for everyone, reading, relaxing, sprawling etc, and items are given to you to wear with many of them. Theres also a sideboard, lamp, two fantastic lodge style framed prints, cups of warming cocoa and some scatter cushions!

Cleo Design - chair textures

Not only are the chairs sooper low prim, if you touch the shadow underneath you’ll get a HUGE selection of fabrics to choose from. The back cushion and seat cushion are independent of each other – so mix it up if you wish! Heres a few of the fabrics you can select…and it really makes such a difference in the look and feel of the chair depending on what you use. My favourites are the leathers, they remind me of chairs I used to own in real life, and there’s quite  a few colour tones of the leather….

Cleo Design chair textures 2

I’m just showing you a small amount there are also knitted fabrics, florals etc , but its all out on display at the store if you want to fiddle around and see them all.

Go grab yourself a real gem of a bargain, you will only get this set at this price for Sunday! Thanks Cleom ❤

Almost forgot to add that my outfit is a free gift by Prism ! You get mesh floral trousers and a black turtle neck sweater (non mesh) a handy dandy little outfit, group is free to join also hurrrah!

Cleo Design