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I’m such a bad girl. (Freebie(ss)).

The Versov shop has a total of 8 gifts out for us, 3 sneakers, 2 heels, 1 pair of sliders, 1 braclet and the ankle monitor I’m wearing.

These sneakers/trainers are new to me and just like the rest of the shoes you get a fatpack of not just colours but fits including M&F fits.

The Versov group is free to join since the gifts are such good quality I’d actually pay to join to get them so to get such shop quality trainers/shoes for free is always lovely and just to top it all, apart from the heeled shoes, you get M & F fits AND they’re all fatpacks!

You will find these on the front of the reception desk at the back of the shop. For once I’ve spent a little time wandering around the shop and spotted a pair of clog style shoe which I don’t need but I really want so I did price check it and yes group members do get a discount but I decided to log out and then when I return I will check the rest of the shops and the ones nearby as today I want to wander SL, check out old LM’s and of course S@bbia in the hopes to find something new to us all.


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More shoes and why not, lol. (Freebie(s)).

Verson has 6 Group Gifts out for us. Two sets of ladies heeled shoes, 3 excellent sneakers/trainers and a pair of I don’t want to call them “flip flops” as they’re more like slip ons.

This set of clear heels comes in a fat pack of colours and although it’s for a mid hight heel I like mid hight heels lol.

I deliberately picked rather an odd combo of colours just to show off the design. These come in both male/female fits and the hud is colour packed. The other trainers/sneakers are really just some of the best you can buy so to get them for FREE is a bonus.

If the LM doesn’t take you to where they are, they’re just at the back of the shop on the front of the desk.


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There is no shame! (Freebies).

Admit it people who have owned Crocs love Crocs.  I too am a closet Croc lover, sadly I caved into public pressure and the sniggers of my loved ones and my Crocs hit the bin years ago, I still miss them.

Of course, SL is different and if we can walk around as a furry/doll/hamster/baby or 7 feet tall with tits and ass big enough to float a barge then we can wear our Crocs with pride.

These are both a freebie (subscribers gift) and a reblog as these have been set out for us for quite a long time.  You do get a pair for him and her, awwww how cute a couple of Croc wearers lol, and a hud of colours.  The fact that to me there are also some new gifts is my excuse to show you these again.

OH Bugger, ignore the breakthrough.

I thought that these and the other boots I picked up were going to be for men only but nope you get both M & F fits.  The ones I’m wearing are the female ones, obviously, and they’re still a bit oversized for me.  I can’t edit out that breakthrough but if I had spotted it then I would have just removed my feet as these aren’t made for a specific foot shape.  There is an easy to use Hud and I ticked the “bright” option because that way you see the detailing better. Before I logged out I had a quick try of the hud to change the size and a simple tweak made them a much nicer size for my feet.

The other boots are bigger and chunkier and they too look better with the “bright” on.  There was also some sunglasses and gloves on offer in the Gift room.

The reason I went over to the A&D shop was the notice that there is a new outlet section, at least I think that’s what the notice said, so I went over to check that out.  Most items in that section seem to be priced at 50Lds but they’re also mainly men’s clothes, yes there are women’s fashions but just not that much as the A&D shop is mainly for men’s wear.

The subscriber’s board is at the LM and to find the other Freebies/Outlet Dept it might be easier to hop on the TP board.

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