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Hows the “Heed”? (Freebie).

“Heed” is Geordie for head and I’m going to assume a few of you may have a little/big headache after celebrating the New Year.

This is a cruel picture effect so here is a nicer one.

I was at an event but didn’t spot many freebies/cheapies but I did pick up some LM’s to check out and that’s how I ended up at Tori’s Style.

There are Group Gifts but the group does cost to join however because I ran away I spotted the gift boxes in front of the desk.  These have been set to 0Lds so I bought them.  There was a man’s shirt and I think a child’s freebie then there is this dress.

It’s actually rather good! Sorry, I sound so surprised but I was.  It has a good leather texture and you get a hud which allows you to change the colour, somewhat limited, remove the frills, change the side panel etc anyhow for 0Lds easy for you to buy and try out for yourself.


Tori’s Style(Tori’s Style is 3 shops, head to the Ladies for this freebie).

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Be Bold! (Freebie(s)).

I wandered into the “Rosy’s Style” shop and found this.

The texturing on this is this dress is like quality leather. You get lots of fits and some really bold colours in the 9 colour hud.  I chose brown just to be boring but the green shade was def my fav and what’s even better is that it doesn’t matter which shade you chose they all come with this great leather look to them.

The only small thing is that the Hud doesn’t automatically attach to your screen so either rezz it or attach it yourself.

There are other gifts as well and although I loved the texture on one dress I’m just going with this one.

Rosy’s Style

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Getting ready for the weekend.(Freebie for All)

Not only a very nice dress but so many fits no excuse for anyone not to go get it. The lighting has affected the colour not in a negative way just a different way, it’s swirls of gorgeous burgundy and green which usually “should never be seen” but in this case, they work so well.

This is to be found on the first row of sales boards just to your left when you walk in.  It’s been set to 0Ld but I think that’s just for this weekend only.

PS.  If you’re wondering whats upstairs it’s a blast from the past, system clothes.


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Gearing up.(Freebies).

I was pleasantly surprised at this rather nice Subscribers gift from Gaall.

Once you’ve grabbed this don’t run off as when I was LM grabbing I spotted a Group Gift of a dress.

I have to add that when I logged in this shirt has gone from a really nice gift to a keeper.

PS.  This is Aprils Sub gift which might just change sooner rather than later so don’t delay.