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Vintage Cheapness & Yeah.

PHEW managed to get through a day without the need for pain killers and Faith is doing OK and like me is back with some real goodies but being as I’m the “Cheap Biatch” of the two of us here are my bargains.


Since I’m easing myself back into RL Work and SLing I decided to start off back at The Vintage & Cool Fair.  In my last post in which I showed you 2 of the NEW Mina available at this event I had also spied out some Freebies & Dollarbies dotted around.  Not all the shops have the sweet little gift box waiting for you but in the very limited time I spent there I picked up some jewelry,Shoes, skirt and this simple beige dress.  Sorry can’t give you direct LMs but if you have some spare time then this is a great full sim to kill some time and pick up some paid for and free goodies.

This dress is I believe 80% is from Shine (it is I’ve checked).  You get all the standard mesh sizes and a one size fits all version which is the one I’m wearing.  A great fit, simple and elegant styling and a cheeky slash in the skirt.


Great SLink/Maitreya High shoes.


Not just another pair of SLink/Maitreya High Shoes from N-Core but they also come for Belleza, N-Core Extreme Feet and TMP Ouch Feet!

Special mention to the Mina hair. I can’t believe that there are so many new Mina hairs out and usually I like to stagger what I show you but since all of them are so different and all are at special events I thought I’d use them so you may not like the simple high browed swept back look I’m wearing in this picture but check out my previous post and you might just like one of the styles.  Can I also say that for the Men the Mens hair department is now as big as the girls so when you’re OH wants to get a new hair make him try Mina’s.

PS and also if you’re not into a “Vintage” please don’t let that put you off visiting this event.  It’s a big sim wide event and although obviously there is a lot of Vintage going on I saw many new and fresh designs for clothes, home decor and accessories.  I ended up grabbing so many demos to try on later and I’m pretty sure you all will too.

The Vintage & Cool Event.

Mina Hair@FaMESHed.

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One for the girl/boys/cheapskates.

OK Sorry for lack of posting, I think I know why Faith is MIA and I wish her luck as for me I came home from my holiday with a load of holiday tat, a phone full of selfies, enough dirty laundry to fill 3 washing machines and STINKING EARACHE!  I have literally been bedridden for 2 days in absolute agony and fever, finally I managed to get to the Docs and with the aid of some seriously strong pain killers and a midday nap I’m up and functioning (barely).


If you’re waiting to try to squeeze your ass into the Arcade don’t forget there are many other events starting. I’ve just been to the Men Only Month event and just because it’s called “men only” doesn’t mean that anyone wouldn’t find something of interest as often there are items of home decor which are pretty cool and unisexed and in this case another Mina hair which I consider to be pretty unisexed.  David comes with a slight quiff and a cropped hairline and all the tattoo layers you need to match the shade pack you buy.  XXXfilmstockrela2

Another event is The Vintage & Cool Fair which you cannot have missed all the posters that have been in the shops for quite a while now.  Doris, another brand new Mina hair is a perfect representain of 60ties cool with it’s big backcombed and dramtic sizing.XXXFilmstockreals

The LM doesn’t take you straight to the Mina stand but it’s right there in the inner circle of shops AND if you have some spare time there are FREEBIES to be had there and so far I’ve snagged 2 pairs of SLink/Maitreya heels and some earrings from a couple of well known shops and thats just from the shops in the centre so I’m hoping for more.

Special Mention to the skin as they’re NEW PumeC skins and their only for Group members but remember this is a paid for group however at only 99Lds to join is so cheap to join and yet again you get a complete choice of brow layers and ALL the APPLIERS as standard.  I adore PumeC skin and apart from a couple of recent brilliant finds ALL the skins I wear come from PumeC, so if you have a spare 99lds to join the group I’d reccomend it but if you have some more Lindens to spend then try checking out her full priced skins because I think personally for me that her skins are not only stunning but so unbelivably reasonably priced.

DOH now that I’ve gone back to PumeC to LM grab I’ve noticed that there is also a GG of a MESH HEAD! How I missed that I don’t know but now I’ve grabbed it I have something to look forward to trying on.

PS I’ll also put the link to my Flickr account so if you want to see more PumeC skins as I’ve said apart from the recent Freebies I’ve found 98% of the skins I’m wearing are PumeC skins.

MOM (Men only Month)

Doris, Mina@The Vintage & Cool Fair


My Flickr Account

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Lazy Sunday.

I was going to wait to show you the 3rd Mina hair at a later date as the Hair Fair is still packed out  but I couldn’t help myself as again it just looked so good so once I’d taken the pictures of the shoes I cammed up and snapped the hair as well as the dress.


Again this hair is only available from The Hair Fair and you will have a couple of weeks to get yourself over there.  I have to confess that I have edited the photo just a little bit so the colour has changed somewhat but I’m pretty sure that if you check most of my pictures esp ones of Mina hairs I keep a photo editing down to the minimum so you can see exactly how good the colours are.  And in any case there is always a Demo for you to try for yourself.

I’m also showing you the dress as it is a simple freebie from Fetiche Petite  The added glow I’ve put on this picture had made the white less emm white lol.

On Friday when I was doing the FLF I couldn’t help but notice that Livalle has 3 excellent new Group Gifts out for us (although I think you have to join the SL frees & Offers group but if thats the case the group invite is just there next to the shoes).

A bigger bonus is that not only do you get a High, Med and Flat shoe but also each shoe pack contains a shoe for  Belleza, Maitreya and SLink Mesh feet!


Simple strappies for your High foot.


This is the medium pair and lastly the…Flatties.


And this shoe comes with a pair for men. I’m now wondering if you even need Mesh feet for these shoes although I am wearing my SLink feet.

Fetiche Petite


Mina@The Hair Fair (I wish you luck as I still can’t get back in).

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Spend Some Save Some. (Freebie).

I’ve actually had to log out of SL to do this post because I’m so distracted by the hair and shoes it’s too much like RL!

OK firstly the hair which is another Mina’s from The Hair Fair.  If you look closely you will see that the band around the base of the pony tail is the same texture as the hair! Love it.  I won’t show you the 3rd one I have yet as the Hair Fair goes on till the 26th (I could be wrong but I don’t think so) so I’m going to save that for a later date., I’m so damned lucky that I get to blog this hair because I love it, it has everything I think SL hair should have-a great colour palette, realism, affordability and best of all to look great when worn.


As always you can choose the colour pallet of your choice.


This is something you don’t usually get with a Mina and I’m trying to think if I have one of her hairs which comes with an “add on”.  Those long “bangs” as Americans call them and we in the UK say Fringe are “added” to the main hair.  The tendrils hang down to frame your face beautifully.  I’ve not had a chance to check this out but I’m actually hoping I can use the fringe on their own as a “hat hair”.  I’m pretty sure I have a couple of hats in my invent which I will be able to wear with this fringe.

So spend some Lindens on the hair but save on NEW SHOES! In fact although I’m only showing only 1 pair here I have 3 others from a different shop waiting for my next post.


Pure Poison has an unusual way of giving out it’s Group Gifts in that they’re loaded into a Gacha so you will win the SLink High Shoe but the colour you get will be random and guess what I won?  the RARE of course!  Mine came with a colour changing Hud and from the looks of it has all the shoe colours loaded into it and I can also change the heel, sole, straps etc to whatever colour I want.  Although this is a Gacha win because they’re Group Gifts they’re non trans.  The Gacha is at the LM but you will notice straight away that the whole sim/shop has and is going through a real revamp.  A very pretty watery setting now with the shoes and Gacha’s floating on diamonds.  Always nice to see a shop or sim which has had some imagination spent on it so I took a wander around and then that’s when I thought I’d better log off and finish this post.

Almost forgot to say that the shoes for Maitreya, SLink High, Belleze & TMP feet! and I don’t believe that’s because I have the rare I think that it will be the same for all colours I just got the bonus of all the colours.

Mina@The Hair Fair

Pure Poison