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A little bit of everything! (Freebie(ssss).

A simple start to a day of mooching.

This is a sweet and simple little daisy dress, I do rather like the inbuild shorts and the wearable hair daisy.

I picked this up from a shop called Auradacious (sic) Boutique and this is the Group Gift.  Sweet enough on its own but you can also pick up a box of old Group Gifts which I’m going to enjoy opening later and also Lucky Boards, 3 Stay At Home Group Gifts, Hunt gifts (paid for) and on the wall with the entrance doors are gifts for different Groups OH and a purple gift box on the floor which looks as though it contains hand fans… basically this simple visit has scored me a lot of goodies to rummage through later. Also, make sure to check out the upstairs as there is a couple of interesting designs on sale, I thought the “Darcy” outfit was rather interesting.

PS. I don’t think the LM will take you direct to the …shop you will see near to you a TP board so use that.

PPS.  Just in case you miss it, on top of the notice board for the Stay At Home Gifts is a super silly one of a doughnut hat.

Auradacious Boutique


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

It’s worth a try.(300Ld Credit? and Mention of Freebies).

Oh Boy yesterday was a day of niggly small annoyances and by 3pm I plonked myself on the settee and refused to “adult” anymore.  Even SL was a pain in the ass until I visited Bumblebee.

I’ve started to fall in love with this shop and actually own a few pieces from here but I will be honest and say that’s mainly because the owner has been super generous with gift cards/group gifts and the lucky boards.  I went not only to plonk myself in front of the lucky boards, even though I think by now I own all of the items, but I would have sworn that at the SLB17 event there was a gift card for us which I couldn’t find in my invent.  Before I decided to throw in the towel and slink off home I decided to click the large notice board which says “Get your welcome gift.” and even though I’ve been in the group before and I’m sure I’ve already been given the 300Ld worth of shop credit I was given it again! Oooo so I treated myself to this shirt.

Obviously, the editing has enhanced the colours but of course, you can try the demo out for yourself.

I am quite an honest person I unjoined then rejoined the Bumblebee group then clicked the board to see if I was sent yet again another 300Lds worth of credit and I wasn’t. If I had I would have contacted the seller to let them know that this was a flaw.

So I can’t promise that you will get this 300Ld Credit but if you’re new to the Bumblebee Group then you definitely will and if you left the group a while ago and are rejoining then you may like me still score the credit and of course check out the lucky boards as the prizes are shop quality.



Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

It’s simply S@bbia. (Freebie & Lesson 101).

Yass, I’ve scored twice today first this NEW Group Gift from S@bbia and the second is that my fav backdrop shop is now back in business with a new LM.  So before I get distracted by new backdrops I don’t need and will never use but I just have to have I hopped over to S@bbia and I was so happy to see this NEW Group Gift.

Again a “one size fits all” outfit.  With the homemade look to it.  I’m just as happy to see that one of the med height shoes and the other outfit are still out.  The newer Group Gifts are always on the stands and on the wall to your right are some older gifts.

Now for the spammy bit.  Now that it has become a legal requirement to wear masks at least on transports and potentially shops and other places at a later date I’ve been sewing like I’ve never sewed before.  I’ve been using this youtube tutorial for making mine and it couldn’t be any easier and in fact, I’ve not even bothered to drag out my sewing machine and just doing them by hand as I watch Judge Judy.

Any old fabric does the job and it’s just so relaxing.

As the rules are relaxed I think we need to be even more vigilant to ensure that we and those we love remain happy and healthy…it’s a challenge and we’re all up to it.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

I’m having a moment here!!!! (7Ld for 7 Deadly S(K)in’s).

OK, I’m going, to be honest, in that, I wasn’t a big fan of the “7 Deadly S(K)ins skin’s” range and many other skin makers in SL BUT that’s only because I’m such a stick in the mud when it comes to my skin/body and hairs.  I used to wear LAQ skins then Essense and finally I’ve been using my beloved Pumec skin(s) for as long as Pumec has been open in SL.  So it’s not so much a bad reflection on other skin makers it’s just me being boring as hell!

Now, check out this skin and I am CONVERTED!  Look at the skin on my hands so pretty and yes it’s a 7 Deadly S(K)in Group Gift and you wanna know how much the cost? Almost free because to celebrate 7 Deadly S(K)ins 7th Birthday they have set their Group joining fee to just 7Lds!  More about that at the end.

You even get the Fatpack of shades from one the palest of pales to a lovely dark shade.  Lucky me because the Lucky Chairs rezzed just enough for me to spot my initial on one of them so I’ve scored a second skin pack which is just as lovely as this and with it being in a darker shade pack just what I need.

These do come only in Omega Appliers and System Layers but I think most of us have the Omega Appliers as standard and of course the system layers is for you BOM users.  Best of all one click covers you from head to toe and you get the brow/browless options.

This is the note that is sent out in the group and I can’t wait for a nice quiet period to head on back over and check out the rest and if the Lucky Board skin I won is any reflection of the other Lucky Board prizes I may just loiter for a while to see what else I can win.

Time to celebrate! 7 Deadly s[K]ins is 7 years old and we went over the 70000 group members!
7 Days EXCLUSIVE gifts
7 Days 7 linden GROUP join
7 CAMPING chairs
7 Midnight Mania boards
7 Tag & WIN rounds on FACEBOOK
BTW There is also a Male Group Gift which I can’t wait to try out on the free male mesh body that was gifted to us not too long ago.
These two skins were just in front of you when you go into the shop, as I mentioned the shop was so busy it took a while for anything to rezz for me but you should find them pretty easy.

7 Deadly S(K)ins

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Get ready. (Freebie(s)).

Get ready to push, shove, squeeze and bump your way into Mangula’s for this full free outfit.

Naturally, I changed all the bits to this hot orange colour, yummy, but the hud allows you so many other colours to chose from.  The gift is one that keeps on giving because not only do you get this long dress but you get it in a short version, I think one with sleeves and also as a top. The back of this dress has some nice thick lacing and just in case you can’t find shoes to match don’t sweat it as the strappy ones I’m wearing are inc and they too have a big hud of shades and all of that is for FREE!

This simple and very wearable jumper is also from the Mangula shop.  The jumper is NOT with the rest of the gifts/Lucky Boards. To find this and a couple of other free to join Group Gifts when you go into the shop, stop, and check the wall to your left.  I can’t remember which freebie group you have to join to get it but it’s one of the biggest freebie group in SL.

There is a whole wall of Lucky Boards as well as Group Gifts and with so many people there grabbing this and the other Group Gifts the turn over on the Lucky Boards is pretty quick and I did spot a couple of items which are new to me so check those out.  BTW I had a bit of bother unpacking my lucky Board prize so instead of wearing the hud I rezzed it and was able to unpack it.  Just thought I’d mention that as someones the huds don’t work but rezzing them allows you to unpack them.

UPDATE: The dress fatpack is a subscriber gift…so subscribe.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Who’s sim is this? (Freebies).

While Faith is away I’m screwing up her side of the sim, serves her right for having fun in France while I’m stuck in the cold, wet and windy UK.

This dress is Entice’s new Group Gift.  Use my LM as not just the Entice shop but the whole Flawless sim has and is being remodelled so the old LM is out of date. I couldn’t locate where the Lucky Boards/Cheapies are in the new shop but to find this dress just turn around and it’s on the wall behind where you TP in.  You do get plenty of fits for this dress and a decent colour hud.

I could not resist showing you the Geo Group Gift bag as it should be worn and not on my head.

So get this one from the Geo shop because it is not only not “borked” but also comes with a bigger hud, hand and shoulder pose.  Nope not rezzable as a decor item as I think it was around the 59prim mark so better dangling from your clammy mesh hand than standing on a dressing table.


Geo Mainshop

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

On a plate.(Freebies).

To save SL and RL time I logged into one of the top freebies groups, SL F & O, and checked their notices and that’s how I ended up with a couple of exc freebies.

I won’t bother explaining what you can obviously see for yourself but I will tell you that you get a little extra in that you get a copy of the top half of this bodysuit to be worn as a blouse.

While I was there I checked out the Lucky Boards and Group Gifts. There seems to be more Lucky Boards since I was last here and on the wall with the Group Gifts was this outfit.

Sexy with some great detailing and a very generous gift of the FULL-colour packs! So, of course, I made the mistake of choosing my fav colour which wasn’t the best choice to show off the details as well as they should be shown but if you look closely you can see the seams and flaps etc very nice indeed.  There are fewer fits with this gift but since the Mangula Group is free to join it costs you nothing to try.

If you don’t know the Mangula shop, which I doubt that you’ve never been there before as the Group Gifts are pretty good, you just veer to the left and the Lucky Boards and the Group Gifts are next to each other BUT to find the “SL F & O” gift, that is literally on the wall to your left as you go in.  There are other freebies there for other free groups but I have shown you them before.