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Feeling my “Ho Ho Ho”.(Freebies).

OK, sorry no freebie clothes as yet but these gifts from the …shop have made up for that.

As you can see from the riot of colour I haven’t changed my sim from Autumn to Winter, I just ain’t had the time. Those 2 poinsettas are gifts. 2 Prims only.

There are 2 options for this lamp and this one not only has a subtle glow but an equally as subtle candle spluttering noise.

It’s the plant which is the 3rd gift.

These really are quality gifts, keepers in fact. Low primmed, well textured etc.

There are other gifts on the reception desk, check out the football helmets.

Atmos Design.

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Sad little tree.(Freebies).

I’m BORED! It’s not that I’ve not got things to do, places to be, people to see and it’s not all bad but sometimes you get bored of the routine of RL which I suspect is why a lot of us SL.

Anyhow I logged in to relive 10 mins of boredom and I did want to show you this.

A sad little tree and yes those are tubes of glue for you to start sticking the pine needles back on!

Yup DRD is full of Christmas Cheer this year and yup that is a crime map.  You get 2 versions, scripted and unscripted and the scripted one …..I’ll let you click on it for yourself.

Special mention to the Lamp which I’ve actually had on my pier wall now since it was first put out by DRD so I suspect it may go soon. Not sure why I didn’t blog it as this 1prim lamp has such a great glow to it.