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S,M,L Freebie.

Just a quick post as I have to log off and go do something much less interesting in RL.

This comes from a shop called Les Enchantades and the group is free to join but I don’t think you need to be in the group to “buy” this for 0Ld.

Although the sizes are the old S,M,L there is a fitmesh size and it is of course an easy to wear design for most body shape. The fits maybe old but the colour/texturing has stood the test of time.

I may do a bit more about this shop later and if I do that one is not a freebie as I’m being tempted to buy something!

Les Enchantades.

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Always unique.(Freebie).

The White Armoury hop always surprised me with its unique outfits.  It is a very RP themed shop which is also reflected in the more costumy(sic) style of gifts such as this dress.

It has a slight hippy and medieval look to it or is that just me?

Here it is full lengthed and here is my new home lol.

This house is from Hisa and from the first time I saw it I loved it but it’s now that I have the perfect location for it.  The Hisa range is so fresh and new and the quality is excellent.  Did come with a price tag of between 800-900Lds, sorry I can’t remember but not only is the texturing and attention to details so top quality this whole building is ONLY 34prims!

When Faith and I are finished with the remodelling of our sim/homes we will give you the LM so you can check it out for yourself.

NOW pay attention as this isn’t in the shop.  Where you land just to your left is some stairs and it’s up there.

The White Armoury

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I’d RP in this.(Freebie).

Wow just wow.

This dress from “The White Armoury” shop is just stunning and I can’t believe it’s a freebie.

It’s been a while since I’ve last popped into this shop and I’m not sure why I haven’t as I always remember that it is one of those shops with a pretty good Group Gift and I think this dress is just the bestest(sic).

Even if you’re not into role-playing don’t let that put you off getting this as quality as this is pretty noticeable so you can be mooching the shops, dancing at a club, just roaming SL but in this dress people WILL be looking at you.

It even comes with a bit “extra” as I’m wearing the complete linked outfit but you get the sleeves, corset, and dresses which can be worn as separates.  Although this does come in only standard mesh fits it’s of a design that I don’t think any one will have any issues at all.


I’m taking a day off SL tomorrow and I was going to save this for then but I just cannot wait to show you this.  So possibly no post tomorrow but at least I’m leaving you on a high note.

The White Armoury