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Showing off. (Freebie(s)).

As mentioned in my last post there is a FREE Gift Card or rather Store Credit worth 300Lds on offer in 4 fashion shops, Sweet Temptation, Vaxer, Gaall and Chic & Shoes.

I’d already picked up a couple of demos in the Sweet Temptation shop but before I made my mind up I decided to check out the other shops and I got as far as the Gaall entrance when I spotted this jacket(on the wall to your left).

You get a big hud of colours and either keep it the all over one colour or colour the different bits ie belt, collar, lower part etc.  It also comes in plenty of fits and some basic panties if you wanted to wear it more as a dress.  The attention to detailing is top quality and it is for sale at 299Lds but of course since I chose to get my credit with the Gaall shop it was totally free.

I’ll put the link to the Gaall shop but the other 3 of them are all in the same area so make sure to check them all out before you choose which shop you’d like to have your credit with.

PS.  I believe this is an offer for Subscribers only so obviously make sure you subscribe.

UPDATE: Because I forgot to blab on about the hair!

I have blogged this hair before but as I was throwing this look together I came across it, dusted it off and it’s just such a fine hair and we all know how hard it is to get decent free hair.  So I quickly TP’d and yes the Lamb group is still free and this hair is still out.  It comes with a big fatpack of excellent colours as well.



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I’ve changed my mind. (Freebie).

I was going to show you the free leather vest from FurtaCor but just before I TP’d out I spotted this.

I’ve had a LOT of stuff from FurtaCor over the years so it’s easy to forget what I’ve blogged and not blogged and I know that this shorty/top look is quite common but it’s still damned good….and it’s free.

You will find this and other Group Gifts/Freebies upstairs.  There are 3 full racks of gifts, 2 of them are for the FurtaCor group and that does cost 60Lds to join, the 3rd shelf is gifts for free groups.  I can’t remember which free groups this particular gift was for but a simple click on the box tells you.  What I was going to show you was a Leather Vest which I am pretty sure I’ve never blogged before.  It does come in the older standard fits but they were good fits.

PS.  Look closely at the FurtaCor gift boxes as they have pictures of the contents and I know that some of them are bloody good things so for just 60Ld there are some nice wearable clothes.

UPDATE: Cos I forgot to mention that this little outfit comes with a colour hud, denim colours and shoes.


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From 0-10Lds.

Garden of Shadows is full of stalls and on most of the stalls is a giftie, some are 0Lds and some are up to 10Lds.  I didn’t buy much but I spotted that Prey has a stall and I’ve had good stuff from this shop so I bought the gift but I can’t remember now if it was one of the zeros or 10Lds one.

Simply fab, you get both the jeans and the jacket so even if this did cost me 10Lds it is well worth it.  I won’t lie I’ve almost literally just binned this jacket which was either an old Prey gift or a very similar one from another shop and it hurt because it’s really good texturing, great fit and quality but since I rarely wore it I decided to let it go so to pick one up made me chuckle.  The jeans again are a really good fit and the fact you can wear them as separates make it a bargain.


I had to check and yes this is actually one of the free gifts AND in the box is also one for men as well so that makes a great gift even better.

Garden of Shadows