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Old Enough, Good Enough.(Freebie).

I keep on popping in some shops hoping that there is a new freebie and often there isn’t and thats the case with Utopia as these boots have been a Group Gift for X amount of years.

As always with quality designs, they may be old but they’re still great and since I think these were blogged X amount of years ago I feel no shame in reblogging them.

Lots of fits as well.


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Unashamededly Reblogging. (Freebie).

Only 1 pair of boots in this picture is free and if you get it wrong then DUH!

I popped over to Utopia Designs just to see if there was a new freebie and there isn’t a new freebie just this old freebie but I don’t think anyone will mind me reblogging it because I think it was blogged a very long time ago, possibly even years ago! but age has not diminished the qualitiness(sic) of the gift.

So Sod it here it is.

PS.  Lots of mesh feet/bod fits.

Utopia Designs