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All about Evie.(Freebie).

I’m allowed 1 nip and here it is and its a fine looking nip even if I say so myself lol.

These shorts were worth changing into my Fat Ass to wear, you do get the 4 main fits.   There is a really pretty metallic rose headdress which I don’t think I’ve blogged but I will leave that for you to find.  There is also a dress and I think a wearable cushion.  You find these on the wall in the shop and not near the reception desk.

I also wanted to give you a brief look at my New Mina.  Funnily enough, I was checking out hair shops as although I adore Mina’s I’m always on the lookout for not just free hair but new designs.  I gave up when I had to relog in frustration as the damned freebie I was wearing wouldn’t detach itself.  So when the notice about a New Mina came through I just grabbed it in relief.  As for the details about it I haven’t a clue but I’m taking a break for a coffee, watering my plants, checking emails etc and when I log back in I’m going to return to the freeness hunt with vigour.