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I love Rusty (Spoons) Shoes.(Freebie’s).

I wonder if any of you get the “Rusty Spoon” reference?  If you do then I will call you Hubert Cumberdale and if you don’t know what I’m blathering on about then ignore me and just love the shoes.

I’m still working my way through all the gifts from the Tres Chic event and as I’m unpacking and trying on I’m also popping to most of the shops who have donated the gift which is how I ended up at the Athor shop.

Sadly only the Maitreya fit for these but there is a yellow pair of shoes which do come in the standard mesh feet fit.

Athor(The yellow shoes are on the stand to your left as you go in the shop but just a bit further along on another stand are these rust ones.)

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See what I mean?(Freebie).

These are the shoes I mentioned in my last post.

I know a lot of you may remember them even though it was a long time ago since they were last blogged but these are just lovely and just too good not to show you again or of course this might be the first time you’ve seen them.

Can’t remember the exact sizes but I think it’s all the main ones and you do get a real nice little hud which is full of these pastel colours.  Also there is another free to all pair of shoes, I don’t think you need to join the group as I’ve just used the ones I already have.

They come from a shop called Amacci and you will find these in the shoe dept next to the reception desk.

Amacci (In the shoe dept next to the reception desk)

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Only fit for the trash! (Freebie).

Nooooo these Sub gift shoes from Promagic only come in a Maitreya fit.

So once I’d tried them on, just to make sure they didn’t fit I threw em in the trash.

These are a sub gift and if they’ve not been sent to you then you will know by now to unsub and then resub and voila.

PS.  Still working away, still struggling with slow internet but hoping for some more downtime over the weekend.


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Maybe, Maybe Not? (Freebie).

I’ve had a lovely time in SL hopping here, there and then everywhere else and then I decided I’d finally get round to hopping over to a fail-safe shop called Mosquitos Way and I’m 99.9% sure I’ve not shown you these shoes before.

It’s hard to tell because they’re a “classic SL design” but the colour just pops, taken in my nams setting, and that tiny little diamond shape is just pure quality.  These come in SLink, Maitreya and Belleza fits.  There are 2 other GG’s but for other groups and they’re earrings which are pretty nice but you know me I’m not a jewelry wearer even if they’re free.

I did a cam upstairs and there is a Gacha and for a very reasonable 50Lds you can win a very nice quality little shoe for the 3 main fits or you can just loiter and see if you can win one of the shoes off the 4 Lucky Boards in her shop.

This shop is the one in the big shopping mall and I can’t seem to locate the other one and because there seems to be less in this shop and I know she has more products so I checked her MP and yes if you like her style then also check out that as well.  I don’t know if you remember but a long time ago I treated myself to the ballet slipper set so if you like to pirouette through SL then again check out her MP shop as they’re not in her in-world one.

Mosquito’s Way (The Avenue Mall)

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What can I say.(Freebie).

We are watching what is happening in Real Life.  We see so many peoples homes and lives being shattered, we see people packing up their families and literally running for their lives and praying when the storms have passed they have a home to return to, not even just a home but power, water, food a way of earning a living etc which we all know can be wiped out by a flood or a storm.  A notice came through from a well known SL shop that she was going to be MIA because she was, with her family, running to safety and would probably not be back in-world for a while and the simple note even though it’s a person I do not know it really was like a slap in the face.

Then of course although Faith has played it down she was pretty damned poorly(and yes even I’m playing it down as well lol) but thankfully she is home and there is no reason with a few days of rest and meds “The Queen B” will be back in full force.

So I am showing you a freebie because fortunately for most of us life is going on as normal but when we see, hear or know personally of those who are struggling against the odds then it should be a complete reminder to us that no matter how little or much you have in RL you should be grateful for decent health, a roof over your head, a full belly and that or family or even just friends are also in a safe place.

PS.  I decided against buying any of the PumeC’s skins in the sale and I was literally just about to buy a Bento head but I’ve put those Lindens to one side and when the fund raising in SL and RL starts I will be donating!

So yet again ANOTHER AMAZING FREEBIE from Mosquito’s Way!

As someone who’s painting and sewing skills are pretty basic, to say the least, the one thing I can actually do is embroider! Shocking really when I can’t even sew a straight line but I always say you need to try things and you may surprise yourself with what you can do and not what you can’t.

The other thing I did notice is that the old GG’s aren’t being kept out so it’s deffo a case of go grab as soon as the notice comes up which is what I did as well as EVERYBODY ELSE!  Blimey the shop was crammed LOL.

PS The 3 main mesh shoe fits.

Mosquito’s Way


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Pure Poison(Freebie).

A Sunday morning goodie.


Pure Poison is the shop they come from and you may remember if you’ve been there before Poison has an interesting way of making their GG’s a bit more fun in that you have to buy them from the Gacha.  They still cost you zero Lindens but you don’t have a choice over the colour you get and in my case I got “Leo”.  And even better is you still stand a chance of winning the “Rare” and I did once and the rare turned out to be a full pack of all the colours.

As always 100% top quality and you have if I remember correctly 4 or 3 mesh feet options so of course I’m wearing my SLink High but you should be able to find a pair to fit your feet.

PS Remember to walk deeper into the shop because there is a middle courtyard and all of the old Gacha’s with Group Gifts are STILL there for you to top up your invent.

Pure Poison

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Going with a bang and FREEBIES!

As always the notice was sent out through one of my Free groups and I and everyone TPed right over to KC Couture because apart from the Group Gifts I’m sure the notice said that the Group was free to join but this was only for a limited time so I’m not sure how much it usually costs but again it’s FREE for now.

So I unashamedly grabbed everything I saw because I have neither Lindens or shame LOL and when they’re shop quality like these who cares.


Simple exc and as I always say “shop quality” which means this isn’t cheap n nasty.  You get a massive colour changing Hud which not only allows you to change the colour of the shoes but also the heels and metal bits.  Everything from Barbie pink to elegant brown.

XXXShoesrelaThen I spotted a little tab that has written on it something like 2+ and of course I clicked on it and Voila the whole heel disappears leaving you with the same shoes and the same massive colour Hud but without the backs so basically 2+ is 2 shoes in one pair.  OH! I’ve just notice that in the picture of these shoes in the KC Couture they seem to come in 3 styles the 2 I’ve shown you and the 3rd is with an ankle strap.  Not sure how to get the 3rd option but will be trying when I’m back home.


Every woman has or should have basic heels in her wardrobe, those which will take you from a funeral to a job interview and every occasion in-between and these with yet another extensive colour Hud will be perfect for any invent.

So far the shoes I’ve shown you have been for Mesh Feet and I will if I have time to log back inworld give you the list BUT from what I remember they have a pair for ALL mesh feet so SLink, high for the top one and mid for the middle ones, Maiteya and some other Mesh Feet so if in doubt since the Group if free to join pop over and check them out you maybe surprised.

I also have to go back because in my excited clicking I managed to miss the Flip Flops and since were well into Spring and Summer is around the corner I can see myself using them a lot.


These last boots I’m going to show you again come with the extensive Hud but also you don’t need Mesh feet.  I have to admit I almost bought a boots yesterday just like these, without the menu, and I would have been SMF(slapping my forehead) if I had because these are not only so much better but again yadda yadda yadda…colour Hud LOL.

OK This is Mondays post but I’m posting it now on Sunday as I don’t know how long the group will be free to join so I’d hate you to have missed it.

HOORAY HOORAY I’m off on a Holiday.  OK just a short 2 day break, just me and a GF and we’re slumming it in the posh hotel in the centre of town with pampering sessions booked, afternoon tea, cinema tickets and a whole list of eateries that we’re going to pig out at because we bloody deserve it.  So no waffling posts off me for the next 2 days.  Remember ladies n gents to treat yourselves because no one else will and you deserve to take a break from RL tedium.

UPDATE.  Shoes to fit, SLink, Maitreya and Belleza

KC Couture