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Meet “Lia & Pia”. (Freebies.

It’s easy to miss these freebies as they don’t have a big sign near to them saying “FREEBIES!” which they should have.

I can’t remember which pair is called “Lia” or “Pia” but I do remember that these shoes come with a decent hud which allows you to change the different parts of the shoe.

This pair doesn’t come with a hud just this rose texture which is all it needs.  Lovely simple, strappy summery shoes.

They come from the Fashion Addiction shop.  I only really spotted them as I was stood in front of the 3 lucky chairs killing a bit of time and hoping I’d win the middle chair prize (I didn’t) but as I was standing there I did a bit of a camming around and that’s how I spotted on the wall near to the Lucky Chairs, to your left as you’re facing the chairs, is where these are.  I’m not sure how many freebies there are and I’m not returning to check so if you don’t like what you see, what is wrong with you, then still pop over and check the rest and of course you may get lucky on the Lucky Chairs.

Fashion Addiction



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I don’t mind.(Freebies & Free Group Membership).

Scandalize is almost the only shop I don’t mind having to use my SLink HG shape for.

This is more of a vanity shot than showing off this panties/top set but we all know the Scandalize quality.

There are 4 brand new Group Gifts, the bikini/undies set, a lovely dress with a hud, a strappy pair of shoes and this amazing freebie which not only makes for a great look it’s SEPARATES!  The jacket comes in 2 colours, white and this denim and I think the top also comes in a plain or a crocheted texture but you do get lots of fits just not my fav but when outfits are this good I don’t mind wearing my second fav shape.

The headline says it, although the Scandalize group is only 100Lds to join which is a pittance when you see what you get for it, old GG’s and lucky chairs, for the moment it’s FREE to join so don’t delay.

As mentioned there are lucky chairs and these are shop quality wins and because this place is constantly heaving the turn over of initials is pretty quick so don’t TP out too quickly and see what you can win.