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Good Neighbours. (Cheap ‘n’ Freebie(s)).

OH Boy, am I glad I double-checked the details as I would have made a big Boo Boo.  So here are the correct details.

I picked these pants up off the DM Marketplace shop for just 10Lds.

Top Shop Quality, a hud of 10 colours and all of that for a piddling 10Lds!

I also picked up the “Maliah set” for 10Lds and although I am wearing the tippy-toe sneakers from that pack, in the end, I decided I’d leave it for you to look at that outfit and all of the other 10Lds offer and there are LOADS of them in the Marketplace shop but NOT the inworld shop!

I did notice that at least 1 item in the inworld shop is full-priced while in the MP shop it’s only 10Lds so make sure you check before you buy anything inworld.

Opposite the DM inworld shop is the No Cabide shop and this absolutely brill outfit.

Check out that fine knit texture on it and almost as good as the texturing is that it comes as 3 separate items, top, skirt and belt.

In both shops, there are more Group Gifts, some you have seen before and some I don’t think you have.

UPDATE: I’m back on the DM Marketplace shop, I’m looking for a cheap top to go with a new cheap skirt I’ve got, and spotted that the pants in the first picture also come in a very patterned texture pack..IN THE BAG!  Can’t wait to log in and try them on, so basically this update is again to make sure you check out all of the 10Ld offers to make sure you have the right thing for you…or buy the lot of them as 10Lds is such a small price.

DM Marketplace Shop(For the pants and all the other 10Lds items).

DM & No Cabide

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

10 minutes turned into 190 minutes. (Freebie).

I underestimated how much RL work I had to do so my 10 min break took much longer than expected and nope I’m still not finished but at least I can take a work break with a clear conscience which turned out to be perfect timing as S@bbia has a NEW Group Gift out.

This outfit has an “omg” to it as I swear I have literally just dropped off something almost identical to this to a charity shop in RL.  The only differences between the SL and RL one is mine was grey and didn’t come with a belt.  The texturing on this is so good it looks just as itchy as the RL one, which is why it got dumped lol.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Catching up. (Dollarbie & Mention of Freebie).

I’ve decided to be a good girl and doing some RL work up but it’s time for a quick break.

In the Applique Chic shop, there seems to be a few hunts going on and I picked up 3 of the hunt prizes, each for just 1Ld and this dress was the first I unpacked and since I’m limited in time I’m showing you it and then unpacking the rest when I next log in.

A simple and nice knitted dress. I think, yes I’m pretty sure that this came out of the little Wooden Reindeer you have to look for.

PS.  Outside the shop at the LM is a big Advent Calendar which is free to click on and I’m 99% sure that the other one is for men so thats a really nice thing as men luck out when it comes to freebies.

Applique Chic

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Don’t call me Cheap. (Freebie).

I’m sure the notice said this was a 10Ld TeleportHub Group Gift but actually it’s not it’s FREE and I love it, I love its simplicity and how you can tart it up with scarves, hat, bags etc.

It is long enough to be worn as a short dress but I think even better over leggings.

You get this from the Korpokkur House shop which is oddly enough a shop for children’s clothing and if it wasn’t for the notice it’s not really a shop I would usually visit.  So join the shop group and you pay 1Ld and get 1Ld back.  It does come in emmm 2 fits, I’m logged out so I can’t double-check but as you can see from the style most people will not have an issue with fits.

PS.  The scarf is not inc it’s an old S@bbia one and since I’ve not popped in yet to see if there is a new Group Gift if this is still out on the wall with the older gifts I’ll update this post.

PPS. The leggings will be Scandlise gifts and since I don’t buy anything from there I’m going to assume they’re one of the Group Gifts or a Lucky Board win and the reason I want to mention them is that there are NEW Lucky Board prizes! I can hardly wait to see what they are but since the sim has been HEAVING since they were put out I’m going to have to wait but you maybe lucky and get in.

Korpokkur House

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Playing with my sliders.(Freebie).

I’m having a bit of fun with the windlight sliders on our sim and I know this looks like a nice setting but if I turned the camera around you’d see most of our sim is blanketed in a thick white nothingness.

Not going to lie but this dress would look fabulous with a scarf.  Do you ever put on an item of clothing and instantly know what it needs to take it from “nice” to “very nice”?  To me, this dress screams scarf. You get a hud with 3 textures and lots of fits.

A group gift from “WellMade” which is now a “Well Known” shop BOO BOOM! It’s late, I’m tired so forgive the pun.  There are a lot of gifts for not just the WellMade group but for other free groups at the LM and you may just recognise some of them as they have been blogged.

WellMade PS. Give it a mo as the place is heaving with greedy B*’s…like me.