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It’s summer somewhere in SL. (Garden, Home, Freebies).

Again it was a free gift from an event which got me over to the Quality Gardens shop.  I did see something I wanted to buy but it was just part of a set and priced accordingly so I didn’t get it.

The Quality Garden’s shop specialises in premade little scenes, and some individual items so for those of you who only have small plots or limited time and even limited F**k’s to give when it comes to landscaping these sorts of premade scenes are perfect.  There is a fence and tree set which I thought was particularly good so if you wanted your little plot of land to be fenced in and softened with trees, plants etc and no skill needed to set it up check this place out.

This picture is of 3 gifts, each set consists of pots and plants. One of the gifts is in front of the Christmas Tree and the other two are for the Quality Garden group and I think it was Third Life Group which I have to say is another one of those free groups which is pretty darn active so if you have space to spare stay in it.

Quality Gardens.

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A dancing fool.(Freebie ‘n’ Hunt).

Total randomness.

The Harshlands shop/sim has a hunt going on, so far I’ve won some very realistic horns and an AV which I’ve not tried out. As I was searching for the sim for the 13 hidden pumpkins I found this Group Gift.

This little chap is dancing away and since it’s the new Annimesh then to appreciate it you will need the newer viewer.

I don’t think I can give you the LM to where the group gift is but it’s in a little area in a corner of the sim and since there are only 4 corners to each sim you should find it and of course, keep an eye out for the pumpkins.

UPDATE: I spotted at the LM that there is a stone you can click for a Group Gift which in that case is a rather good Summer tree.


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Beep Beep Beep…Delivery.(Freebie).

I will confess that although I’m being pretty strict and keeping to my rule of 500Lds only I am making a sneaky “buy” list for things I want I really want but can’t afford and so next month I will be returning to B-Made to buy something I’ve seen in the shop and until then this freebie is going to keep me happy.

Free to join and then pay a Linden and get a Linden back.

Although I’m sat on it in a driving pose it’s static, which is pretty good as I crash everything.

The B-Made shop is I think a more recent shop to SL and not particularly big and yet I’ve already bought 4 things from this shop and now have a 5th item earmarked for a later date.

Use my LM even if you already have it because B-Made has moved to a pretty darn wonderful Desert sim and it’s the perfect backdrop for some pictures.  Just up the hill is also the latest round of Salon 52 and there are other shops on this sim but I’m logging out.

UPDATE. I thought the issue with landing in the middle of the Canyon/river was just me but it looks like it’s the same for Faith so I’ve been TPing in and out of SL for way too much time this morning.  I’ve dropped the owner of B-Made a note about it. However, I’ve managed to get a better LM and although you still end up in the canyon/river you will see ahead of you a path leading from the river to the doorway of the B-Made shop….I promise nothing though but again just use the Salon 52 link and it’s just down the road from there.

Salon 52(Walk down the lane)


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I have a problem.(Freebie & Sale Info).

Can you see my problem?

In the middle of this picture, you will just be able to make out 3 delicate Japanese Maple trees.

On our very leafy/green sim I struggled to find a place where these 2 primmed slender trees would stand out their best so in the end I slapped them down and snapped.  In the second picture I have tried to use a blank background so you can see how delicate these Japanese Maples are.  Ignore that “line” around the leaves as that’s only because I’ve done an extreme close up and this isn’t seen inworld.

As mentioned only 2 prims and these tree’s really lending themselves to courtyards, small gardens, entrances etc and not our clutter packed sim.

50% SALE TIME@Floorplan & Brocante.

Chances are you’ve already got a notice for this big sale but just in case you haven’t here it is.  I will admit I didn’t walk into the shopping area but I did do a quick cam and my heart skipped a beat as there was a couple of things I’d really like but then I did the sensible thing and typed “Floorplan” and Brocante” into my invent and sod that I already most of what I would buy in any case so I’m glad I checked.

PS.  This sale goes on till the 9th.

RH Design & MB

Floorplan  & Brocante

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I’ve lost the will to write a pithy headline so here is one word which sums it up FREEBIES!

“Imp” as I think of her, one of my SL friends dropped me a note about a Freebie in the Kaya shop.  There is a NEW Freebie which is a garden set but I’m reblogging this as this is more my style.

This one is a couple of years ago and it’s as good now as then, it’s just the right size for any plot of land.  Not primmy at all, I think it’s only about 7prims, and although I didn’t play with it this time I am pretty sure it’s editable..if you wanted to but I can’t see any reason why you would want to.

The Kaya shop is a bit like the Poundland/Dollar store of SL in that everything is the one price and that’s 50Lds.  For only 50Lds  you can own everything from a massive mansion to a street scene.  What you see in the picture generally is what you get so you can end up with a lot more than what you expected.  I’ve spotted something among the new stuff on the back wall which is tempting me but then again I already own a lot of the Maya builds and I never really use them but it’s tempting!

The New GG’s in in the middle of the reception so you can see what it’s like, it’s a chair/table and plant set and you will find this and the older GG’s on the wall just to your left.

Now for FREE ICE CREAM! If only!

I went from Maya’s straight over to Andika’s just for this ice cream dispenser set. Just another great free Group gift.  I took a little walk around the Andika shop as it’s not too big and spotted that the old Group Gifts end up for sale because they’re quality items so to have the chance to get them for free before they end up with a price tag is pretty generous.

PS.  Don’t worry if the LM looks as though it’s going to take you to the D-Lab shop as it’s simply on the same sim.  Word of warning though, DO NOT check out the poses or it will hurt your Linden bank balance!

Maya’s Architecture 


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Ribbit.(Freebies, not the toad though).

I’d popped into an old LM and it took me to a very small shop with a limited amount of Gacha’s and it was there I had previously won the toad you can see in the picture.  I’d forgotten that if you click the picture you get a free lily and lily pad sent to you so you can give your new pet a home.

The toad, if you’re curious, is called a “Surinam Toad” and if you don’t suffer from Trypophobia you will if you google or even better check out youtube and see what’s unique about this unique creature.

The flower is more of a creamy white than the colour shown but it’s stunning and would look just as good as a piece of decor in your home.  So in the pack you get 2 pads and this flower for free.


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NO REGRETS! (Freebie).

Does this look familiar?

Yup this is the same wild grassed path that I blogged just yesterday.

I’ve moved the whole thing over to a cleared plot of land so you can see the full linked sized version.  It comes to 38Prims in total but it’s totally editable and unlike what I showed you yesterday this one is FREE!!!!

So am I P*SSED OFF that I’d only just bought this yesterday for 225LDs?  NOPE, not at all.  We all know that 70% or more of what is sold in SL is enterprising people buying full perm kits and creating their own range.  Chances are it’s those who make full perm kits for others who make the most money in SL just like it’s the people who write the songs we love are the ones who make more money than the stars who sing the songs.  So I don’t regret spending that 225Ld and only now getting the same thing but for free because it just happens sometimes.

PS. A couple of fun wearables AND a 250 Gift Card.

SAMs. (Upstairs with some other GG’s)