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Demo, Demo and More Demo’s. (Freebie(s) & Cheap Temptation).

The top I’m wearing is a gift off the Starlight Apparel stall at the 4 Season event. Plenty of fits and it has that “perky nip” look to it which happily distracts me from the Kawaii Unicorn as I’m not a Unicorn sort of girl lol.

Just like I’m nearly always wearing a Mina hair I’m nearly always wearing Alaskametro make-up so if you ever wonder where my make up comes from then I can guarantee it’s Alaskametro.

I just think the shading/textuing is top quality and you can pick from young natural to dark and supernatural. I’m not looking forward to logging back inworld to LM grab as I won’t be able to resit check out the new stuff as I’m trying, and failing, to stick to my SL & RL budget lol.

Obviously it’s never the same for everyone which is why you should try the demo’s and thats how you get the FREE one as we all know it’s common for a demo pack of colours to come with a free one which is a wearable demo.

I will admit I have a whole folder of the wearable demos plus I did pay 50Lds to join the Group as there is so many gifts for us and I bought myself some full priced palettes as I just think they’re totally worth it.

Alaskametro (Marketplace).

Alaskametro (Inworld).

The 4-Seasons Event.

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Itty Bitty Pretties.(Freebies).

“Flora” is an event which is also having a birthday giveaway.

Almost all of the stands have a little gift out for us but I will say that the reason I’m using the LM picture is that most of the gifts are the small things, a lipstick, nails, earrings and on and on.  Nothing wrong in that it’s just that I’m not an accessory sort of person.  I am looking forward to unpacking them all later and I’m also looking forward to checking out the LM’s I also picked up from the stalls as I’m always on the lookout for new shops, new designs or a new look for me.

This event started on the 22nds so I’m not sure when it’s finishing so I’d go now.



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Getting up close and personal.(Freebies and 10Ld Sale).

When it comes to makeup in RL and SL I’m as picky as a cactus. I know I have some makeup in my invent that I like, mainly from Lizzies, but on the whole, I have very little makeup or at least that was until I found Alaskametro.

This lipstick is so close to one in RL I’ve just bought I can’t believe it!

The first note I opened wasn’t from Faith, which is what I usually do as I was excited to see one about the SALE going on at Alaskametro.  A lot of the lip, eye & eye/lip packs are only 10Lds! So I clicked away and have everything from fresh spring/summer colours to Autumnal shades.

The Alaskametro range comes in Catwa, Lelutka and Omega appliers.  Each palette comes with a free wearable demo and even at full price most of them, apart from the new range, come around the 85Ld price which is more than reasonable.

PS.  The sale items have a banner going across the corner of the poster.


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I was, almost, a Genesis Girl. (Free Mesh Head).

I was late to the mesh head addiction, that wasn’t because of the cost it was just the struggle to find a mesh head I felt represented me best.  Not that I look anything like my AV, I wish. So as I was looking and trying and testing out demo after demo I ended up at the Genesis Lab shop.  At that time the group did cost to join and I did because if I remember correctly there was a couple of free mesh heads so it was a cheap way of owning at least a couple of them.

Time has moved on and I ADORE my Leltuka head and PumeC skin and of course, we now have Bento mesh heads so it’s a whole new ball game however the Genesis group is now FREE to join so check out my noggin.

This is actually so much better than I had expected.  I am wearing the head and eyes but not the shape which comes as recommended for the eyes but I think this big open eye look is adorable.  She does feel a bit “stary” to me but of course, that’s because I use a Bento head so I’m much more used to facial expressions ie blinking, smiling.  Then when I’d cleaned my computer screen I could see that she also has a couple of light moles/freckles and it wasn’t just the dots of coffee splatter on my screen….shaddup we ALL have dirty screens! This skin is excellent, so clear and young and pretty.  You don’t get a full-body applier but you can either use your own body applier to make a match or purchase the body appliers which look as though for 200Lds you get all the shades.

There are other gifts mainly make up as far as I could see but for those of you who don’t have a mesh head or even a bento mesh head then I think this is a marvellous starting point.

UPDATE: I was in such a rush do to this post that it was only when I logged back in did I spot that this gift also inc a hud so I’m now having a little play with that and if this had been a gift out when I was first mesh headhunting I would have worn this all the time.

Genesis Lab

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Need I remind you? (Freebies@Shiny Shabby).

I don’t know when the Shiny Shabby event shuts it’s doors but I’m going to assume the clock is clicking down so GO NOW!

Last time I visited this event the lag was Hellish but I’d managed to grab this dress and so you have seen it before but now this event has calmed down I’ve had a lovely time wandering around and grabbing a lot of quality freebies.

The dress, bag and nails make for a great look BUT do I look different?  I’m wearing one of the Free 7 Deadly S(k)ins skin.  They come in an Omega hud which I think most of us have and you get the whole lot, head, body hands and feet.

The dress is a Valentina E one and the bag is from Hervae but as for the nails I forgot and of course the skin is a 7 Deadly S(K)ins.

Shiny Shabby.

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Not so “Hangry” now. (Freebie’s & Mention of lots of Freebies).

There is a lot of freebies to go through so sorry you’re going to have to read the spam.

BM is Baby Monkey and although I’ve never been a frequent visitor to this shop it’s been around almost as long as Faith and I so just hearing the name made me smile.  I smiled more when I put this FREE top on! Just lovely, great colour, a fine knit texture and folds then I spotted the matching pair of ankle boots/shoes, same colour, same leaf but a different Freebie Group.

I can’t remember the exact free groups, 2 of the biggest names though, but the group invites are right next to the gifts so easy to join.

Then I spotted on the wall an oversized Christmas tree with gifts that are still active.  Each gift is only 1Ld or free for Group Members.  The group does cost 20Lds to join and since there are 12 gifts I just paided 12x1Ld for the lot of them.  As it happens I missed the fact that on a wall close by you can actually see what the gifts are so you can pick and chose.  The pants I’m wearing are one of the Advent Gifts and they’re appliers.  The thing I did notice about these gifts is that they all have the same or very similar colour huds so you can mix and match whole outfits.

Now for a recommendation & mention of freebies.

I am incredibly fussy/faffy when it comes to make-up in SL, and RL, I rarely buy it but not too long ago I picked up a couple of special offers from an event and I LOVE them so much I’m in the …shop planning on treating myself.  Turns out the prices are more than reasonable but I may go wild and splash a bit more cash and get a palette of the new shades because you get 3 lip sizes for each shade!  So I can keep my lips natural, pouted or poutiest(sic). If you look at my face I’m actually wearing the lipstick and eyeshadow from this pack, natural-looking lips obviously.  Which brings me to the freeness as each lipstick/eyeshadow pack in the shop comes with a wearable demo.  So I’ve grabbed a whole load of them but I’m definitely going to return to treat myself with one of the full packs.

UPDATE: When I was LM grabbing I spotted that there are a lot of Group Gifts for the Baby Monkey shop so you may want to join that before you pay for the Advent gifts.  Also, Alaskametro has Group Gifts out and for only 50Lds you can score not just some nice stuff I noticed that one of the palettes I picked up which got me over to the shop is also inc in the gifts.

Baby Monkey


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Not too (Shiney) Shabby. (Freebies).

Shiny Shabby has opened its door and everyone has flooded in, not too sure if it’s for all the new designs of clothing, furniture, skins etc or the FREEBIES!

For me, it’s the freebies of course and there seems to be oodles of them as from a quick scan around I could see a gift box on all of the stands.  So in this picture just from I’m wearing a FREE Valentina E dress and standing in a FREE The Bearded Guy backdrop/room but I’m not wearing the FREE Lipstick, lol.  Actually, it was pretty amazingly bold in colours, it just didn’t suit the dress so I’m sticking to the subtle shade I already had one.

The place is heaving, which does mean that for me the Winter Shop & Hop event may have calmed down so you know where my next TP will be too.

PS.  The dress comes in just the one fit, guess which, but shockingly it’s not a bad fit at all for me.

Shiny Shabby