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I saw the light, but not much else. (Group Gift(s) & Free Hunt).

As of yet I have no new clothes to show you, although I am tempted to do a reblog.

Then I found this hunt going on at the Harshland shop/sim and as someone who always loves a bit of decor or landscaping I was off to check it out.

The hunt is called “End of summer hunt” and there are 15 old Gacha prizes dotted around the sim. What you’re looking for is a gold coin. I’m going to have a look and see if I can find a cheat sheet, ie some hints, as this is a full sim hunt and I could do with some hints.

This lamp is not a hunt prize it’s one of the group gifts and since you have to be in the, free, group to do the hunt check this and the other group gifts out before you start the hunt.


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Testing times.(Freebie(sss) & mention of clothes).

As I test I went over to G Fields and in the reception is an easel with a new Christmas gift of a dress which is nice enough and there are 3 nice colours in a hud. Then I continued on to the room at the back of the shop with the older gifts just to see if I’d missed anything and it turns out I have.

In that room there are small little decor rooms set up and l’d never noticed that some of the decor items are FREE!

As you can see on the tag this baubled tree is just one of them and at 8 prims and a colour change menu I’ve snapped it up. There are a couple of other Christmas decor items and in the room next to this one are Halloween gift and a couple of cheapies. There is a planter with pumpkins and it’s only 30Lds and 2 prims and I’m so tempted to get that.

Anyhow I’m going to leave the dress as a suprise and once you’ve got that head to the back of the shop and in a room marked “storage” over the door is where you will find other older gift clothing as well as these decor items.

G Field.

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It’s not OMG it’s TMG…(Freebie(S)).

“TMG” stands, of course, for Two Moon Gardens. Since I know this shop well I know that as well as the ground level on platform 2 & 3 are also Lucky Boards and mini mania type boards so I always know to TP to all levels and click in those boards and check the Lucky Boards for my initial and for the first time ever on “Platform 2” all 3 boards have Group Gifts for us.

This ice pond has light sparkles floating up from it. You get the pond, those purply flowers, frosty grass, ferns and that very frost tree is inc. As always it comes in a super easy to use rezzer and you can rip it apart just for the heck of it if you want to.

It’s a perfect size for a small home/garden.

The LM takes you to the ground, make sure to check out the boards there and then TP to the other 2 platforms to get this and the other Group Gifts.

UPDATE: Dayum I didn’t realise that there is also an Advent going on as well.

Two Moon Gardens.

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A touch of frost. (Freebie & Other Stuff).

I’m starting to come across sims in full winter mode and that includes my fav lanscaping shop Two Moons Garden.

Regular readers know I just love these prebuilds which has everything from a full house and garden to itty bitty bits of interesting landscaping.

This one has a lightly frosted look to it rather than thick snow, plenty of that in other builds. Zoomed back you can see that this is a perfect fit for a small garden or a feature in a bigger garden. I do believe it’s only 15 prims as well.

As standard Two Moon Garden builds, even the small ones like this, come in a rezzer which is always appreciated. What is even more appreicated it that everything is copy and mod which means you can add and subtract what you want to use.

The main LM of the Two Moon Gardens shop has been completely blanked out in white and close by you can see a lot of the existing builds have been covered in snow and there is a whole area with snowy scenes. You will see Lucky Boards, special offers, sales and discounts all at the LM and make sure to check platform 2 & 3 for other Lucky Boards.

Two Moon Gardens.

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Perfect for home owners. (Freebie(sssss).

I almost broke my rule and snuck downstairs in the middle of the night to do this post as I am SO EXCITED about this FREE Hunt going on at one of my fav shops.

I only popped over to the Two Moon Gardens shop to stand and work my way through my notes/notices and hopefully score a Lucky Board prize…I did… so it was a big surprise to see this.  This has made me so happy.

I did do their most recent Group Gift, which is free to join, and as always it’s such a generous gift of a pond with a backdrop of rocks.  Add to that Lucky Boards on all 3 levels, special offers and on and on and now we have this free hunt!

This picture is a bit of a “hot mess” of a mix of the flowers but the ones close to the camera and the dark red/yellow ones are another gift. They have been designed to line a path or the base of a wall/house etc and pretty long and depth to them for only 1 prim!

This bold tree is another gift and only 5 prims and you can see the row of flowers as well, I hadn’t rezzed the second lot yet.   One of the other gifts was a sweet little cottage path bordered by flowers.

The pumpkin is what you’re looking for which is pretty obvious but it on its own also makes for a nice decor item.

As the sign says there are 24 gifts AND definitely click on the board to get the hints as they do make it so much easier.

I cannot go without showing you why I love this shop and sorry it’s NOT A FREEBIE!

This is one of the premade scenes that Two Moon Gardens specialises in.  I have shown this one to you before. Not everyone has the time/money/inspiration to create their ideal home and …has done it for you and although this one is quite primmy it’s ALL there, even the home so you just plonk it down, rezz it move it into place and in the home, I can’t remember if it’s decorated inside, you place those things out which mean something to you.

Not all the builds are this big, some are just small patches of a garden with seating

I swear If I wasn’t into doing my own landscaping I would just buy scenes from Two Moon Garden’s and for a few months I’d live on a Goose farm, then this more fairy tale one,  a lovely English cottage or just get a walled garden to add to my home.  There are 3 levels to this shop and so there are enough choices for people to find their dream home or garden.

Two Moon Garden’s.

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I TP’d. (Freebie).

I braved a TP to a shop which has a tempting Gacha offer, now reboxed up for the next giveaway lol. The first thing I spotted when I landed at the shop was some rather nice planting/landscaping and one-click showed me that it is the work of a sim designer who specialises in planting and she also has a Marketplace shop and in that shop are 2 FREEBIES.

This little rocky patch is 14 prims and YASSSS editable!

She has hundreds of premade landscaping scenes which for some people are just so handy and although she doesn’t have an inworld shop I think you can see they’re quality planting.

PS.  The other freebie is a Christmas planter.

Morgan Sim Design. (Marketplace only).

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Doing what I love best, ripping things apart!(New TMG Gift).

I don’t know about all of you but I can see autumn creeping in in the trees around me and I LOVE Autumn!

I usually check the “TMG” shop on a weekly basis but I’ve missed a few weeks out so I’m not sure how long this brand new FREE group gift has been out.

For this gift, I zoomed back a little so you can see how much you get.

I should have plonked myself in the picture so you could get some perspective of the size as it’s big but not too big.  Perfect both size and prim wise as it would easily fit a 500 prim plot of land or as a feature area on a much larger plot and only 28 prims.

Lovely sparkle on the water.  I didn’t check but I do know a lot of the TMG scenes do come with poses so this one may also have poses in it not that you can see them or even use them.

“TMG” stands for “Two Moon Gardens”, I’ve blogged this shop a few times as I just love its preset homes and gardens.  If I wasn’t so much into doing my own landscaping I’d buy my home and garden scenes from here and since they’re so easy to set up I’d probably change my whole home every few months or at least season.

As a really lovely extra, these scenes are EDITABLE WOO HOO!!!! So yes I’ve left this build out so I can rip it apart.  For me, it means an awful lot of free plants for my home BUT more importantly, if you love one of the garden designs but aren’t keen on the house just remove the house and place the one you want in its place.

TBH you just need to go and see these scenes inworld for yourself and while you’re there check out the Lucky Boards on all 3 levels just accept the LM card when you TP in.   There are also “Big Prize” boards for you to slap as well as Lucky Boards.  If you do slap the prize boards you will have to wait around the sim for 10 mins for you to be registered which is so easy to do as you will find yourself checking out all of the builds.

TMG. Two Moon Gardens.