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Info only.(Free Group & Gift Card).

This is just a pretty picture for you to look at and has absolutely nothing to do with the freebie.

The reason I can’t show you anything is because the Arcane Spellcaster has a super offer out for us.  For the next few days the group is FREE to join add to that a very tasty 250Ld Gift Card has also been set out for Group members.

As you can imagine the shop is HEAVING! So I did a quick grab and a quicker scan of the shop and I can’t wait to return.  Not all of the shop rezzed because of the lag of everyone being there but enough did that showed me that this shop has a whole range of “bento” clothes, super sexy and the clothes actually have movement to them.  I also spotted that there are men’s clothing in this shop.

When I went in to LM grab I checked the Group notices and this is the most recent one.

Until day 20 you can collect your 250Linden value gift card (with a free group of 150Linden value)

On days 22, 23 and 24 you can collect the 500Linden value gift card (but the group will be for a fee) …

because those who are part of a group must enjoy privileges!


Arcane Spellcaster.

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Another rush jobbie! (Freebie Gift Card).

Another great start to the day with this generous 300Ld gift card.  Simply join the group and grab.

Usually, I pass on any gift cards I get unless they’re non-trans and this is a non-trans card which I’m ok with as although this isn’t a massive shop I did spot a few outfits for men and I did finally manage to get the male mesh body and Catwa head so at some stage I will unpack all of that and whatever clothing/hair I’ve picked up along the way hopefully make a half-decent male AV.

Anyhow!!! GO NOW, sorry it’s another rush job but it looks like today is the last day this gift is out for us.


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Missing Moz.(Freebies for men & women).

Hopefully Moz will see this post as he’s been MIA for way too long but hopefully he’s just taking a well-earned break.

Anyhow these gifts from “Betrayal” are EXCELLENT so good that even though they are male fits only who cares you should still try them on.  You get the 2 male fits of Jake and Giovanni and the Jake ones were actually pretty wearable for me as there was only a little bit of breakthrough on the waistline.

There is a T-Shirt top with these pants but that just looked funny on my female AV even with me Alpha’d out.

Not hard to work out you get a Neon and a Neon Ombre choice.

The trainers/sneakers are also Group Gifts, not the best of fits with these pants but I still decided to show you them as again good male gifts are hard to find.

Now for us girls and of course boys.

This is definitely not a rezzable bag, 104 prims, but it comes with such good hand/arm pose you won’t want to rezz it in any case.

Although I say this is a girls bag the hand pose is more unisexed and that basketball texture is also very sporty.  I am logged out now so I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure you get an orange one, this one and a full black one but I could be wrong.


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Be bold! (Freebies).

I was at an event and all I came away with was the LMs to some shops I either didn’t recognise or I’ve not visited for a while which is how I ended up at Bakaboo shop

As soon as I TPed in I remembered this shop and that the Freebies are at the back of the shop but before I went there I was pretty mesmerised by the new pattern changing clothes and by that I don’t mean by the use of a Hud, as the wearer is wearing the clothes the pattern changes and this is still a pretty unique design feature in SL.

Once I’d stopped being mesmerised with the changing textures I checked out the freebies.

These leggings and the poncho is the only one for us ladies but as you can see from behind me there is more for the men and for some of them you do have to join the Bakaboo group and others the L’Homme group.

Although the leggings and poncho do look familiar I don’t think I’d ever noticed that the back of the poncho goes all the way to the ground.

As for the rest of the Gifts they’re were all for men, makes a nice change.  Since I couldn’t wear them I simply rezzed some of them.  Lots and lots of fits and as you can see they’re bold as brass and I think it’s about time some SL men not only dressed better but were more expressive in their styling and colour so to be able to do it for free is a bonus.

Although there is only 1 gift for us this shop sells an equal amount of men/women’s clothes.


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I found it.(Hunt Freebie).

I actually went to the “Fukin Cute” shop to see if there were any freebies etc and also to check out the 35Ld offer (a really nice pair of denim shorts but I didn’t buy them) and I saw a sign on the wall for the “Siren’s Song Hunt” and as soon as I saw the prize  come Hell or high water I was gonna find it and obviously I did lol.

Sporty clothes are a bit like my shoe/hair addictions.  One day I will have to go through the folder containing all of the gym clothes I’ve picked up and bin em but until then I will be tucking this bra top and joggers in with the rest.

They come as separates which is good and you may also notice that in this picture I am wearing an additional mesh bit which although does add that extra something to the look I’m glad you do have an option.  There is a hud but it just changes the wording on the side from this rudie message to a non rudie message.  Sooooooo many size so no problem there.

What you’re looking for is a “Sand Dollar” and once you know that it’s easy.  This hunt seems to have male/female and unisexed prizes and in fact there is also a sports/casual outfit for men as well and it looks pretty good.

The link to the hunt blog doesn’t give the name of the shop but you do get the hints and LM’s so that’s even better.

Fukin Cute

Siren’s Song Hunt Hints & Tips Page


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Niggle Niggle Niggle.(Freebies).

I won’t bore you with my “niggles” because I think we all have those mornings, days, weeks etc when just a lot of irritating things happen and so yes this afternoon I am hiding from RL because I can.  Don’t worry though as my “niggles” are just that.

So I’m also going to really start cleaning up my rezzed crapola and stage my new home (I wonder if Faith will recognise it?) .Since I cannot start till I’ve shown you this simple and yet lovely FREEBIE here it is.

Really pleased with this and it’s a KEEPER. You get this pink version and the second is the grey one.

Nice detailing and ALL the main mesh sizes..woohoo.

The knife through my head, did you notice that in the first picture? is another one of the gifts in the KiB shop it may not be of much interest to you but there are other gifts there inc what looks like some good decent basic PLUS a couple of men’s items PLUS some mesh socks in both a male/female foot shape.  These are the sort of socks you were when you’re in SL lounging mode.

I was actually on the KiB Marketplace shop and had spotted a Dollarbie of a dark hooded cloak and I decided to log inworld to check out the shop as well but forgot to click to buy the cloak so if you’re into your RPing then check out their MP shop as well.