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Red Hot Mama!(Freebie).

The call goes out we all go running but check out the freebie from a shop called Spicy Secrets.

Dayum this freebie is a keeper.  The leather texture is quality, lots of fits and FREEEEEE.

Can’t say much about this shop as it’s new to me and as soon as the notice in the Freebie groups went out the place became lag Hell but when I go back to LM grab I’m going to have a proper look around as it should have quietened down by then.

UPDATE.  I when I can really do try to check out the shop, when they give out Gifts it’s the decent thing to do and of course, I’ve spotted not only is there more freebies, I do recognise a few of them not sure if I or Faith blogged them…I suspect Faith, BUT also what looks like this outfit but without the light snowflake pattern and in different colours and maybe not leather…so hard to tell because there isn’t a demo.  At only 49Ld I was tempted to buy it in any case but my inner Scrooge took over and I didn’t.  You might want to check that version though, it’s with the promo items.

Spicy Secrets

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

I had a blast, from the past.(Freebie & Mention of oodles and oodles of GG’s).

As soon as I put this freebie on I went hunting for a suitable background and somehow found myself swinging on a Sine Wave dance pole.  I don’t even know if the shop Sinewave is still active in SL or even dancing to make Lindens is still a thing because that’s what I used to do, yup I worked the dance pole in a club for many a year and it was FUN.  Sadly though no matter how many times you try to catch a snap of you looking sexy as you work that pole all you ever really get is your AV looking borked lol. So I threw in the towel, TPed home and pulled a pose with one of my backdrops.

This latex/leather(?) outfit is a FREEBIE from Le’La Designs and I do get a lot of notices from this shop for special offers etc. Upstairs is where you will find this and some other freebies for free groups but the Le’La group is only 25Lds to join and there are a lot more gifts both old and new for that group plus lots of Lucky Boards’

It was only  I went back to LM grab did I realised how big this shop actually is, the LM should take you to the one with this freebie and the other items, upstairs, but you will see that on the other side of the LM is another large Le’La shop and that too I believe may have gifts upstairs.

Le’La is one of those shops which has a lot of the now “classic Sl” designs but again it’s one of those shops that has you going “Ooo”, that’s interesting/pretty and with what looks like most reasonable price tags.  I spotted 2 outfits which did have me thinking if it was worth buying them but in the end I resisted and hopped over to Mina’s to LM grab instead.

The reason I wanted to add the Mina LM was of course because of the hair.  Blair is almost like a Halloween tradition for me but of course this superb winged hair esp if you chose the blonde/pastel/ombre palette can be super cute but I just love it.  This is just one of my Fav Mina’s and if I had to buy Mina hairs I’d actually buy this hair and you know how mean I am LOL.

Le’La Design

Mina’s Main shop