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Free for All

I’m always popping over to The Free Dove – it’s an awesome resource of freeness ! I found this fabulous outfit there from Hilly Hallan, complete outfit or seperates included plusssss  mahoosive Hud with a squillion more colours and textures!

Sizes are standard and I found the medium worked perfectly over my Slink Physique body. I’ve shown the bag from Fashiowl before – but it’s so good I’m using it again. You’ll find it on the wall at the store – you get four bags with different poses.

I snapped up this simple yet sweet jeans & top combo by Sassitude – Great fit and I know I will use the jeans often – totally free ! Mesh body & standard fits included.

You need to join the Free Dove group to snag the goodies – its free to join .

Free Dove

Hair by Ink “Naive”

Fashiowl bag

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Wake me up gently with sunbeams and coffee

FREE tank,jeans & cardigan - Lamb hair NEW!

I was visiting the Gaall store yesterday, Player bought me a stunning outfit from there and I decided to take a poke around. Free to join group and a bunch of really awesome gifts awaits you, plus some unique and sweet outfits for around the $250L mark. I snagged quite a few but chose these two to share with you, plenty more though! I really loved this outfit above, you get the tank, jeans and crochet cardigan, all seperates so you can break the pieces up to mix & match.

FREE tshirt dress - Lamb hair NEW!

This long tee is just perfect for waking up in and having that first stretch & coffee of the day in. Both items fitted perfectly over my Slink Physique mesh body, I seem to recall the top one had a few mesh body sizes included also. My hair is from the latest round of The Arcade, by Lamb. I hate gacha’s for hair as I nearly always end up with some bizarro shade. I generally pick gacha hair up from yardsales, so I can get the exact tone I want. I used the Seraphim arcade yardsale to find this (and quite a few other things) They do have a huge list of yardsales – but – I only utilise the ones that sell the “current round only”, purely so I don’t have to wade through an ocean of older gear to find what I want.

Gaall Store

Seraphims yard sale list

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Easter Hunt

FREE dress milky way

There is a Spring Fair and Easter egg hunt happening right now at Ostermarkt, tons of things to buy and heaps to hunt. I think I’m correct in saying that there are one hundred and three eggs to find *faints* – I got to about 40 and needed a nap. Anyway this outfit caught my eye, it’s from milky way, only one size in the box , which is medium and its all one piece. Dead cute for Easter and a great fit over my Slink mesh body. My lipstick is also a gift I found from M&M, especially for the Catwa mesh head – lovely gentle tone.

FREE dress Vee's & Bag  BOKUNO OMISE - M&M catwa lipstick !

I also liked this lovely little pink frock from Vee’s, all sizes included plus a fitting for a couple of mesh bodies yay! My natty spring bag is from GLH  nice hold animation included. There were lots of guys hunting as plenty of blokey gear is in the hunt, plus home & garden. Collect your egg collection basket on the way in, and just touch the eggs you see around. The total on your basket will show how many eggs you’ve found , it also tells you if you’ve found the egg before (handy!)

Spring Fair & egg hunt

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Free for you

CIRCA Gacha - Karin FREE outfit and boots

This lovely little outfit of skirt, sweater & boots can be yours if you have enough patience! Karin is a tiny store but its got some sweet pieces. This was sent out as a group gift, but strangely the subscribo is no longer there in the shop – howeverrrrrrr, both items are currently on the lucky board, it turns over pretty sharpish so you wouldn’t have to hang around long. The furniture shown is by CIRCA and is currently in a gacha at the OMG! event – only open until the 24th January so get your skates on ! I have to say that the beany bag style chair Im sat on is an absolute cracker, loaded with male & femals sits and comes in at just 2Li ! Thanks Cherelle ❤

Karin FREE outfit

Another win on the lucky board at Karin, this all in one outfit, complete with hood & hair attached. Fits like a glove over my Slink Physique mesh body – win !

milky way FREE outfit

Whilst I was loitering at Karin I also kept my eye on the group only (free to join) lucky board at Milky way next door. I managed to be patient and snagged the scarf and coat with dress, there’s also boots on offer to win but I had to get to work.



milky way

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Birthday Party (free)

FREE gifts 2

Seraphim are having a birthday gig to end all gigs ! If you can’t make the party times, don’t fret – you can still come along and snaffle up some of the lovely gifts . This pose was one of them, its by XOXO Poses, it’s really meant for a child but I easily edited it and made it right for an adult . My dress is by Dead Dollz, now I’ve been meaning to go and try some of their gear on for a while – so this is heaven-sent, can try and also have a gift. (see below for a rear shot)

Free gifts 1

Here is the back of that frock – sorry my graphics card was STILL playing up this morning *sigh*. Another free dress is being given by Pink Sugah, appliers included, plus these jolly red shoes by which fit Slink high, Maitreya and Belleza.

FREE gifts 3

There are also some home & gardeny type items yay! The delightful birthday table and decor is by shutterfield, low Li and absolutely adorable isn’t it? Plus a lounging outfit by TRS, comes with appliers for SLink, Maitreya etc. Now what I really really really wanted – was the poster – given by Floorplan – oh gawd, my heart melted when I saw it !

Seraphim Birthday Bash info

Seraphim Birthday Location

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All for free !



[LG] free 1Lavian&Co have opened up their group as a free to join, which means you can quite literally go WILD in their group gift room. Seriously, I had to force eject myself to leave after Id collected about 20 outfits, many of which come with a HUD for other colours and patterns. This offer is open until the 20th of  May btw, so get your trotters moving and go get the goodies. Apologies for my hurried photos but I really wanted to get the info out ASAP so you can take you time choosing from the MANY gifts on offer. The one above happens to be my favourite (so far – I haven’t opened all the boxes yet phewww)


Great selection of seasonal outfits, summer included, love love love the little beach shorts set. Anything and everything from gowns to jeans and in-between.


Another favourite, gotta love a bit of turquoise for this time of year huh?! Head over and have fun !


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Its all Free & Happy Birthday !

FREE gifts flared hoodie - jeggings

The Chapter Four is celebrating its Birthday ! A lot of this rounds participants have set out little gifts for you, just join The Chapter Four group (its free to join) and collect – simple !

Above I’m wearing the jeggings from Fishy Strawberry, you get two colours in both curvy (worn above) and the usual standard sizes. Also worn is the fabulous flared Hoodie from offbeat. You get two versions in the box, both absolutely fabulous.

FREE gifts ! Jeggings & flared hoodie top

I’m wearing the standard sized jeggings this time, slightly more slender on my figure, which I have to say I prefer. Nice washed out tone that really fits with the flared hoodie . Ohhh btw, my boots are from FATEstep “atwell”, they come with a HUD the size of the UK with enough options for colours to keep even the most hardened fashionista happy.

The Chapter Four