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His ‘n’ Hers FREEBIES.

I’m like a snake because the colder I am the less I can move but now I’ve warmed up it’s time to move and do some work, drat.

A nice pair of freebies.  Both styles of boots come with a nice hud of colours and although I labelled this post as “his n hers” those workman boots ARE mod so although they fitted my feet when I get back in I think I will tweak them so they fit better.  It’s nice to find a decent mens gift for a change as I know one of our readers/friend is a man so MOZ this one is for you and of course anyone who has a partner/friend or even an Alt.

You get them from a shop called Steelhead Outfitters and there are other random gifts.

Steelhead Outfitters

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One for the boys?(Freebie).

Since it’s now 1.29am in RL I’m gunna do this then go to bed.

Damn, drat and damnation because I do believe this are for boys only as they’re in a man’s shop called Treized Designs.

You get SlinkM, BellezaM, Signature and TMPM sized but I do believe you also get an unrigged pair.  I did pop them on and I do think for a lot of female AV’s you could wear them plus I’m sure I spotted a L&R unrigged pair which means you could possibly edit these down BUT for me at 2 prims for the pair then they make great decor items.

Treized Design

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Rebooted (freebies)

I’m back like a bad penny from my lovely beachy weekend, rebooted my internet (turned the router off and then on again) so my connection is back to full speed, later I’ll pop to the attic to grab my old faithful keyboard and bin my unresponsive one  which has been so bad that it’s been hard for my poor AV to move but I managed to move enough to grab some new FREEBIES.



Not only 1 skin but 2 and each come with ALL THE APPLIERS which is music to my lazy heart.  Now that I’m at the shop LM grabbing I’ve plonked myself next to the Lucky Boards and also notice that there is also 2 Mens skins which is another Woo Hoo so of course I grabbed them but sadly for Lazy Baylen they don’t come with any appliers but then again I don’t think as many men in SL and RL, sadly, are as image concious so not having appliers isn’t such a big deal and a great skin is always appreciated.  Anyhow will send Baylen in to check them out for himself.

Also check out the Marketplace shop as it looks like there are oodles of old group gifts for sale for only 10Lds and that again includes plenty for men which is really good to see.

Special mention to the back of the shops which have for sale all the Appliers you could every want but whats new to me is the “Abs” one which is basically a Tattoo layer for the womans skin to give us to die for abs but without the crunches.  Sadly no demo to try out first but would be interesting to see what they look like.


 Curves Marketplace

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Look at Meee! (freebie).


Not a moments peace with Faith around.  Must be a bit quick with this as it’s a (free to join) Group Gift from Xiaj which maybe mainly a menswear shop but these bikes are awesome and you get a male and female version.  Not pack with poses but the detailing is excellent and only 10 prims they make excellent decor items.  I can’t seem to find it in the shop but if you join the Group and then check the history you should be able to find it in there.

Sorry I was hoping to get a much cleaner shot of the bike to show you how much detailing there is in these awsome rides but SL won’t rezz so I’m going to post this and then hopefully a bit later post a clearer shot.  Yeah SL rezzed enough for me to snatch this much clearer shot so you cam make out the details ie the wood crate on the back holding parcels, the rust patches etc this of course is the male version and the girls is a rusty pink.



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Sleepy Eddie.(Free Stuff)

skyboxThat’s me the little figure in the distance.  Popped to the The Chapter Four Even and picked up this free skybox/shop/workroom.  Just join the free group and you will find it at the entrance.  Although because it’s non mod you cannot remove the 2 tables, you can see there is so much space and it’s so low primed that if you need a workplace (or even want to try your hand with a small shop) this is perfect.  The texturing and shading are excellent as well, so no one will know you’ve done it on the cheap(or in this case free).


“The Chapter Four is a monthly shopping event. Open every 4th day of the month for 2 weeks long. We provide four rooms with four different sale theme/system and various stores.”

Not sure what room I found this thermal vest in, but it won’t be hard to find as the shops in this event are very small and select. This makes it so tempting.  I didn’t just pick this thermal vest up for only 85Lds but a stunning back pack for 65Lds and a bathroom mirror (and then my budget ran out).  Nice to see more than a token menswear shop, as well as some furniture so a little bit of everything.  Some of the TOP names in SL are here as well and some real discounts which can only be found here during this event.   This thermal top also includes a female version and on my trip to Sleepy Eddy’s main store I grabbed as many demos as I could, they too seem to be a mix of male/female sizing.  This is damned good uni sexed stuff, great texturing and fitting.


Decided to visit TRFF (The Rockabilly Fashion Fair) and I’m so glad I did.  A pretty impressive shopping event, small retro shops set out with some great stuff and some have freebies in them – like these workmens boots from Moda.  I have tried to give you the LM to the actual shop but you all end up in the same landing place, however if you don’t want to kill some time and wander around then check out the link to the TRFF Blog. They have put out a map so you can work out where you need to go.  They come from Moda and damn they’re good actually they’re bloody good.  Great texturing and you can resize them – you also get 5 colour choices.

The Chapter Four

Sleepy Eddy Mainstore

The Rockabilly Fashion Fair Sim

The Rockabilly Fashion Fair Blog and Map