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Try The Best. (Info only for FREE Mesh Head).

One of the reasons I’ve been avoiding blogging all the big events is we all know the big events which are going on. If you’re not too sure I will give the link to the Seraphim Blog as they are just the best source evar(sic) for events and weekly offers, updates, hunts etc and althought they don’t do “freebies” or even mention them we know a lot of these events do have gifts for us.

As for the “Free mesh head” again chances are you will have heard that “Lelutka” is giving away FREE MESH HEADS! Not only is there a male and female head they’re both the latest “Evoluntion” heads. I wear nothing but a Lelutka head, I will not bore you with the details but I for one am absolutely in love with my head lol. Sadly so far I have totally struggled to get into the shop as it’s packed and thennnnnnnn I find out the free heads are NOT in the mainshop and there are 3 satelite shops(?) which means when I can log in I can grab the goodies.

I’m going to get both, I may not wear the new “evo” head as I see no reason to change my Lelutka origional head.

PS. Also think about joining the TeleportHub Group. Sorry I can’t give you a link to join the Group but you will all know inworld you can find there gift board in a lot of shops, inc Belle Epoque. For only 10Lds you get a lot of good heads up on gifts/freebies/promos etc.

Seraphim Blog

Lelutka Sim 1

Lelutka Sim 2

Lelutka Sim 3

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Genus is back and stronger than ever! (Free Mesh Head and 50% Sale).

What’s not to love about a couple of frogs doing Yoga in a Zen Garden?

Now for the info.

I don’t really pay much attention to whats going on in SL when I’m not in SL and when I’m inworld it’s all about the freebies and home building for me but even I know that the Genus Brand had some major legal problems. This is so sad as I know that some people really DO rely on SL for their income and how many of us are taking a hit on their income at the moment due to “Rona” (a cute name for a not cute virus) I know I have!

I’ve actually found a link, the Facebook one, and now I’ve read what happened it’s even worse than we could imagine and all because someone was just spiteful!  It’s sad and also by the end uplifted also there is a very important message/lesson for anyone who wants to create content in an inworld game.

ANYHOW! So not only is it great to see that Genus is not only up and running but if you missed getting the FREE “Strong Face” mesh head which I DO believe was a full Bento head it’s still there for us in the Group Notices!  You will also see a lot of other shops welcoming back the Genus Brand with generous discounts and I do believe in the Genus shop that the shapes and maybeeee some skins are 50% off.  Don’t take my word for it check the Group Notices for the details.

Genus Facebook. (So you can read all about it and for anyone wanting to create in SL you must read it!).

Genus. (Inworld).


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Alexa says it’s Tuesday. (Free Mesh Head).

Catwa has done something I wish a few other shops would do when they have a special going on and that is the FREE Mesh head which everyone wants has now been placed out in THREE LOCATIONS!!!! Finally, some common sense! This means I now have the free Catwa head as although the LM was busy it was not stupid crazy busy and the mesh head is right at the LM, set to 0Ld to buy.

This offer does actually go on till May the 24th, I did think that it was only out for a much more limited time so it was good to see we all have a chance now of getting it.

I’ve not even unpacked it yet and I can’t wait as now I have this “unisex” head and mesh body I’m hoping to create a nice male shape which you may never see but it would be nice to have that option.

PS! I am pretty sure that this free head has been removed from the main Catwa shop so unless you want to shop there stop trying.

LM 1.

LM 2. (This is the one I used)

LM 3.

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More for info. (Freebies).

Oooo, Oooo and Oooo again, look what turned up in my invent this morning.

That big stunning tree is a freebie from Hayabusa BUT you won’t find it in the shop as this is sent directly to you which means you have to be in the group, free, and I’m not sure that if you join now it will be sent to you automatically or you will miss out on this gift and have to wait for the next one to be sent out.  What is even nicer is that the free ones do usually come with complete menu’s so you can change the colour of leaves, flowers, bark and also the movement because of course the Hayabusa range is so well known for it’s moving in the wind motions.

This tree is 15prims which is not unreasonable for such a statement tree but you can get equal quality in their 1prim trees.


Looks like Catwa now has a FREE Mesh Head out for us and here is my fav word  “BUT” as I do believe it’s limited in quality and as you can imagine the shop is crammed.  So I will give you the LM and you can keep on trying for yourself.



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Good Morning. (10Ld Hunt Belle Epoque & Last Mention of the FREE Genus Head).

First, 3 of the 10Ld Belle Gifts and then I promise it’s my last word on the Genus head.

The 3 items I’m wearing are all only 10Lds each.  If you only have 10Lds then get that coat! I wasn’t going to buy it but when my pointer hovered over the stethoscope(that’s what you’re looking for) I decided for such a small amount I’d give it a go and not only is it OTT, super fuzzy and a damned good fit it comes with that hand pose.  So as you walk/stand etc your hands are in front of you which is such an excellent touch to such a great coat.

The retro hat/hair and dress are both separate gifts but obviously meant to go together. There is a lovely mix of t-shirts, dresses and even decor and everything is just 10Ld each.


OK Last word on the Genus head, even if you own a mesh head go get it…now but remember you can get it from the Group Notices so you don’t have to fight the lag in the inworld shop.

I’m NOT wearing it in this picture, I still love my Lelutka head, but I had to log inworld first thing this morning and continue on with my “tweaking” as I know my pictures in the post I did about it don’t really do it justice.  So I tweaked the shape and lips, used a different skin from the free pack and added freckles and OMG I’m gorgeous lol, so much so at some stage esp since there seems to be a sale going on I’m going to see if I can get a matching body skin so I have this wonderful backup for when I feel like a change.

PS. How many of us will now be kicking ourselves for binning all the free Genus gifts from events, ME!

Belle Epoque


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Not my best look buttt….(FREE Genus Head!)

I saw this offer on the list of shops giving us generous gifts to help our “stay indoors” a little bit less boring.   I totally ignored it as thought that it was only free for group members and the group came with a hefty joining fee and I was 100% wrong.  Thanks to Kiylee.

Not only is the Genus group totally free but you can also pick this gift up through the group notices which considering how packed the inworld shop is, 57 AVs when I last checked!  I think the reason the inworld shop is so busy is that there is also a discount sale going on.

I can’t give you the direct link to the group but I can tell you that this free head is labelled “Support from the Genus Project Team” so look for that in the group notices.

Yes ok, not my best look but read on.

This head is called “Strong Face” and I’m sure Kiylee mentioned that it was originally 5000Ld but I could be wrong.  Yes, I know who’d pay 5000Ld to look like this but all mesh bodies/heads need to be tweaked and this is how the head looks on my shape. TBH it doesn’t look much better on the recommended shape that comes with it but again we gotta tweak till we fit and since you seem to get a full hud to play with.  Personally, I’d want to thin the lips and open the eyes however the skin is lovely, nice ears and that nose is to die for!

UPDATE:  WOWSER! Ignore the goofy look I’m wearing! In my invent I found some Genus body shapes in a demo pack I’d picked up some time and just out of curiosity I tried a couple of those shapes on and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!  So again ignore how I look and think of how you would change this look.

Honestly I literally just did a couple of tweaks with the hud, turns out this IS a full bento head! I used one of the shapes from the demo pack I already had I think it’s called “Baby” and that popped the eyes out perfectly.  I’ve not worked out how to thin the lips but I know I should be able to do it.

So if that first picture put you off hopefully this second one will encourage you to go get it.

PS Remember I’m wearing a different skin on my body.

Genus Project (Inworld Shop)