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Keeping it unreal (Freebies).

RL SUCKS because on the day I decided to go into the garden with my throws, cushions, kindle and coffee it’s PISHING DOWN! So instead of being snuggled in the garden I’m snuggled in my chair with my “throws, cushions, kindle and coffee” and a massive case of the hump.  So I added some sunshine to my piccie, actually I added a sh*t load of sunshine to my piccie because I need it lol.


So of course the editing will have changed the colour of the shoes somewhat but I’m beyond caring lol.

Venus is another shop where I walked in and had to wonder why I hadn’t been in this shop before or it had been so long since I was in this shop I forgot about it so I decided to have a saunter and stumbled upon a shelf of FREEBIE GG’s and since I wasn’t rushed for time once I’d grabbed the lot I continued my sauntering because I had also spotted a big discounted department.  Prices aren’t too bad and from what I saw most of the shoes come with pretty extensive colour option Huds which always turns a bargain into a super bargain.  I was also lucky in that my initial came up on one of the Lucky Chairs and I scored a pair of floral flip-flops.

Then it was luckier that I had kept on wandering because it turned out there is another whole shelf of freebies shoes and boots.  A mixed bag of styles and not all of them appealed to me but just because they weren’t my style doesn’t mean they’re yours.  TBH there is nothing nicer than working through a whole stack of freebies and working out the keepers and binners.

If you’re just not in the market for new shoes/boots pick at least 1 pair up because they come with a super handy ankle lock.  Although a lot of poses either for taking pictures or in furniture is now adapted for people wearing mesh feet there is still a lot that isn’t and if the weird angle is an issue with you then just add an ankle lock and your feet return to a more natural angle.

One last thing each shoe pack comes with 4 different shoes to fit, SLink, Maitreya, Belleza and TMP all in the high foot setting.

Venus Inworld

Venus Marketplace