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Oops. (Freebie(sss) & 50Ld).

I followed the link Faith put in her post to the gallery of “Secret Sales Sunday” and got a double treat.

This statue is both beautiful and sad at the same time and it is the “Stay at Home” gift from a shop called “Why Not?” and so this is the freebie.

This is what I bought for only 50Ld as this is one of the “Secret Sunday Sale” offers in the “Why Not?” shop.

The “Oops” is that I thought this was mod and to a certain extent it is as you can with one click change the size but you all know me and my love of “deconstruction”.  So I was hoping to strip it right back to just the steps to the raised area which now I know I can’t do.  Not fussed though as it only cost me 50Ld and is a lovely sim decoration as it is.  The statue is only 13 prims and it too can change sizes.  This well one is 26 prims and for fun a used the smallest size you could shrink it down to and it made me chuckle that it reduced to a tabletop size sadly though the prims only went down to 22 at its smallest.

I remember this shop as not only does it have a lot of gifts for us, on the back of the wall facing you in the entrance, and I’m pretty sure I saw a couple of new items, the other reason I remember it is that I found a lot of interesting piece for both inside and outside of your home.

BTW Both of these are in the shop so you can see what you’re getting exactly as although a lot of the planting is inc with the items a lot are what I have out on my home already.

Why Not?

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Thank You. (Freebie).

Synnergy is not a free group, I think it’s 25Lds to join, and I am already in the group as it’s a backdrop/pose group and of course I use those sorts of things. It’s also how I spotted in the notice from Synnergy this FREE for ALL gorgeous backdrop.

A panel covered in poppies, ivy and berries and it rezzes as a wall for you to stand in front of it and snap away. Just so lovely and for all that detail and size it’s still only 18 Prims and now for the icing on the cake…COPY and MOD!

Oh my! so I did a quick edit and these 3 large clumps of ivy and berries are only 1 prim! I know I will be replacing the clumps of ivy on our sim with this much nicer patches when I can next log in.

I always really appreciate when a shop allows you to copy and edit an item as it just means that people can have a play around with something and make it more useful to them than maybe the original item was intended for.

BTW I’m not going to be checking out the Synnergy shop as I am too easily tempted and I know for a fact I will end up buying one of the backdrops and instead I’m going to check out the Full Perm shop that this item was created from.

Now, PAY ATTENTION! as this gift is a bit hidden but the Group notice does tell you where to look.  On the reception desk in the entrance are some icons ie Facebook, Blogotex etc and one of the icons is a gift box and you click on that and it’s sent to you.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Guess how many prims? (Info only on Freebies).

Sorry but you’re too late for these freebies but join NOW as not to miss out for future ones.

Hayabusa for as long as I’ve been in the free group has been amazingly generous with its gifts.

This a Bougainville(I think) is a prime example.

I think most of the gifts esp the newer ones come with complete menus so you can change everything from the colour of the petals to how the wind blows the branches/leaves.

Ignore the outfit, that’s for my next post, I’ve plonked myself in front of the tree/plant/bush/shrub(?) so you can get some idea of its size.  I’m not sure if you can shrink it but I wouldn’t be surprised if you can’t.  As for guessing the prims if you said a number higher than 2 you would be wrong!  Yup this stunning statement piece is only 2prims!

I had to log in to take a better picture of another random freebie sent to me and it’s this wheatgrass.

All of the gifts are non-copy so I only have the 1 patch but over the past couple of years, I’ve gained dozens of free big statement trees, plants etc and yes it works because although I don’t buy tree’s I’ve bought many a field of flowers my Lavender ones are my most beloved purchase from this shop.

Sorry you can’t join the group and find in the notices any freebie as said they’re just sent to you on a random basis so sign up now for future ones.

PS.  I have given you the LM for the Haybusa shop.


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I dropped a note.(Mention of Freebies, Mention of Credit for Free Clothes and a Stunning Sim).

Sparks, that’s how I think of her, mentioned in a note she’d sent me a place/event/thing called “getaway” which I didn’t know anything about but in the same note she mentioned Nutmeg freebies to be found there and since I do know the Nutmeg shop I instantly dropped her a note for more details and yet again the girl done good(sic).

The “getaway” is a whole sim open to everyone.  It’s landscaped in a light, summery, beachy theme with plenty of open space as well as places for people to just sit and chat with friends.

Not only is the sim landscaped so well it’s also windlit(sic) perfectly so for all you budding photogs it makes a great place to just try it.  All you have to do is point and click away.  Apart from framing these 2 pictures that’s exactly what I’ve done…so as you can see no skill needed lol.

Also, remember that you can save your pictures to “Disk” and that way you get them on your computer for FREE, no 10Ld upload fee so you can snap, snap and snap away without it costing you anything.  Just remember where you save them, I save mine all to the same folder and label them with SSS then something that describes what they are so in this case they’re saved as SSSgetaway.

I could have shown you many more pictures but in the end I decided on the simple top one and I have a good reason to show you the Fleamarket one and that’s because that is where the FREEBIES are to be found.

If you look inside the build you can see crates, ignore those crates as they’re the ones you have to buy but on the other side of the room on the Trolley bike are GIFTS, Free for all and WOWZER! What great gifts.  Apart from saying that I’ve rezzed a copy of one item on Faith’s beach, she will just return it if she doesn’t like it, I will say that if you have an SL home or are thinking of renting grab them so you have them ready for when you make your mind up.

FREE CLOTHES, because not everyone has or wants a home but we all want to cover our nakedness.

Just, as I was just about to log off a notice, came through from Gaall of a generous 300Lds Gift Card.  I from the past that you have to chose 1 out of the 4 shops involved as to who you’d like to have the credit with as it can only be used in 1 shop.  So you have to choose, Gaall, Vaxer, Sweet Temptations or Chic & Shoes.

I’ve put the link to the Sweet Temptation shop as I spotted a little retro beach outfit on the back wall, I’ve grabbed the demo and later I will try it on and then check out the rest of the shops as all 4 of them are in the same area and it’s easy to just wander around them and check out everything they have before you make your mind up.  Although you don’t have to spend your credit straight away I think you have till the end of the month but check the details out for yourself.

The Getaway 

Sweet Temptation

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Back to work. Freebie).

I do have a load of freebie clothes and shoes to show you but I will probably have to leave that till tomorrow so you’re going to have to put up with another landscaping freebie….no bitching!

If you haven’t guessed it I’m busying landscaping our sim and that’s why I’m visiting so many garden/landscaping places and thats also how I found this FREE fountain/plant set.

Moan, moan, moan as it’s non-mod but a BIG yes, yes, yes because if you click on the fountain you get some very interesting effects, butterflies flying, glow flies glowing etc but it’s the rain one that had me going “oooo”.  I think you can just about make it out in the picture, it does cover a larger area than the fountain, in fact, it’s a perfect size for a small plot of land/garden and only 10prims esp if you’d like to recreate a typical English summer…rainy!

I found this at the Luna Bliss Garden shop and I haven’t had a proper look around which I will do as soon as I return to grab the LM.

Luna Bliss Gardens


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Stress free gardening. (Freebie).

Yes, I am stood back on the Two Moon Gardens waiting for some good luck on the Lucky Board and that’s how I spotted a NEW Group Gift.

A pile of rocks softened and blended by all the flowers and grasses.

This is it from the other side, NOT everything in this picture is inc, the rough textured path is mine and a couple of random flowers etc are in this picture.  This is an area of our sim which needs to be worked on but looking at this new freebie from Two Moon Gardens has given me a really good idea of what to do.

PS.  I’ve not shown you them but there are also 2 lots of very pretty grass group gifts at the LM as well as a Lucky Board, a weekly 99Ld offer, an auction board and 2 mini MM sorta boards.

Two Moon Gardens

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I’m having a breakdown.(Freebie).

On my never-ending search for landscaping items, one shop I always visit is the  “Two Moon Shop”.

This shop specialises in premade landscaping gardens, homes, parks etc everything from a cottage surrounded by very cottage style plants to a whole working farmhouse, inc a big red barn, paddocks, animals etc and all you have to do is plop it in place.

No fiddling or faffing it’s been made so simple even a NOOB could do it and this pond is a prime example, as well as being the freebie.

I just plopped it on a bit of our land and Voila, it’s a no brainer.

Add to all of that totally EDITABLE! Which means you can break this right down to the individual plants and rocks.  Even the water is made up of I think about 4 layers to give it depth.  I remember previously having a pond rezzed in my garden and what I did was edit copies of the plants to smooth and blend the pond into my garden.

As I’ve mentioned this pond is the freebie, there is also a couple of Lucky Boards AND an Auction board where the highest bidder wins the item and when I visited the bid was at 99Lds with 48 minutes left so someone was probably going to win themselves a very nice country walk set for 99Lds.  A new thing is also a weekly offer called “Frisky Friday” which is a whole build for just 99Lds, this is going to be something I check out every week!

You can use the large TP board to hop to all the different areas.

I’ve although I intended just to LM grab I cannot help but check out the whole shop and there is everything from a small vegetable garden, a working farmyard with livestock to a full-sized Abbey! I KID YOU NOT!

Two Moon Gardens